Top 5 Additions to Look Forward to in Patch 5.4

Five additions coming in Patch 5.4 that will make you sit up and take notice.


While the release of Patch 5.3 in World of Warcraft seems like just yesterday, a new patch has already been brought to the public test realms for our enjoyment. While not all the information for this patch has yet been released, what we do know about it makes us happy face in a serious way. Below you will find five tidbits from Patch 5.4 that we are particularly looking forward too (and you should be too!). Please note that this article may contain some patch spoilers so be sure to read at your own risk! Enjoy!

Virtual Realms

One of the major problems with my realm is it has kind of fizzled out. Most of the big raiding guilds have dissolved or moved on and there is really no fresh blood coming to the scene. Virtual Realms in Patch 5.4 could solve this issue and many more. A Virtual Realms are sets of realms that are hooked together, and act exactly like one giant realm. That means players on these hooked realms may join guilds, use the same Auction House, and even join arena teams and raid. While it is hard to say how this will actually turn out, this is one feature that will be interesting to see played out on live servers.

Siege of Orgrimmar

While there is no information listed along with the notes pertaining to Patch 5.4 concerning this new raid, we can garner a lot from the title of this addition and from the events of Patch 5.3. As we all know, Garrosh has gone a little Hitler like and things are being stirred up all amongst the Horde.You know things are crazy when members of the Horde and Alliance can agree on one thing and that is just what is happening as Garrosh spirals further downward into insanity. It is likely that this siege is the direct result of these advents and the beginning of the end for Garrosh. This raid should not be missed!

Orgrimmar Gates

Flexible Raid Difficulty

If you are part of a 10-man guild, there has probably been at least one time where you have wished that you could bring along just one more player. Patch 5.4 will make this wish come true, plus so much more. Picking Flexible Raid Difficulty will allow you to create raids of 15 or 22 players. Difficulty inside the raid will adjust based on the number of players in order to provide a challenge. There are no level requirements or role restrictions inside this type of raid, although you must have a pre-made group to join. With loot set between raid finder and normal difficulty and a separate lockout, Flexible Raids are something that we will definitely be keeping our eye on.

Proving Grounds

I love taking on new roles in raids. However, these roles for each class don't really come with instructions. So when you jump right into a raid or instance, sometimes you find that your skills just don't cut it. The Proving Grounds will hopefully help solve that problem, at least to a certain extent. In the Proving Grounds players will be able to improve their skills by undertaking various trails designed for each role. This new feature is a great way for new players and old players trying out new roles to perform their role, without the need of a group. Hopefully this will mean the end of messages like “LAWL! This is my first time healing!!!”.

Item Enhancements

Finally, finally, finally in Patch 5.4 all permanent item enhancements will be able to be applied to items of ANY level. What does this mean exactly? Well, most importantly, this means that all enchantments can finally be put on heirloom items. Something that players with a ton of alt characters have been wanting for more than a few years. Don't worry about anything being overpowered though, high level enhancements placed on lower level items will be toned down, even if they are placed on the item by a high level player.

Heirloom Vendor

That concludes our listing of the top five changes and additions we are most looking forward to in World of Warcraft Patch 5.4. What are some of the things you are looking forward to in this patch? What would you like to see take place in future patches? Share your thoughts with us by using the comments section below!

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