The Top 5 Reasons World of Warcraft is the Best MMOG

Updated Tue, Oct 18, 2011 by Xerin

There has been a lot of talk about players being upset with Cataclysm, the de facto standard of the vocal minority who like to spend their weekends chattering away about the downfall of WoW and the rise of the glorious <insert game name>.  So instead of focusing on why WoW is going downhill, let’s look at the top five reasons WoW kicks some major butt. That way, the next time one of those naysayers show up, you can throw this right in the face and begin a proper neener neener.

The first compelling reason that World of Warcraft is the best MMOG out there is:

You are never alone in Azeroth

Yes, it may sound a bit creepy, but you are never alone when exploring Azeroth. There is always someone in almost every zone on every server and the game population is massive. Low population means that you don’t have to turn your graphics settings off when walking in your faction’s capital city, not that the server is almost empty. There are a few exceptions to this rule (a few unsuccessful servers with a “normal” population), but in total most servers are jammed full of players.

I spend a lot of time playing free-to-play MMOGs casually as something to pass the time, so I speak from a lot of experience when I say this is, in itself, the number one thing that makes WoW what it is. A lot of games have died just from the lack of interest and an MMOG is not fun without other players. In a lot of F2P games, you’ll need to log into the most populated server and even then you’ll often go hours before you see another player. In WoW, that really isn't an issue.

Endless content means endless fun in Azeroth.

There is always something to do when it comes to spending time in Azeroth. There is always someone, somewhere that could use your help and that help will advance your character. Only a small, very small, population of players have completed every trial and gained every bit of “best in slot” gear in addition to farmed all of the achievements, obtained all of the pets, or whatever else fits their fancy for their playstyle. No matter what you want to do, WoW has the content for you.

We take this for granted a lot, but comparing WoW to other MMOGs out there will show us just how ungrateful we should be for the sheer amount of content given to us. Most games give you a single linear quest chain going from one zone to another (there is no picking where you want to level), followed by a very few dungeons dedicated to the those players who stuck out the RMT begging system until the end which are mostly devoid of anyone in favor of just sitting in town chatting, as if they’re more graphical chat rooms than actual games.

We might all complain that the updates are few and far between, but that’s not true compared to other games that wait years between updates while we wait just months (and get to enjoy the hype wagon the entire ride). Sure, I’d love to see more frequent updates, but what we have now is already pretty good in comparison.

absolutely biased article, just look at the title it says it all. Who wrote this one, was it the Marine Biologist's secretary? You know the one I mean. It's wrong and here's why.

"you are never alone in Azeroth", yeah right, you are alone if you don't know anyone. Try running dungeons without the dungeon finder feature or better yet the raid finder feature! It's why they added it folks.

"endless content means endless fun" another falsehood, the content isn't endless, they've only recently added the functionality to be able to choose which zone to be in but it is very much linear once you are in that zone. With phasing comes clear point A to point Z questlines all in packets, if you don't do the right ones you cannot progress. It is very much linear.

"the value for your money is insane compared to modern standards", are you joking? They lost all value when they continued their long drawn out tired system of run dungeons for gear, run dungeons for more gear, and every patch has some new temporary faction to have a time with just to get some gear you'll be replacing as soon as the next patch hits. where is the value again? not to forget that the ONLY reason they added cosmetics after all this time was simply because they lost 900 or so accounts in a single month.

"There's nothing like community" yep, there's the griefers, the chinese farmers, the elitest jerk raiders, the pvp gankers. Nothin in this world like these folks, they really are like a splinter no one can remove not even with surgery and who would want to, they make about as much sense being there as Sarah Palin does at a GOP presidential candidate debate.

"The game is the most complete experience available" If I didn't absolutely know better I would have sworn this was an actual article and NOT and advertisement but you've stumped me again. Now don't get me wrong as a former hunter player who enjoyed the taming system immensely i do agree some mechanics should have been made universal in every other class based mmorpg out there in the market HOWEVER the completeness of the game is only due to age and it still doesn't touch on half the storyline available in this universe, a universe taken from Warhammer online which was taken from Tolkien works from which all RPG style stories stem. Which brings me to my point. Nothing is more complete or historically based then the game LOTRO when you look at the actual books that started the genre. And the game isn't half bad either imo.

uh.. tolkien stole most of his shit from shakespeare, the rest from european folklore. the rest im aggree with, just trying to keep it real... and on that note the game isnt 1/2 good either.

that is the dumbest shyte i have ever heard anyone ever say, thanks for being the weakest link LMAO

This is full of so much bull, that it's unbelievable.
I wonder how much money you got for this.
Embarrassing. This is why they say video game journalism is biased.
At least try to hide your agenda. Obvious sellout is obvious.
You should be embarrassed.

