5 Reasons Female WoW Players Choose Male Characters

Five reasons why female players choose to play male characters over female.

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In World of Warcraft we can be exactly who we want to be. In this realm of high fantasy, we can choose to be a magic slinging Mage, a rough and tough Warrior, and more. We can even choose to change our gender, This particular change happens so frequently that you never quite know who you are talking to, until you hear the person's voice.

Typically, we assume that it is mostly male players choosing to play female characters. However, the fact of the matter is, female players choose to play male characters as well. Perhaps just as often as their male counterparts. You may be wondering, as I did, what reason these players would have for choosing a character of the the opposite gender in World of Warcraft. After speaking to my wife and several female friends who prefer male toons, I discovered many varied (and surprising) reasons for this phenomenon. Check out five of these reasons below:


It seems many female players play male characters because they think they just look better. I know this is difficult to believe, since male WoW characters are not considered to be as visually appealing as female characters. However, this is the response I received from several female players after asking why they prefer male characters.

These girls aren't just playing the delicate elven males either. In fact, race choice was all across the board, from the huge Tauren males to the smaller Gnome males. For whatever reason, these particular female players found the male versions of these characters much better looking than their female counterparts. Reasoning that coincides with one of the major reasons male players choose female characters.

Privacy Screen Activated

From watching my wife's and other female friends experiences in game, sometimes being a female player isn't fun. Some will talk to you just because you are a girl, ask you on dates, or tell you to get in the kitchen and make them a sammich. To escape these trials, many female players choose to play male characters.

While this doesn’t totally alleviate the problem, it does quell some of it. When playing a male player, other players automatically assume that there is a male behind the screen. Most won't take the time to question otherwise, thus stemming the flow of unwanted whispers and unwanted attention.


Escaping the “Girl Gamer” Label

Going hand in hand with the previous reason, some female players choose male characters because they want to escape the “girl gamer” label. Almost every female player I have ever played with, my wife included, has only wanted one thing; to play the game. They don't want extra recognition because they are of the female gender, they just want to play and be treated like any other player in the game.

This of course is not always the case. Often times, when female players are discovered, the cat calls roll in. Assumptions are made; the female player must be playing because of her boyfriend/husband/whatever, she must be a flirt, she must be trying to impress the men, she must be trying to get items and gold for free. Behind the safe confines of a male character, these assumptions are not made and the female player is able to do exactly what most want to do; enjoy the game.

Dance Party

One of the most interesting explanations for a female player choosing a male character is the one above. While not a common claim, it seems that some choose the male version of a character based solely on their dance abilities alone. This may seem like a strange reason to choose a character, but when you sit and think about it, it isn't so different than any other reason you make that choice. Plus, just take a look at the male Gnome dance and tell me that doesn't make you want to roll one immediately.

Male Tauren Warrior


Wrapping up the list, some female players choose male characters for the sole purpose of some good, old fashioned role-playing action. Perhaps being a female character won't fit into the detailed storyline they have laid out or they wish to be someone totally different in the story they will be spinning. Either way, role-playing seems to be a big reason why female players choose characters of the opposite gender.

And why not? Role-playing is the perfect place to choose to be exactly who you want to be, even if it totally deviates from who you really are in real life.

That wraps up the top five reasons female players choose male characters in World of Warcraft. Are you a female playing rocking a male toon? Why did you choose to play a character of the opposite gender? Or do you know a female player who plays a male character? Share your thoughts and experiences with us below!

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