What Should the Warcraft Movie Be About?

Posted Sun, Feb 12, 2012 by Saia

You know a videogame is successful when someone decides to make a movie about it and World of Warcraft is no exception. A movie adaptation has been on the cards for a couple of years now, Sam Raimi’s going to direct and Blizzard will be heavily involved.

Heck, Paul Sams refused to let Uwe Boll go anywhere near the beloved franchise. As we wait patiently while Raimi works on Oz: The Great and Powerful, this is the perfect time to muse on what we can expect from the Warcraft movie?

Development Hell

The Warcraft movie was announced way back in May 2006 as a collaboration between Legendary Pictures and Blizzard. A single piece of gorgeous concept art was released to tantalize; an image of the great tree Teldrassil lit up with lights. To date, that’s all we have, one glimpse of one of Azeroth’s most beautiful zones. In 2009 it was announced that Sam Raimi was on board to direct but since then little has changed.

The storyline, we learned, would not retell Warcraft lore or focus on Thrall, Metzen’s favourite poster-orc. Instead, the live action movie is apparently going to focus on a human but that’s about all we know right now.


There is a problem though. Looking back over decade’s worth of computer game adaptations, the jump from pixels to the silver screen often creates films, which are not remembered as fondly as they should be. Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Doom, Super Mario Bros., the list goes on and on.

The problem with movies made from games is that they lose the essence of what made the original so successful. Storylines often suffer in the name of action and characters become pale shadows of their former selves. The other problem - particularly with fantasy games - is that it’s often difficult to translate the look and feel.


Concept art of Teldrassil from the Warcraft movie.

The Warcraft film is slated to be live action and here lies the problem; unless it’s done like Avatar, mixing real actors with CGI, there’s going to be a problem. It’s very hard to make the various races, especially the Tauren, Forsaken and Night Elves look realistic with makeup and prosthetics.

One of the most beloved aspects of the franchise is the amazing cinematics produced by Blizzard’s in-house team. If you ever needed any indication of how Azeroth should look on the big screen then it is in the form of the various cinematics introduced since the days of Warcraft II.

The other problem is the storyline. Most of the characters whose storyline might make awesome movies - folk like the Morgraine family, Arthas, Deathwing and the Dragonflights - have been covered to death in the game itself. Their lore has been at the heart of recent expansions and they were told in a way which really doesn’t need retelling, even if it would be awesome to see these infamous characters on movie screens.

Using these storylines in the movie would look awesome but movies need to be different and not just a cheap rehash of content we played three years ago. However, creating new lore just for the movie is risky though. It’s too easy to go down dangerous roads which dilute the world and cheapen the game. It is a catch 22, which has dogged many an adaptation over the years.

What Ifs and Should Bes.

With this in mind, what should be in the Warcraft movie? Well, for starters, it’s a Warcraft movie so there should be some awesome battles; we’re talking Helms Deep huge here. Full on clashes between Alliance and Horde with all the notable figures, we have met so far … Thrall, Varian, Sylvanas, Malfurion. There should be dragons too because it would not be Warcraft without the various flights.

The crux of the film needs to be massive though, something which threatens Azeroth in a way that we have not already. So no Arthas, no Illidan, no Kil’Jaeden or Deathwing. We need something new, something huge and something deadly. The film also needs to be stand alone to an extent, in the same way that the lore of the comic books - particularly the Me’dan storyline - exists on its own but occasionally intersects with the game itself.

At the end of the day, we can only hope that the collective vision of the Blizzard loremasters, Legendary Pictures and Sam Raimi remains true to the game we know and love, whilst at the same time making one of the world’s largest MMOs accessible to a much larger audience. At the same time though, millions play the game and it’s important to remember that. Make an awful movie and your players will vote with their feet and the let everyone and their cat know if a movie falls short of the fans’ expectations.

How do you think the Warcraft movie should be adapted? Do you think it would be better for it to be CGI over live action? What about plot and storyline, do you have any ideas? Let us know in the comments below.

I think it should be about a panda bear who has a lifelong dream of becoming a kung fu warrior.....
Oh wait.... nevermind.

How about strange and bizarre animals that can be caught and used to duel one another by people known as pet trainers. Blizzard can call it pokem..... uh..... nevermind.

Ah screw it.
Just make a movie using super old graphics and rehashed mob models. The movie plot can revolve around killing the same mobs thousands upon thousands of times to appease a meaningless faction that just stands around all day and night.

