Top 5 Classes for the Pandaren

Having a hard time deciding which class to pick for your Pandaren? Check out our top five class choices here.

With the massive levels of excitement being produced by the Monk, the newest class set to be added in Mists of Pandaria, it is easy to forget that Pandaren can even play anything else. That’s right…believe it or not…Pandaren CAN indeed play other classes besides the Monk. While it may be hard to wrap your mind around this boggling revelation, it is true nonetheless.

The Pandaren can choose from seven class choices, each of which will hold some appeal for the different types of players found within World of Warcraft. However, out of this seven, which are truly the best for the mysterious and loveable Pandaren? Check out our personal top five class choices below.

Top 5 Classes for the Pandaren


Let’s face it. Pandaren are the tree hugging, nature loving, hippies of World of Warcraft. Maybe not as much as the Tauren, or the Night Elves, but pretty darn close and perfect for the Druid class.

Sadly Pandaren cannot be Druids, however, they can still interact with nature by rolling a Hunter. At home in the wilderness and with a special love for beasts, Pandaren are perfect for the Hunter class. Take into account the Pandaren’s ability to put enemies to sleep with a single touch (very useful for taming beasts), as well as their natural born Agility and it would seem that the Pandaren were made to take on the Hunter class.

With seven class choices available, which class will you choose for your Pandaren?

Every Pandaren strives for perfection in every task they take on. Warriors are much the same as they strive for excellence in armed combat. Trained as fighters from the start, it is a natural course for Pandaren to take on the way of the Warrior. Add in the extra benefits received by this race from food and the Pandaren warrior has the potential to become an extra deadly dps or imposing tank. Not to mention the fact that I, personally, am a little bit tired of seeing itsy bitsy, teeny tiny, little Warriors inside my groups. I find myself longing for the days when the Warrior was the biggest being in the room. Pandaren Warriors have the potential to take us back to those glorious days when a tank was a tank both literally and figuratively.


If you’ve spent any time in the Pandaren starting zone, you know by now that the Pandaren know a little something about the elements. In fact the very essences of these elements reside inside their temples and help to protect the Wandering Isle. Players will even find that the majority of the quest line here revolves around appeasing these elements. Shaman, who are masters of these elements and can wield and bend these forces of nature to their will are a perfect match for the Pandaren. Being so close to the elements should make any Pandaren feel right at home, even after they leave the Wandering Isle.

While other classes are nice, the Monk is the ultimate class for the Pandaren.

Pandaren are legendary for their self control, patience, and mastery with weapons, all of which are traits important to the Rogue. While some may argue that the Pandaren would never take on the role of a simple assassin, those who know the ways of the Rogue would point out there is much more to this class than daggers in the back. Stealth, to the Rogue, is an art and making a clean kill, before the target even knows they are dead, is a skill only a few can master. The challenge behind the Rogue is something that will appeal to the Pandaren, as well as the similarities to the Monk, so dear and familiar to their hearts. Besides, not even the noble Pandaren are above a little cloak and dagger action from time to time.


While I did say that Pandaren can be other classes besides the Monk, sometimes going with what is natural truly works. Literally developed and introduced to the world of Azeroth by the Pandaren, the Monk is a master of the martial arts. Able to perform the role of tank, healer, and damage deal, this class is well suited to the Pandaren’s many talents. Take into account the Pandaren racial ability of putting enemies to sleep with just a touch of their hand, and it is easy to see why the Monk has made the top of this list as the best class for the Pandaren. Other races can become Monks, but none do it quite like the Pandaren.

How do these top 5 classes for the Pandaren stack up against your own list? Will you be playing a Pandaren and if so, which class will you choose? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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