Gearing Up the Priest

The Impossible Dream
Binds when picked up
Main Hand Mace
77 - 248 Damage, Speed 1.80
(90.5 DPS)
+37 Stamina
+44 Intellect
+31 Spirit
Requires Level 80
Improves critical strike rating by 42
Increases spell power by 461
Let’s take a look at the gear you will want as you level up your Priest. As a Priest, you can wear lots of different types of armor. There is cloth, or if you don’t like that, you can wear cloth, or there is always cloth as a final option. Ok, so you have decided on wearing cloth. Good choice! Priests also begin with proficiency in one-handed maces and wands and can learn to use daggers and staves in time from Weapon Masters throughout the world.

Let’s start by looking at our weapon selection. We have 4 to choose from: one-handed maces, wands, daggers, and staves. When you start off, you will have a one-handed mace. This is decent to use until you get your first wand. Wands are great for Priests and will be your standard weapon. They allow you to have a ranged attack that doesn’t use mana, and there is no penalty in using it in melee. Wands can save your ass by doing DPS when you run out of mana, or can finish off that mob as he runs away, while letting your mana recharge. It is just an all around great weapon for the Priest. Daggers are pretty useless for the Priest; I would buy the weapon skill just to have it, but there are few daggers I have ever seen that would make me want to switch out my wand. Staves are not bad either. While they can’t replace a good wand for DPS, there are lots of staves out there with nice stat bonuses, especially if you are in a group and are the healer. I usually keep a nice wand and a staff on hand and just switch out as needed.

We don’t get a lot of variations on what type of armor we use. Ok, we don’t get any variations at all, but we do get many different kinds of stat adjustments from them. So, as you are leveling, you will be looking for certain stats on armor. The stats you are looking for will change as you level, so let’s break it down.

Level 1 to 60

At these levels, we are looking to level as fast as possible. You will likely be soloing more so than grouping, so we want stats to help us solo. The primary stat we are looking for early on is Intellect. Anything with + Intellect should be equipped as soon as you can get it. Intellect adds mana and increases our chances to critically strike with our spells. Early on in the game, you will run low on mana quite often, so the more points you have starting a fight, the better chance you have of finishing it alive. The second stat to look for is Stamina. Stamina gives us 10 extra health for each point of Stamina we have. You wear paper thin armor, and have little health to begin with, so anything that will let you take an extra hit or two while your shield or heal is casting is a good thing. Luckily, there are plenty of items as we level that have these bonuses. Lastly, you want + Spirit on your gear. Spirit affects the regeneration rate of both your health and your mana. However the 5 second rule still applies (you will not start to regenerate mana until 5 seconds have passed since your last spell was cast).

Level 60+

These levels are when gear begins to introduce us to some new bonuses - bonuses like +mana/5sec and/or +healing. You will especially see this with the Priest Class sets, but loose pieces will have it as well. +Mana/5sec replenishes x mana every 5 seconds. The great thing about +mana/5sec is that it does not follow the 5 second rule. So, even during a fight where we are casting constantly, with +mana/5sec gear we are gaining mana back. +healing will add to our healing spells. This is nice in theory, but really isn’t all that helpful. The problem with +healing gear is that it sacrifices Intellect/Spirit/Stamina to give you that +healing. Sure if you find a piece that has a huge +Intellect bonus, and also has +healing, you should grab it, but don’t replace gear that has bonuses to better stats for +healing. It will not make up for the loss of regeneration, mana, and health it will cause. So keep your eye out for the +mana/5sec gear/+intellect/+stamina/+spirit gear as you climb to 80.

Below is a chart with some of the gear to look for at certain levels from 20 to 60. This list is by no means everything out there (lets face it, it would be one hell of a huge list if it was), and there may be some better pieces out there for the level ranges, but this chart will give you an idea of where to start. At early levels, drops and the auction house will keep you in fine gear. Remember you are going to be leveling fast, so don’t spend too much time trying to find gear that you will out-level in a couple of days anyways. If you can’t find a group to run an instance, just solo quests, and watch the auctions. You will be fine if you stick with green and blue items until 60, then you want to look for purples as you climb to 80.