After all, Blizzard swears that reputation grinds are valid substitutes for gameplay and the movie should reflect WoWs gameplay.

@nine lives

Its a movie about Warcraft not WoW so your points are for the most part mute.

Lol what? It's a movie about Warcraft, not a movie about Warcraft? You do realize Warcraft and WoW are the same IP, right? Nice comeback, wowtard.

Last time I checked Warcraft is a rts. WoW and Warcraft are two very different games. The only things they have in common is their lore, and, of course, being made by blizz. Nice job making yourself look like a complete dumbass.

Erm...If its the same lore, and the same world, than it would have relevence to WoW, or at least it could. Just because some games from a particular IP is a RTS, and the other is a MMO doesn't change anything.

lol keep trying wowtard.
Maybe one day you'll get smart and figure it out.

They are mute, as posts on Ten Ton Hammer are unable to speak.

awww dammnit, you beat me to it.
It's a MOOT point - there's no such thing as a mute point unless you're watching open parliament hour on the telly with the sound turned off....

I'm going to guess if it is a battle between the Horde and Alliance, the Horde wins by a landslide, kills 1 or 10 Alliance characters, and are shown as the heroes who stop an old god or something.

If we were going to balance it, I would like to have the Tauren maybe cleanse that razorback area of those pig people, maybe set up some cool city one the little islands that used to be mesas or something. Maybe have some returning characters from the dark portal retake Stromgrade or Gilnaes. Granted I would rather see an Alliance victory in game, but if thats not in the cards, in the movie would suffice. If it was supposed to have the two sides working together, then sure maybe an old god or something and give both sides some time to shine.

I like the idea of a Lord of the Rings trilogy. First move can catch everyone up to speed with characters from the lore / game. Second can bring forth a common villain that will cause the horde and ally to stop fighting each other. Third movie can focus on a combining of forces to defeat the villain and set-up a story line to launch a new expansion for play. NOW some rules. Please Please Please try not to repeat race or class. If you do please have classes with different specs. Rough draft thought // human warrior, dwarf hunter (bm), 2 gnomes mage and lock, 2 night elves druid and priest, draenei paladin, worgen rogue // 2 Orcs shaman and warrior, troll mage, tauren shaman, undead priest, 2 bloodelves paladin and rogue, goblin mage. Just my quick brain storm. Thanks

I think that it should be a love story between a tauren shaman and a dwarf hunter. They could secretly
see each other in lower Shatt. It is a shame they are not excepted by the Horde or Alliance...but their
love holds on......till they discover one is a democrat and the other is republican. Mass suicide occurs
and no one lives happily ever after. The End.

It is going to have to be a WARCRAFT movie not a WORLD OF WARCRAFT movie. I think the one guy has tried to make that point in a rather horrid way above me. Warcraft RTS lore has happened longer before WoW, it was WAY more in depth and has few epic short scenes of the past that explained it.

I say the perfect time and even the past Blizzard guys have stated they would likely see it starting somewhere around the Warcraft 2 era to Warcraft either the end of Warcraft 2 or an in between of 2 and 3. If they where to do somewhat of a trilogy of the story it would make perfectly epic sense.

Think about it, Warcraft 3 to tell correctly in a movie would have to be at least 2 whole movies to tell it over 2 hours each. Say the first movie was about orcs vs humans, introducing Arthas at the end or end half of the movie. Second, movie starting with Arthas' decent into madness and undead taking over and destoying that Eastern Kingdoms. Last movie Being about the battle to restore Kalimdor being the end of Warcraft 3 reign of chaos title. Honestly, though this series could potentially be like harry potter, a large number of series; if you think about this for a second, each single race campaign in Warcraft 3 can be an entire movie. Each campaign could equate to 7 to 8 movies.

Don't think that this Warcraft series is soemthing I just pulled out of my hat, Sam Raimi and the words put in by Blizzard even when hearing it at Blizzcon from Chris Metzen himself said he couldn't see the story being done or told by a single movie.

No we do NOT need new Warcraft stories, that is what WoW is for to offer to players, and the movie can't go on to ruining new potential WoW lore and most fans really and new comers to the IP would likely want to see the most epic part of the story told in theatres (which was Warcraft 2 and 3). People are truly interested in the WoW lore they saw in game, not even many know or care for the books, though having read 8 of the novels, they are all still good (just not enough to triumph over the game story).

The movies should have all the fun elements but it should also have lots of thrill the fun of watching Fantasy Movies is that you get a perfect blend of all the elements.

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