Top 5 Reasons for the Demise of World PvP

Five reasons for the demise of World PvP in World of Warcraft.


Back in the days when World of Warcraft was shiny and new, players everywhere took part in a bloody sport called World PvP. This sport could happen almost anywhere in the world, although there were many preferred locations. There were no real rewards for this, except for the glory, the honor, and the thrill of gathering up some companions and going and ganking one of the other faction's cities or towns.

However, as the game has aged, World PvP has almost died out. Most World of Warcraft veterans will talk fondly of it and occasionally a group of die hard players will gather to assault a city, however, it seems the days of World PvP are numbered. What caused the demised of this once beloved activity? We have a few theories on the matter. Check out our top five below:

Outdoor PvP Zones

One of the main reasons World PvP took a downward turn was the introduction of outdoor PvP zones such as Wintergrasp. These zones, totally dedicated to PvP, gave players a designated place to PvP, while still having the feel of being outdoors. Outdoor PvP zones offer up more potential honor, as players inside are likely all looking for a battle. This is vastly different from World PvP where many players were simply trying to quest or were quite content to just watch the fighting take place. Not to mention the cool toys Blizzard has allowed into these zones, siege weapons anyone?


Battlegrounds and Arenas

This next item on the list ties in with the first, however, was a significant enough player (in my humble opinion) in the demise of World PvP to earn its own spot on the list. Like Outdoor PvP zones, Battlegrounds and Arenas played a big part in the demise of World PvP. Chock full of juicy rewards, these PvP havens drew players by the dozens. Why run around the world for little reward when you can jump into a battleground or arena and get twice the reward for less work? With better and better rewards constantly being offered to players through these venues World PvP is constantly looking less appealing than ever.

Endless Guard Spawns

Back in the good old days when you killed town guards they stayed good and dead, at least for a long while. Not so in more recent years. Town guards nowadays reappear almost as soon as they are killed. This makes getting into towns and cities especially difficult. In fact unless you have a very organized raid group, it could be close to nearly impossible. This quick guard spawn effectively ended any spur of the moment assaults and thus aided in the downfall of World PvP.

Player Enjoyment

Believe it or not, not everyone in game enjoyed World PvP. Imagine if you are a new player just trying to turn in a quest and another player hell bent on World PvP keeps taking out your quest giver? Not much fun. Blizzard saw this problem and has made adjustments (such as faster guard spawn) to help balance this out. However, these adjustments, designed to make those who didn't want to participate in this type of PvP have a better play experience, severely hindered World PvP.

Additional Flight Paths/Flying Mounts

World PvP often happened spontaneously as groups were traversing the landscape. Additional flight paths and flying mounts have pretty much made it so that players can go from point A to point B without ever touching the ground. This leaves little room for players to meet up in out of the way outposts and decide to take over the town. Why stop in to favorite World PvP places like the Crossroads when you can fly right over to get to your destination?

Kalimdor Flight Paths

That concludes our list of the top 5 reasons for the demise of World PvP. What are some of the reasons not listed above that you think World PvP is no longer popular? Do they match up with any of the ones listed above? Share your thoughts with us below!

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