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As a Warlock in Azeroth your pet is almost as important to you as anyHunter’s pet. Not only can your pet save you in a pinch (thank you tanking Voidwalker) but they also can provide a substantial DPS boost when used properly. So continue reading on as we delve into some of the basic information relating to World of War…lock pets.


Each new Warlock will be provided with an Imp as soon as their character is created, making the Imp the first pet the Warlock has access to. However, don’t write the Imp off simply because of its easy availability as it can prove to be a quite useful, even if you can’t manage to pronounce its name.

Ability Name Level Obtained Description
Avoidance Passive Reduces the damage your Imp takes from non-player area of effect attacks by an additional 90%.
Fire Bolt Level 1 Deals Fire Damage to a target.
Blood Pact  Level 4 Increases party and raid members’ Stamina.
Singe Magic Level 68 Burns harmful magic off the target, removing 1 harmful spell from a friend.

  • Highest short term DPS of all Warlock summon able pets.
  • Able to remove debuffs from friendly targets.
  • Provides a Stamina buff to the Warlock and his or her companions.

  • Goes through Mana quickly even when using a basic attack such as Firebolt.
  • Low hit points make the Imp easy to kill.
  • Not able to DPS against Fire immune targets.


The Voidwalker is the second pet available to any Warlock and is an excellent tank against non-elite mobs making this pet excellent for leveling purposes. Becoming available at the tender level of 10 this pet will prove very handy in the levels ahead.

Ability Name Level Obtained Description
Avoidance Passive Reduces the damage your Voidwalker takes from non-player area of effect attacks by an additional 90%.
Torment Level 10 Torments the targets soul, dealing Shadowstrike damage. Torment causes a high amount of threat.
Sacrifice Level 28 Sacrifices a portion of the Voidwalker’s health, giving its master a shield that will absorb damage for 30 seconds. While the shield holds, spell casting will not be interrupted by any damage.
Consume Shadows Level 56 The Voidwalker consumes nearby shadows to bolster its form, recovering 30% health and mana over 6 seconds and greatly increasing stealth detection to all nearby friendly targets within 30 yards. Cannot be used while in combat.
Suffering Level 16 The Voidwalker taunts the target to attack it, but has no effect if the target is already attacking the Voidwalker.

  • Has the most health out of the four regular Warlock pets.
  • Can take massive amounts of damage and easily hold enemy aggression.
  • Able to self heal after every fight.
  • Provides the Warlock with a shield.

  • Does the least damage out of any of the Warlock’s pets.
  • Very limited uses in a PvP setting.
  • Really only ideal for tanking in a solo setting.


Perhaps the most attractive looking pet currently in game the Succubus becomes available at level 20.. Most of the Succubus’s abilities stay true to the legend of its kind, using tricks and mind games to wreck havoc on those around it.

Ability Name Level Obtained Description
Avoidance Passive Reduces the damage your Succubus takes from non-player area of effect attacks by an additional 90%.
Lash of Pain Level 20 An instant attack that lashes the target, causing Shadow damage.
Seduction Level 20 Seduces the target, preventing all actions for up to 30 seconds. Any damage caused will remove the effect. Only works against Humanoids
Lesser Invisibility Level 32 Gives the Succubus Lesser Invisibility for up to 5 minutes. This spell can only be used out of combat.
Whiplash Level 56 Deals Shadow damage and instantly knocks back all enemies within 5 yards.

  • Can tank weaker mobs.
  • Useful in PvP settings.
  • Lesser Invisibility can trick other players into thinking the Warlock has no pet.
  • Can be used for crowd control.

  • Low hit points.
  • Loses usefulness outside of a PvP setting.
  • Seduce ability only works against Humanoids.


The Felhunter is a formidable pet indeed with many anti-caster abilities. This Warlock pet becomes available at level 30.

Ability Name Level Obtained Description
Devour Magic Level 38 Purges 1 beneficial magic effect from the enemy. If an effect is devoured the Felhunter will be healed.
Fel Intelligence Level 32 Increases party and raid members maximum mana and causes them to regenerate mana every 5 seconds.
Spell Lock Level 52 Silences the enemy for 3 seconds. If used on a casting target, it will counter the enemy’s spell cast, preventing any spell from that school of magic being cast for 6 seconds.
Shadow Bite Level 30 Bite the enemy, causing Shadow damage plus an additional 15% damage for each of your damage over time effects on the target.

