Top 5 Mists of Pandaria Easter Eggs

Five hidden Mists of Pandaria Easter eggs sure to bring delight.


As any experienced gamer knows, Easter Eggs are more than colorful treats left by the Easter Bunny. In the gaming world, Easter Eggs are hidden messages, jokes, or features that delight those players observant enough to recognize them for what they are. While many game companies hide Easter eggs in their games, Blizzard has been especially notorious for this practice.

In fact World of Warcraft players can find delightful little Easter eggs hiding almost everywhere. From nods to celebrities, movies, and other games to more serious memorials, Blizzard has mastered the art of the Easter egg. With this in mind it comes as no surprise that Mists of Pandaria is littered with these tiny bits of goodness. Below you will find 5 of our favorite Easter eggs found within the newest World of Warcraft expansion.

Top 5 Mists of Pandaria Easter Eggs

Rolling in the Widening Deep

On the border of the Mists of Pandaria zones Townlong and the Dread Wastes players will discover a location called the Widening Deep. Nothing special right? Wrong. Spending any amount of time in this area will reveal a tiny Pandaren female NPC named Adele who is constantly...rolling. That's right ladies and gentlemen, Adele is Rolling in the Deep. Total win.


Coordinates: 56,85

Lost on Diablo 3

In the middle of Marista Isle, Nayelli Lagoon in the Southern Krasarang Wilds, hidden beneath some foliage is a rather curious site. Here players will discover more than a few tiny little gnome skeletons strewn out around a mysterious hatch. Next to the skeletons is a sparkling stack of papers. The papers read:

“It looks like a journal of some kind. The last entry: '05151212:01 SYSTEM FAILURE'. What could it mean?”

If you are thinking this is a nod to the popular TV show Lost, you would be correct, but could there be an Easter egg hidden within an Easter egg here? Taking a closer look at the numbers on the papers, players will find that they correspond with the date and time stamp when Diablo 3 went online; May 15th, 2013 at 12:01AM PDT.


Coordinates: 52,73

The Watchers on the Wall

The Shado-Pan are some pretty bad-ass characters. Spending their lives atop a wall defending Pandaria from all foes. It seems that the Shado-Pan may have had some influence from a popular book turned TV show in determining their awesomeness. When clicking on any of the Shado-Pan they will reveal several standard lines seemingly taken almost directly from George R. R. Martin's fantasy novel (and now tv series) A Song of Ice and Fire. These lines are as follows:

“We are the sword in the shadows.”

“We are the watchers on the wall.”

Both lines are pulled from the vows taken by the Night's Watch and take this faction to the next level of cool.

ShadoPan Watcher

Coordinates: 43,85


On the borders of the Jade Forest, near Sri'la Village, players who are adventurous enough to venture past the coast will find a small Pandaraen House located on a mountain top. Your first hint that things may not be quite as they seem with this house is the plethora of colorful balloons attached to the top. Don't see the Easter egg yet? Inhabiting the house are are Pandaren named Kar, a Grummie named Rusty Nail and a dog called Dig. All of which add up to make this Easter egg a direct and rather charming reference to the popular Pixar film Up.


Coordinates: 52,13

Restore Balance

One of my favorite in game Easter eggs doesn't reference any outside source, instead it takes a leaf out of the Mists of Pandaria trailer and allows players to follow in the steps of the infamous Chen Stormstout. In the Jade Forest players will find they can visit the Shrine of Fellowship, located on top of a misty mountain top. Besides a beautiful view revealed by Chen, but players who reach this location will also discover, straight from the cinematic, a broken incense burner. As if reliving an epic cinematic weren't enough, upon attempting to fix this burner, players will be awarded the Restore Balance achievement.

Coordinates: 34,33

That wraps up our list of top 5 Easter Eggs in Mists of Pandaria. What are some of your personal favorite Easter eggs you have discovered in the new World of Warcraft expansion? Share them with the Ten Ton Hammer community using the comment section below!

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