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Everybody wants to look good, or at least draw a ton of attention. This fact holds true not only in real life, but also in the gaming world. To date players have been forced to wear gear based on stats regardless of what the gear actually looks like. Who cares if that shield looks like it was cut from a cardboard box, or if that helm probably was made out of a soup can…you were stuck with it until the next patch, or worse, the next expansion.

However, with the release of patch 4.3 and with it the new Transmogrification ability, that aspect of the game has finally changed. Now players can still get the stats they want and look good doing it. This leads to the easy assumption that on Patch day players will be rushing to Transmogrify their gear, changing it to fit their fancy until they have created what in their mind is the ultimate armor set.

With so many great looking gear choices out there the possibilities are almost endless, and settling for just one is near impossible. Trust me I know because for this article I’ve managed (with great struggle) to compile a list of my own personal top 10 favorite gear pieces in game from past and present. Some are a little crazy while others are rather plain, but just maybe one of them will catch your fancy. Enjoy!

1. Amani Mask of Death

Amani Mask of Death

I know what your thinking because I thought the same thing when I saw this helm for the first time. The truth is this helm is so crazy that the more I looked at it the more I liked it. Crazy purple hair pieces, flaming eyes, and lets not forget the creepy set of teeth attached to this little beauty. Wearing this helm will not only ensure you get loads of attention, but if your enemies are smart, they will think twice before coming any closer. Judging by the fact that my 5 year old covered her eyes and squealed in a tone almost high enough to break glass, this helm will also successfully help you frighten away any children within a 10 yard radius leaving you to game in peace.

2. Stormrage Pauldrons

Stormrage Pauldrons

The Stormrage Pauldrons are the shoulders from the Tier 2 Druid set. These shoulders, as you can see, are not for those who like flashy things. There are no lights, no fire, no bells and whistles at all but I will argue that they are some of the best looking shoulders in game. Sporting fur, teeth, and some crazy spider eyes, these shoulders come straight from an era when tier sets were still awesome. Not only do the Stormrage Pauldrons cover the full shoulder (which is good when you have swords and such being swung at your neck) they also scream to everyone who sees them “mess with me…I dare ya.”.

  • Dropped By: Chromaggus
  • Same Model As: Lunar-Claw Pauldrons

3. Glory of the Defender

Glory of the Defender

This plate chest piece doesn’t even need a descriptive paragraph as its coolness factor speaks for itself. Not only does it hug my lovely Blood Elf model in all the right places, but it is embellished with a design that not only will cause envy but will instill fear into the hearts of your enemies. While it's easy to get lost in the front of this armor piece, the back is just as well done. While no fearsome faces can be found there, the helm shown on the front is reproduced in a smaller size, making this set pleasing to the eye in both front and back.

  • Dropped by: Azgalorr

4. Vestments of the Shattered Fellowship

These robes are possibly my absolute favorite in the game. While they aren’t gaudy and showy like some of the many other robes available they are impressive nonetheless. Classic black robes with gold, silver, blue, and purple detailing these robes look great on any character and have even passed the doesn’t look goofy on a male toon test that so many other robes fail at. Elegant and sophisticated these robes are excellent for any RPer or a cloth wearer who simply wishes to look good while getting their pew pew on.

  • Dropped by: Champions' Cache - Trial of the Crusader

5. Legacy of Arlokk

Legacy of Arlokk

It’s a staff and its a snake! The case for awesomeness on this item is officially closed because you just can’t beat that combination. The only thing that could possibly make this weapon better is if there was an ability on it that brought the snake to life for a few seconds to bite at your foes like some amazingly Mortal Combat finishing move. Ever since I first saw this staff, when it was known as the Will of Arlokk, I wanted it for my own and while that dream never came true (thanks to a resto Shaman who thought it was cool to use a staff instead of a shield and one handed weapon) I still love the way this staff looks to this day.

  • Dropped By: Jin’do the Godbreaker
  • Same Model As: Will of Arlokk

You cannot transmorgrify your weapon to match Thunderfury, or Sulfruon, or any other legendary.

I'd have done it already if you could.

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