World of Warcraft: Priest Guide

By David Piner -


Welcome to the Ten Ton Hammer Priest Guide. If you enjoy crushing your enemies with shadowy spells of doom, or delving into holy powers that can not only smite your enemies, but heal your allies, the Priest class may be just what you are looking for. A true battle of dark and light rages inside the heart of every Priest, and as such players will be able to choose if they wish to fall into the shadows, or walk within the light. With their ability to easily and adeptly fill the role of caster DPS or healer, those who choose the Priest will never find themselves wanting for a group.

Priest Overview

  • Priests can choose from three distinct specs: Holy, Discipline, and Shadow. 
  • Can call upon powerful shields to help mitigate damage. 
  • Provide a variety of powerful buffs for themselves and their allies.
  • Priests are able to use their powerful connection with the spirits to control the minds of other beings.
  • Able to resurrect dead allies when not in combat

Priest Available Races 

Priest Armor & Weapons

  • Available Armor: Cloth
  • Available Weapons: Daggers, One-Handed Maces, Staves, and Wands
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