Top 5 Gold Making Recipes

Looking to put some extra gold in your pockets? Try out the top 5 money making recipes on your local Auction House for some quick cash that is sure to make you see dollar signs

While many things have changed in the World of Warcraft over the course of the last seven years, there are at least a few things that remain the same. One of the unchanging features of WoW is the player’s need for gold. Gold is what makes the entire virtual world go around and some of us go to great lengths to get it. Gold making is the thing that is on every player’s mind.

One of the great things about WoW is that there are plenty of ways to make gold from farming to daily quests there is a way to increase gold making for everyone. While any of the common gold making methods will yield results, some tend to work better and faster than others. A great example of this is selling items on the Auction House or using Trade Chat. Currently one of the best methods of gold making in game; working the Auction House or Trade Chat can have you rolling in more gold than Scrooge McDuck in a very short period of time.

Before you can head out to the Auction House for a gold making frenzy you must first have a product that others will want to spend their hard earned cash on. While raw materials typically sell nicely, often it is the player made items that bring in the most cold hard cash.. To aid you in your quest for gold making dominance in WoW we have compiled the top 5 gold making WoW recipes. Coming from all professions, owning and creating these recipes is sure to fill your bank coffers with gold as long as you are willing to put in a little work to create them.

Top 5 Gold Making WoW Recipes

Mechano-Hog/Mekgineer’s Chopper

WoW players love mounts and thanks to this adoration of the mobile in game vehicle most players are willing to go to great lengths and spend large amounts of gold to obtain them. Engineers have access to one of the most prestigious mounts in game; the Mechano-Hog (Horde) and Mekgineer’s Chopper (Alliance). Sold from a vendor in the Borean Tundra, this gold making recipe requires Wrath of the Lich King materials that are now fairly easy for the dedicated player to obtain. Even with the amount of effort this WoW recipe takes to make, the profit possibilities here make it well worth it. Selling from between 10,000 to 20,000 gold each, the player who creates these can make a ton of gold in a relatively short period of time.


Tailors have a recipe in their arsenal that is a gold making magnet; the Spellthread. Spellthreads are a leg enchant have been around since the beginning of the game and have evolved as the level cap has been increased. As the best in slot leg enchant, it goes without saying that everybody will eventually need to invest in one of these little beauties. It doesn’t matter if you prefer PvP or PvE you will eventually need to purchase a spell thread. The best part of this market is that there is an almost constant demand as each time a player gains a new pair of pants they will also need a brand new spell thread to attach to it. This WoW recipe requires one of the Tailor’s precious Dreamcloth so be sure to keep each one on cool down for optimum profitability.

Belt Buckle

Much like Spellthread this WoW recipe, created by Blacksmiths, produces an item that almost every player will need at least once in their stay inside World of Warcraft. The belt buckle is an enhancement tool that permanently adds a socket to any belt, as long as it is the correct item level of course. No player will want to be without the added benefit of an extra gem slot and as such these will be in demand for any player who has recently acquired a new belt. The materials for the belt buckle are fairly easy to obtain, especially if you have taken up mining and while there may be some dry spells, the market for this item should never totally vanish meaning an almost constant cash flow. For the best profit be sure to create the highest level belt buckle possible, while it will take more expensive and possibly harder to obtain materials, it will be well worth it in the end. 


From the moment World of Warcraft released flasks have always been a huge hit on the Auction House. Catering to the raiding crowd, the flask is created by Alchemists and is essential for success in a raid instance. As a result of this the market for flasks is huge as well as the potential for gold making. Don’t think it will be an overly easy task though, as each flasks takes 16 herbs each, as well as 8 Volatile Life. This factor can be easily overcome by players who choose to take up the Herbalism profession. Prices on flasks vary from server to server and tend to fluctuate from week to week but the market never truly dies out and there is always potential for gold making when it comes to flasks. So break out your chemistry set and get to work to tap into the gold mine of this WoW recipe.


Its true that everybody loves them some baggage. Every single player has bittersweet memories of their first experience in Azeroth with only the bare minimum of bag space at your disposal. Due to this rather frustrating (to say the least) experience the first thing on a new players mind is to head out and equip themselves with some brand new bags. Usually this happens by a serious of drops and quest rewards, but even these soon lose their usefulness and it will be time to upgrade to something slightly…bigger. This is where the gold making potential of any able Tailor comes in. Able to produce a variety of bags from cloth Tailors can easily fulfill any players bag needs. When creating bags, remember, the bigger the bag the more it sells for so these are usually the bags you should aim to create. However, keep in mind that the larger the bag is the more difficult the cloth is typically to obtain.

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