WoW: The Top Ten Tauren Names on PlayerScore

Posted Tue, Feb 22, 2011 by Xerin

Players in World of Warcraft have some amusing, hilarious, or interesting ideas when it comes to names for their characters, especially when their characters resemble giant bipedal bovines. We've taken a look through PlayerScore to find the most interesting Tauren names for you to take a look at this week.

Last week we covered the top 10 Death Knight names found on PlayerScore, the tool for searching, profiling, and examining World of Warcraft characters. The names were amazing, funny, and sometimes downright sad. So this week we decided to delve into another layer in the PlayerScore casserole of good names by taking a look at Taurens, WoW’s big beefy cows. Sure enough, there is an entire army of names with “cow,” “moo,” and “beef” aligned to these large furry creatures.

WoW: The Top Ten Tauren Names on PlayerScore is your ticket to some of the craziest, zaniest, and hilarious Tauren names out there.

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