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WoW Guides: Glyphs for Rogues

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The only useful thing to come from inscription is lovely little glyphs.  They act like miniature talents to enhance our primary abilities further.  You have three major slots, which function about on par with a talent point, and minor glyphs, which for us have virtually no combat use.  We'll highlight the glyphs that are worth your time when it comes to PvE, and glyphs that should only sell for a few silver on the auction house for being so worthless.

  Major Glyphs for Mutilate Builds

Glyph of Mutilate -  Reduces the Energy cost of Mutilate by 5.

A must have.  Does it really surprise you that lowering the cost of your primary attack is essential?  This does stack with overkill, so coming out of stealth will give you 45 energy mutilates for 6 seconds.


Glyph of Hunger for Blood - Increases the damage bonus of Hunger for Blood by an additional 3%

It's a bonus to everything we do. It is another easy pick for major glyph slot number two, as long as you keep it up at all times during boss fights.


Glyph of Rupture - Increases the duration of Rupture by 4 seconds

Rupture is how we set up Hunger for Blood with DK and Paladin tanks, and a good steady source of damage.  This increases it further by 20% and gives us the option of another Envenom rotation before Rupture drops.


Glyph of Envenom - Unknown!

It'll be really interesting to see where this ranks once actually released.  Initially announced to no longer consume deadly poisons, it was likely deemed far too powerful when used in conjunction with HAT builds constantly firing off 5 point envenoms with no penalty to their deadly poison stack.



Major Glyphs for Combat or Honor Among Thieves Builds


Glyph of Sinister Strike - Critical strikes with Sinister Strike have a 50% chance to get a bonus combo point.

The primary weapon of Combat gets that much better.  You can expect to get about one bonus point in every 5 point rotation with raid buffs.


Glyph of Hemorrhage - Boosts the damage bonus of Hemorrhage by 40%

If you want to contribute more to the raid as a HAT spec, you'll be using Hemo as your primary combo builder and this becomes a fairly obvious choice.  You will do more damage on the whole with three finisher glyphs, but the Hemo charges will contribute quite a bit to the raid output on the whole with this glyph... if you're not mashing Eviscerate.


Glyph of Rupture - Increases the duration of Rupture by 4 seconds

Rupture should always be up with these builds, and having it last two ticks longer, or 20% is considerably more damage and allows you to get in another combo rotation before you have to refresh it.


Glyph of Adrenaline Rush -  Increases the duration of Adrenaline Rush by 5 seconds.

Five seconds may not seem like much, but now that it's down to a cooldown of 3 minutes it can lead to a lot of extra burst damage.  Hope you've been paying attention to your Tricks of the Trade cooldowns though.  Going nuts during a long adrenaline rush can cause a glare your way.  Unfortunately all it takes is a glare from raid bosses to kill us these days...


Glyph of Killing Spree - Reduces the cooldown of Killing Spree by 45 seconds.

Quite a reduction here.  To be honest, it needs to be a little bit more to make it essential, but right now it's still competing for the top spots in combat builds.  Remember that to make this worthwhile, you need to use it whenever it's up.


Glyph of Eviscerate - Increases the critical strike chance of Eviscerate by 10%

This is a HAT specific glyph.  You generate combo points so fast and eviscerate so much that this glyph produces a solid increase in overall damage.  Remember to be in the group with the highest critical ratings!

Useful Minor Glyphs

Glyph of Safe Fall - Increases the distance you can fall before taking fall damage.

Sounds stupid, but it makes otherwise suicidal or horribly detrimental jumps in PvP possible, and can save you a lot of food.  After playing a rogue with this glyph for a while, expect to kill yourself a few times readjusting to how far is safe for other classes to fall. 


Glyph of Vanish - Movement speed is increased by 30% while vanished.

Typically when you vanish in the heat of PvP, someone will immediately start using area of effect moves to pull you right out of it.  Being able to move quickly into an offensive or defensive position is critical.  It can be used as a run speed increase if you have Camouflage for the stealth speed increase.


Not so Useful Minor Glyphs

Just take your pick of these for your third minor glyph.  Extremely little utility is to be had from any of them.

Glyph of Pick Pocket - Range of Pick Pocket increased by 5 yards.

Glyph of Pick Lock - Removes the cast time on Pick Lock.

Glyph of Blurred Speed - Allows you to run on water with Sprint active.

Glyph of Distract - Range of Distract increased by 5 yards.

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