Buying the Farm in Patch 5.2

Learn more about buying the farm from Farmer Yoon in World of Warcraft Patch 5.2.


By now you have probably heard the news that in World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.2 a whole host of changes will be coming to Sunsong Ranch. Home of the in game farming content, Sunsong Ranch is where many players, myself included, spend quality game time tilling, planting, and harvesting. While I have already compiled an article going over the changes expected to come to Sunsong Ranch in Patch 5.2, it seems there are a few things that need cleared up.

“Buying” the Farm in Patch 5.2

One of the most exciting changes coming to Sunsong Ranch in Patch 5.2 was the supposed ability to purchase the ranch and make it your very own. However, upon closer inspection on the beta, it seems that you cannot purchase the ranch. Now do not get out the pitchforks or light those torches just yet, the reason you cannot purchase the ranch is because Farmer Yoon is going to GIVE it to you.

That's right ladies and gentlemen, Farmer Yoon is going to flat-out hand over the keys to the castle in Patch 5.2...well almost. Before he places the keys in your hand it seems that you must first have reached Exalted reputation with the Tillers. At this point a brand new quest will unlock in the center of Halfhill Market.

Farmer Yoon

It seems that Nana Mudclaw has decided that the time has come for her to finally retire, but she first needs to pick her replacement on the Tiller's Council. After careful consideration, Nana has decided that Farmer Yoon is the perfect candidate for this job...never mind the fact that it was you who actually did most of the work turning the farm around. At this point it is up to you to make the proposal to Farmer Yoon and ultimatly convince him to take the position on the council by completing a quest.

This method of turning over the farm is nearly perfect and clears up almost all the lose ends. Not only does it seem more natural for Farmer Yoon to want to give you the farm, but it also answers the question as to what will happen to him after the farm is yours. After becoming friends with this panda, it is good to see that he won't vanish from the story and will instead have a prestigious position to focus his attentions on. Once you have obtained the farm as your own, Farmer Yoon will immediately be replaced with a post that will contain the work orders that will be used as an additional way to earn reputation.

Easy Planting?

Turning our attentions away from the excitement of actually owning Sunsong Ranch will reveal some changes Blizzard will be bringing to us with the intention of making farming a little bit easier. A new NPC has been added to Halfhill Market called Little Milly. Milly sells bags of all the seeds available to be planted on your farm. These seed bags will allow you to plant four plots at once instead of the standard one.

While these seed bags sound like a great idea, there is a small flaw. Currently Little Milly only sells her seed bags for 30 seeds. You heard right...seeds. These seeds can be purchased from the vendor who is standing directly next to Little Milly, which makes the whole thing seem rather awkward. Despite the awkward purchasing method, the seed bags are a rather nice addition. Using a seed bag at your farm will give you a round targeting circle that easily overlaps four mounds of dirt. Clicking will plant all four seeds at the same time making planting a much speedier process.

Halfhill MarketHalfhill Market

Despite the time saving probability of the seed back we can't ignore the fact that it still takes 30 seeds to plant a mere four. This seems really unbalanced, and more than a little silly. Why go through the process and pay 30 seeds to plant only 4? Ideas for fixing this would be paying 30 seeds to be able to plant 30 seeds, or just make the seed bag purchasable for a small amount of gold.

As you can tell, the improvements to Sunsong Ranch still need a bit of work. However, despite these tiny bumps in the road, finally obtaining the ranch as your very own is pretty darn satisfying, and the expected changes to make planting crop easier has clear potential. Hopefully when Patch 5.2 finally rolls over to live servers everywhere things will run a bit more smoothly.

Will you be purchasing Sunsong Ranch as your very own in Patch 5.2? Do you think the plow and seed back will ultimately make plating and harvesting easier? What additional changes would you like to see come to fruit in future patches? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section found below!

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