Top 5 Scariest (Non-Boss) Mobs in World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is dark and full of terrifying mobs, but these five stand out above the rest.


With thousands of mobs roaming around the World of Warcraft universe, it is difficult to keep track of them all. Big, small, animal, human, mechanical, and many more, these guys wait around to do battle against players. Many of them seem pretty harmless, some might even be considered beautiful, but a certain few manage to strike fear into every heart.

These mobs are big, bad, and totally unforgettable. The mobs I am talking about are the things that WoW player's nightmares of made of and can even define whole zones inside the game. However, they tend to be forgotten in the face of the bosses in the game. It is well past time that we take a second to honor these big baddies for what they do, because the game would be far less interesting. So let's take a look at the top 5 scariest non-boss mobs in World of Warcraft. Enjoy!

Core Hounds

Core Hounds, servants of the imposing Ragnaros, are giant two-headed dogs. These guys prowl around the Molten Core, striking fear into the hearts of any raid group who stumbled across them. These big boys did some major damage, breathing fire, and even picking up unsuspecting raiders, rendering them absolutely immobile. They are also terrifying in appearance, even compared to the Molten Giants also found in this zone. With two huge heads, both sporting large teeth, and tendrils of yellow/orange drool dripping, these dastardly dogs are not something one can easily forget.


Widow Greenpaw

Sometimes you don't have to look scary to be scary. Widow Greenpaw is the perfect example of this. Nothing good can come from a lonely old woman living in the middle of the woods. Ever. Combine this with the super creepy statues in her backyard and you have something straight out of a horror novel.

Perhaps the worst part is that she actually thinks turning people into Jade is doing her late husband a service. While the Widow is not exactly the same as the other mobs on this list, I am making an exception because she is so darn scary and sad, all at the same time. This is one family that I would never want to join.


Devilsaurs are the bane of the Un'goro Crater. These giant dinosaur-like creatures wander randomly through the zone and prey upon unsuspecting players. These guys are big and sport some terrifying teeth. Those features aren't what puts these guys on the list though.

What makes the Devilsaur stand out above all other scary mobs is their ability to sneak up on a player. It doesn't make sense that something so big can be so quiet, but they are and they will scare the bejeesus out of you, right before they attack. Their fierce looks, size, and ninja-like stealth, all combine to easily rank the Devilsaur as one of the scariest mobs in World of Warcraft.


The Fel Reaver

Taking up this spot on our list is one mob that will make you wet your pants, no matter how many times you have encountered him. This guy is so awful that almost every player will have a similar story of how they met him. Your first trip to Hellfire Peninsula. You are questing, killing mobs, and enjoying the scenery when out of no where the ground begins to shake. You brush it off, until you hear the inhuman scream. You turn and there it is; the nefarious Fel Reaver.

Standing taller than most buildings, the Fel Reaver is a frightening sight. He will also wipe any low level player out with little more than one hit of his gigantic arms. Even today, the Fel Reaver of Hellfire Peninsula still makes players quake in their boots, even if they are max level. This mob has the scare factor down and will be continuing his reign of terror for a long time to come.


These small critters wander throughout the World of Warcraft universe and are perhaps the scariest mob of them all. With their soft fur and unassuming appearance, most players will write these off as harmless creatures, but nothing could be further from the truth. Take a closer look at the Rabbit. Peer into its beady little eyes and see the evil within. It won't be long before you realize, as I already have, that these cute and cuddly critters are nothing but pure poison.

While players have been off saving the world from other nefarious creatures, these beings have remained in the background, eating grass and plotting our demise. They have also been reproducing, at an alarming rate. Rabbits can be found cluttering up just about every corner of the world. Spread the word of this villainous creature, before it is to late.

Rabbit Critter

That wraps up our list of the top 5 scariest mobs in World of Warcraft. We here at Ten Ton Hammer salute them for making the game a far more interesting place. Do any of the mobs above make your own personal scariest mobs list? Do you have any cool stories based around encounters with these mobs? Share your thoughts and stories with us in the comments section below!

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