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You’re a rogue that’s going places. You’re wearing better gear, learned how to maximize your abilities (even if you had to relearn them after the latest patch changes), ...

You’re a rogue that’s going places. You’re wearing better gear, learned how to maximize your abilities (even if you had to relearn them after the latest patch changes),  done a little raiding, and even perhaps a little PvP. So, what’s next? Why do people keep pointing at you and laughing or telling you to upgrade your gear? There’s no need to drag a blade across their scornful throats after they turn away, my friend. The answer to your dilemma is enchantments. In your never-ending quest to raise your potential, enchantments are what separate the wheat from the chaff, or to put it more bluntly, those that suck from those that don’t suck.

What is an enchantment, you ask? An enchantment is something that provides a stat bonus to an item, such as your chestpiece or weapon. These bonuses can range from increases in stats (such as Agility, Stamina, etc.), attack power, to hit rating, critical rating, haste rating, expertise rating, and so on. There is a bewildering amount of enchantments that you can place on your gear, and picking what enchantments to use will be vitally important to you. You’ll have to decide if enchanting a piece of gear is worth it, depending upon if you’ll be upgrading that gear in the near future, and also by how much gold you have. The best enchantments are very expen$ive! In addition, you can only have one enchantment at a time on a piece of gear. If you place an enchantment on an item that already has an enchantment, the new enchantment will replace the old one. Don’t worry about poisons, fellow rogues. Poisons are not considered an enchantment, per se. They act as a temporary enhancer called an imbue. Don’t wrack your mind worrying about the difference; just remember that you can enchant your weapons and still apply your sweet, sweet poisons.

Where, oh where, do you go for enchantments? I’m going to assume that, as a rogue, you don’t have the enchanting profession. Therefore, the first place to turn is to your fellow guild members. You should have somebody in your guild that can do enchantments. Usually, they’ll just ask you for the materials needed to complete the enchantment. These materials can be purchased off the auction house, or you can gather said materials by having items disenchanted. Again, I’m going to assume that you can’t disenchant items, so you’ll have to get a buddy to do so. You’re a rogue, not a bookworm! Green items on up can be disenchanted for materials. Naturally, the higher the items (blues, then purples), the better the materials that can be retrieved through disenchantment. The other main source for enchantments, besides a guild buddy, is the auction house. You can, and will, be able to buy practically any enchantment you’ll need. Of course, the better the enchantment, the more costly it will be. So be prepared to grind, grind away for more gold.

A third source of enchantments is rewards, either through faction reputation or by turning in various points. The Sons of Hodir in Northrend are a great source of shoulderpad enchantments. Next, another good source of enchantments is leatherworking. Since most rogues have this profession, you should make the best use of this as possible. As you climb from level one to eighty, leatherworking will probably be the most common enchantment you’ll use through the use of armor kits. At the higher levels, you’ll be able to make a few really nice enchantments.

A final source is gems. We touched on gems in our gearing up to raid article, but we’ll elaborate a little more this time around. Higher end gear has gem slots, which you should take advantage of. Nothing screams “Noob!” louder than somebody walking around with gear that has unfilled gem sockets. Don’t be one of those.

 What to look for

So, what kind of bonuses are we looking for? The first thing we need to determine is if the enchantments are for PvE or PvP. If you’re doing PvP, then you’re mainly looking for stamina and resilience. For PvE, the answer gets more complicated.

As stated in the gearing up to raid article, you’re looking at a variety of abilities. Foremost are hit rating (decreases your chance to miss in combat) and expertise (reducing the chance of an opponent dodging you). To begin, you want at least a 99 hit rating. This is the threshold where your special attacks, such as sinister strike or mutilate, will hit bosses. The next hit rating threshold is 315, wherein your poison attacks can’t be resisted by bosses. There is a final hit rating threshold of 722, which entails that your auto-attacks do not miss. To get this high of a hit rating, however, would mean that you’re sacrificing a lot of other vital stats. It’s best to stick with the 315 hit rating. Your main goal is to start with 99 and get up to 315 hit rating, while maintaining an expertise of 26 (if you’re a combat rogue with 2/2 specialization, then your expertise need only to be a 16).

Yes, I know that we’re talking math here, and I’m not happy about the math either. The only math that a rogue should be concerned with is counting his gold after a successful haul!

The other major thing that you’re looking for in an enchantment is attack power. Since attack power enhances the damage we deal in combat, it is vital. Just make sure that you’re not sacrificing hit rating or expertise to do so. Some gear slots do not have any real good attack power enchantments, so in that case, it’s best to use enchantments that increase agility, overall stats, or critical strike ratings. Remember, each point of agility also adds a point of attack power.


Listed below are some enchantments ranging from the best, listed on top, to some lesser ones. They are broken down by slot (chest, weapon, etc.). This list is not exhaustive; there are many more enchantments available.


Arcanum of Torment
Arcanum of Triumph


Greater Inscription of the Axe
Lesser Inscription of the Axe
Greater Inscription of Vengeance
Greater Inscription of the Blade


Enchant Cloak – Major Agility
Enchant Cloak – Superior Agility


Enchant Chest – Powerful Stats
Enchant Chest – Super Stats


Enchant Bracers – Greater Assault


Enchant Gloves – Crusher
Enchant Gloves – Expertise


Eternal Belt Buckle


Icescale Leg Armor
Nerubian Leg Armor 


Enchant Boots – Icewalker
Enchant Boots – Greater Assault


Enchant Weapon – Berserking
Enchant Weapon – Mongoose

Gems (these are not from best to least)

Balanced Twilight Opal
Shifting Twilight Opal
Balanced Dreadstone
Guardian’s Twilight Opal
Guardian’s Dreadstone
Bright Scarlet Ruby
Delicate Scarlet Ruby
Precise Scarlet Ruby
Pristine Monarch Topaz

You’ll have to do a fair amount of tinkering to strike the right balance between the various attributes that you’re looking for: hit rating, expertise, agility, attack power, critical rating, etc. Each new piece of gear might require you to make adjustments to enchantments on other pieces of gear. Just keep working at it. Eventually, you’ll get the right enchantments on every uber piece of gear that you own, making you a titan of power and destruction. Right before the newest expansion comes along!

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