Level 20 to 30 Instances
Location Item Name Stats
The Wailing Caverns Slime Encrusted Pads (shoulder) 4mana/5sec
The Wailing Caverns Firebelcher (wand) 24-45 DPS
The Wailing Caverns Robe of the Moccasin (chest) +6 Sta/ +6 Spirit
The Wailing Caverns Serpents Gloves (hands) +6 Int
The Wailing Caverns Living Root (staff) +2 Sta/ +12 Spirit
Blackfathom Depths Ghamoo-ra's Bind (waist) +4 Sta/ +4 Int
Blackfathom Depths Gaze Dreamer Pants (pants) +7 Int/ +6 Spirit
Blackfathom Depths Witch's Finger (off hand) +7 Int/ +4 Sta
Blackfathom Depths Rod of the Sleepwalker +11 Int/ +10 Spirit
Blackfathom Depths Gravestone Scepter 40-57 DPS +1Spirit
Level 30 to 40 Instances
Location Item Name Stats
Gnomeregan Spidertank Oilrag (wrist) +6 Sta
Gnomeregan Hydrocane (staff) +15 Frost Res.
Gnomeregan Electromagnetic Gigaflux Reactivator (head) +15 Int/ +12 Spirit
Gnomeregan Civinad Robes (chest) +7 Sta/ +18 Spirit
Gnomeregan Hotshot Pilot's Gloves (hands) +8 Int/ +5 Sta/ +5 Spirit
Scarlet Monastery Robe of Doan (chest) +12 Spirit/ +4 Sta
Scarlet Monastery Mantle of Doan (shoulders) +9 Int/ +7 Spirit
Scarlet Monastery Deadman's Hand (finger) +10 Sta
Scarlet Monastery Blighted Leggings (legs) +7 Sta
Scarlet Monastery Orb of the Forgotten Seer (offhand) +6 Int/ +11 Spirit

Level 40 to 50 Instances
Location Item Name Stats
Zul'Farrak Flaming Incinerator (wand) 59 to 111 DPS
Zul'Farrak Bad Mojo Mask (head) +12 Int
Zul'Farrak Spellshock Leggings (legs) +9 Sta/ +10 Int
Zul'Farrak Brainlash (finger) -10 Sta/ +15Int/ +5 Spirit
Zul'Farrak Jumanza Grips (hands) +10Sta/ +12Int/+10 Spirit
Maraudon Cloud Stone (off hand) +10Int/ +10 Spirit
Maraudon Heart of Noxxion (trinket) +10 Nat Res.
Maraudon Eye of Theradras (head) +13 Sta/ +20 Int/ +11 Spirit
Maraudon Satyrmane Sash (waist) +10 Sta/ +15 Int
Maraudon Vinerot Sandals (feet) +12 Int/ +12 Spirit

Level 50 to 60 Instances
Location Item Name Stats
Temple of Atal Hakkar Featherskin Cape (back) +4 Sta/ +4 Int
Temple of Atal Hakkar Atal'ai Gloves (hands) Random
Temple of Atal Hakkar Gemburst Circlet (head) +9 Sta/ +17 Int/ +18 Spirit
Temple of Atal Hakkar Drakestone (off hand) Random
Temple of Atal Hakkar Dawnspire Cord (waist) +13 Int/ +8 Spirit
Blackrock Depths Omnicast Boots (feet) +6 Sta/ +9 Int
Blackrock Depths Chief Architect's Monocle (head) +10 Sta/ +15 Int
Blackrock Depths Kentic Amice (shoulders) +5 Sta/ +13 Int/ +6 Spirit
Blackrock Depths Spritecaster Cape (back) +4 Sta/ +4 Int/ +5 Spirit
Blackrock Depths Flameweave Cuffs (wrist) Random

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