As a special note, this article isn't sponsored, but a great way to look at why WoW is a great and fun game vs. the negative banter going on out there. I'm glad you all have differing opinions, but rest assured that this is my own opinion and thoughts.

Thank you for taking the time to write this, it is your job to write articles and I agree with most of it. As for everyone who took way too much time to reply long negative comments it's a shame that so many gamers out there are angry isolated individuals that have nothing better to do then to shit on other people's parade. Have you not been taught that if you don't have something nice to say don't say anything at all?

You're kidding, right? I mean... Are you an amateur advertising copy writer? or just a columnist who writes like one?

You don't see as much definition in classes as you do in WoW? Are you STONED?

The graphics are not dated? Have you played ANY other MMO?

Obvious troll is obvious. You have to WORK to write an article as dumb as yours. Kudos for trolling me out in the open... moron.

WHOA! i cant believe this piece of shit is smeared on the main page!

just because there is always some retard looking for help in some area of the game does not mean you are never alone. i for example would RATHER play alone than play with retards. every other reason here is pretty much a reason EQ2 kicks the shit out of wow... way to go.

who ever let this pile of shit end up front and center needs to get bitch smacked.

Who wrote this crap? You TenTonHammer were payed by Blizzard to post this bunch of lies?
Shame on you, sold out journalists!
I will probably never check this website again, thanks to this prove of unreliability.

Yeah, this article gets fairly close to being regarded as advertising for WoW. This guy has obviously not played other mmo's, other than the free 2d crap thats out there. Farmville is not an mmo.

Content is not endless. I recently received a scroll of resurrection and logged into wow. Looked at my stats, my gold, all my chars, and decided after 5 minutes that I was bored. So I logged out again, happy that I got that experience for free, rather than doing random dungeons with geektards and schoolkids.

If you know no-one, there is no community. Someone else pointed out the dungeon finder. All server community died with the dungeon finder.

I will agree on one point though. Everyone that would be tempted by another mmo, has at least a single character at lvl cap with a decent amount of gold. Changing mmo takes you back to square one. And who wants to be at square one? Which means that Rift already lacks some players, which is a shame, since the game can be bought for 2 euros, with an instant mount, portable bank and a tabard for an additional 5 euros. That is way cheaper than that stupid winged horse Blizzard sold for real money - Which again disproves the author of this article, in saying it is all the other mmo's that has mounts available for money.

I hear Blizzard are recruiting. Go fetch!

Reasons should be facts, not "how i felt about it".

Cause the same you could make this:
top 5 reasons why stealing ice-cream from kids is ok:
1. I like ice-cream
2. His parents will buy him another soon anyway
3. Kids are slow-eaters, the sun would melt away the best part
4. I help their parents by not letting the kids get ice-cream all over their clothes, therefore save electricity on washing, water as well, help the planet.
5. Cause the thrill and experience of having stolen it is just awesome

[ADMIN: Rude comment removed.] Obviously another one of those WoW fan boy article.

I will give you the true top 5 Reason why it is still the best MMO out there.

1.) People who can't let it go. Always fear their belove game will died they have to write none stop article on why WoW is better and the best.

2.) They go to another game and say it is not WoW so they come back, go to another game that is like WoW and they say it's a WoW Clone and come back to WoW.

3.) People have spend all their life on WoW and even a game is better they will not let it go, they just go over there and say and Troll on other game when the game they playing is as old as their grandma and graphic engine is just slight superior to Mine Craft.

4.) Community full of fan boy and immature kid and nerd alike. Other game Community is too mature for them.

5.) Blizzard always try to milk them as much as possible by coming with contents and cash shop items, but they are fan boy so they will suck anything Blizzard give them.

Good article man, I completely agree. Ignore the other people on here who are just trying to justify their decision to quit.

our decision to quit WoW doesn't need a single justification. Apparently neither one of you have played to end game content and remained anywhere near end game content for very long or you too would also see exactly the bs that's dripping off this article. There is not a single person who commented anything good from this article because IT IS ALL FALSE. endofline

Yeah, this doesn't sound biased at aaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllll

Yeah, this doesn't sound biased at aaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllll

WoW is pretty much going to be the big daddy of MMO's for years to come. Even if it dies next year it will still remain as history's most popular MMO. When it first started it murdered my beloved MMO Starwars Galaxies and it probably continues to do this with each MMO that will attempt to overshadow it. Hopefully Guildwars 2 will take the throne for a good long run like WoW did. I just hope that when WoW ends Blizzard will get their shit together and make Warcraft 4 <3 :p

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