Top 5 Multiplayer Non-MMO Games

Looking for a game outside the MMO world to play alongside World of Warcraft. Check out this top 5 list for some hot titles sure to appeal to most WoW players.

When it comes to the world of online gaming MMOs (massively multiplayer online game) are where its at. Games like Aion, Rift, as well as the new Star Wars and many more are the talk of the industry all hoping for the same lofty goal; to take the coveted title of king of the MMO world from Blizzard Entertainment and their game giant World of Warcraft. Thus far none have been able to meet the mark.

While many of us would hate to see WoW fall, it would be nice to have another gaming option to turn to when we get a bit tired of the same old, same old. After seven years of World of Warcraft, even the most devoted fan may be feeling a bit of the infamous seven year itch. So it is with hoping hearts that we go forth to these new MMOs only to have our dreams of an alternate favorite game to play be crushed quickly as these newness and glamour of these competitors quickly fade.

However, in the quest for looking for the perfect alternate game to play when the servers are down or WoW fatigue sets in perhaps the problem is that we are looking for new games in all the wrong places. Instead of looking for another MMO WoW playres should think outside the box and instead dive into the world of first person shooters, RTS games and RPGs. Here WoW players will find a plethora of options offered up one of which is sure to be the perfect side game just for them.

Don’t waste anymore time with the WoW is my only game blues! Below you will find five of the top non-MMO multiplayer games from my personal arsenal of favorites offered up for your future gaming entertainment. Enjoy!

Mem's Top 5 Non-MMO Multiplayer Games for Wow Players

Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 is a fast paced first person multiplayer shooter game developed by Valve Corporation. A sequel to the original Team Fortress this game started out life as part of a video game compilation, however, after much success was later released in its own stand alone packaging. Thanks to its team based gameplay Team Fortress 2 will easily appeal to most WoW players used to a raiding or team PvP environment. The game focuses on two teams (Reliable Excavation & Demoliton a.k.a RED and Builders League United a.k.a BLU) competing for a principle objective. Teams that work well together will ultimately prevail.

Once placed on a team WoW players will find that instead of the normal pick a character name and blast things they will instead be able to pick from nine distinctive classes, (the Scout, Solider, Pyro, Demoman, Heavy, Engineer, Spy, Sniper and the Medic) each with its own strengths and weaknesses. With offensive, defensive, and even a support classes the choices here should easily allow WoW players of all ilks to find a character that fits their individual play style. On account of these various options Team Fortress 2 is so much more than just a shoot ‘em up frenzy.

The best part of Team Fortress 2, however, may be the fact that it has recently gone free to play. The game now only relies on microtransactions to fund it. This way the player can choose how much or how little they wish to spend on the game itself. WoW players who want to give this game a try can easily purchase and play Team Fortress 2 using the Steam system.

Starcraft II

If you are a WoW player that wants something to occupy your extra free time but aren’t sure you are ready to cut the strings totally from Blizzard you can choose to try out their immensely popular Starcraft II series. A successor to the equally as popular original Starcraft, Starcraft II is a military real time strategy game set in the 26th century in a distant part of the Milky Way galaxy firmly planting this game in the realm of science fiction.

Once inside the game players will find themselves immersed in a well developed world where game play is based upon the conflicts between the three races found inside the Starcraft universe. The Terran, human exiles from Earth, the Zerg a super alien life form, and the Protoss, a technologically advanced alien species with mental powers beyond the realm of understanding. Players may choose to play against or as a team with other players inside Starcraft II as any of the above races each of which has distinctive pros and cons. If you find yourself tiring of the traditional maps and WoW players will be pleased to find that there are player made maps and games aplenty that pull you away from the typical RTS feel of the game and are sure to keep you coming back for more.

WoW players who wish to enter into the Starcraft universe can find this game for sale either in the online Blizzard Store or at almost any store that sells PC games near you.


Another first person shooter on the list is the well known Counter-Strike. Originating from a Half-Life modification, Counter-Strike was created by Valve Corporation and has become wildly successful. As a result of this success the game has been expanded into a series including; Counter-Strike, Condition Zero, Counter-Strike Source, and Counter-Strike: Global all of which have achieved excellent reviews leaving WoW players tons of options when it comes to this game.

In Counter-Strike players will find themselves placed on either the side of the terrorists or counter-terrorists. Working as a team they must strive to complete missions or to simply eliminate the other team. As in all team based games, those teams that work the best together will excel here. WoW players will be intrigued to find that much like in World of Warcraft, the Counter Strike world is littered with a slew of mods which add, subtract, and even create totally different modes of play that allow for a difference experience every time you play the game.

Still not sure Counter-Strike is the game for you? Try it out for yourself by downloading it from the Steam client and remember; the Counter-Strike franchise has sold over 25 million copies, that many gamers can’t be wrong.

Dungeon Defenders

If you’ve never taken a walk in the world of action RPG or tower defense Dungeon Defenders allows gamers to try out both at the same time. Created by Trendy Entertainment Dungeon Defenders is set in a fantasy world where players can take on the role child like heroes. Their sole purpose is to defended Eternia Crystals to prevent doom from befalling their castle and homeland while their parents are away.

WoW players will be pleased to find that while taking on this game they will have the option of choosing melee and ranged classes although no healers are currently available. In a typical game players will be placed inside a map where an onslaught of baddies will attempt to eliminate the Eternia Crystal and pretty much bring about the doom of this fictional world. To prevent this from each class can use a variety of attacks or choose to tap into the class specific “tower” defenses that can be constructed on the map to stop advancing mobs.

While there is leveling to do in the game, it is insignificant and most players will reach max level in a very short time span and get right into the real action. While at times Dungeon Defenders can seem a bit tedious especially waiting for that special piece of gear to drop, this fast passed, vibrant world is sure to peak the interest of the addict in all of us. The game will bring you back time and time again without fail making this the perfect game for the discerning WoW player to take on in their spare time.

Want to try out Dungeon Defenders? Download the demo or purchase the full version using the Steam client!

Portal 2

Finishing out our list is Portal 2 a first person puzzle game that was developed and subsequently published by Valve Corporation (yes, I love Valve games). A sequal to the original Portal many were concerned that it would suffer the fate of many follow up games and not live up to expectations. Thus far however players and critics alike have been in agreement that Valve did something utterly right with Portal 2.

While this game is barely multiplayer with only a two-player co-op mode, it is playable both locally and online. In the game players assume the role of a robot being. The robots sole purpose is to survive the wrath of GlaDOS (the AI controller of the Aperture Science Facility) which is dished out in the form of various puzzles and obstacles. Each robot comes equipped with their own portal gun which they use to move through the various game levels. With its advanced use of physics, Portal 2 has opened up a whole new range of challenges that are sure to keep you playing for a long time to come. For WoW players with a love for puzzle solving, Portal 2 is where its at.

Do you personally play any of the above listed games? Do you feel they deserve the spot on the top 5 list? Share your thoughts and own personal choices in the comments section below!

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