  • Provides a boost to the mana and mana regeneration of all party and raid members.
  • Highly resistant to magical damage.
  • Useful when up against casters.
  • Excellent pet choice for Soul Link.

  • Low damage output.
  • Questionable usage in a PvP setting.
  • Fel Intelligence can be overwritten by other player buffs.
  • No taunt ability.


Available at level 50 the Infernal has it’s own spell (Summon Infernal) to be summoned unlike the other four regular Warlock pets. The Infernal can be summoned once every 10 minutes and is under the command of the Warlock for 45 seconds. While an Infernal is active the Warlock can also retain control of one of the other regular Warlock pets (Imp, Voidwalker, Succubus, Felhunter, or Felguard).

Unlike the pets mentioned previously the Infernal has no Warlock controlled abilities. Once summoned the Infernal will use a spell called Immolation, which is a passive ability that deals AoE fire damage based on the Infernal's spell power every 2 seconds.

  • Can tank multiple mobs.
  • Useful to take out large groups of mobs or players.
  • Does large amounts of melee and AoE damage.

  • Only under the command of the Warlock for 45 seconds.
  • Long cooldown.
  • Can be banished by other Warlocks.


Only summon able by Demonology Warlocks the Felgaurd, unlike the Infernal, acts as a permanent pet. Demonology Warlocks will gain access to this pet the moment they choose to spec into the Demonology tree.

Ability Name Level Obtained Description
Avoidance Passive Reduces the damage your Felguard takes from non-player area of effect attacks by an additional 90%.
Legion Strike Level 1 A sweeping attack that does the Felguard’s weapon damage plus extra damage that is divided among all the targets within 6 yards. Also wounds the Felguard’s current target reducing the effectiveness of any healing received by 25% for 6 seconds.
Axe Toss Level 20 The Felguard hurls his axe, stunning the target for 4 seconds.
Pursuit Level 15 Charge an enemy, instantly causing weapon damage and increasing the Felgaurd’s movement speed by 30% for 6 seconds.
Felstorm Level 45 The Felguard recklessly swings its axe striking all nearby targets
within 8 yards for its weapon damage plus additional damage. Continues to perform this attack every 1 second for 6 seconds. The Felguard cannot perform any other abilities during Felstorm.
  • Useful in both solo and group settings.
  • Holds aggro well.
  • Does high amounts of DPS.

  • Lacks an AoE taunt.
  • Cleave ability breaks crowd control.
  • Abilities are mana intensive.


The Doomguard is arguably the most powerful of all the Warlock’s minions and becomes available for use at level 60. The Doomgaurd can be summoned once every 10 minutes and lasts for 45 seconds. The Doomguard spell has a shared cooldown with the Infernal.

Like the Infernal, the Doomguard, has no Warlock controllable abilities. However, once summoned, the Doomguard will attack any target that is afflicted by your Bane of Doom or Bane of Agony spells. The Doomguard can be used while other regular Warlock pets (Imp, Voidwalker, Succubus, Felhunter, or Felguard) are active.

  • Considered the most powerful Warlock pet.
  • Can stun enemies.
  • Slows enemies movement speed.
  • Highly resistant to magic.

  • Not able to be controlled by the Warlock.
  • Can be Banished.
  • Long summoning cooldown.

Enslave Demon

On top of the pets mentioned above Warlocks also have the ability to enslave various Demons that can found while adventuring in Azeroth. To do this the Warlock need only use the “Enslave Demon” ability which becomes available at level 30. However, this is a risky business as eventually the spell  will come to an end. Once this happens the Warlock will find his or herself faced with a very unhappy Demon that is bent on taking you out.

While this is easily taken care of normally it is suggested and considered good etiquette that all enslaved demons be released (with fair warning) between fights while in a group setting. This will prevent the demon from causing unneeded chaos that could result in the death of your entire group. If you have the space and time a great way to dispose of your enslaved demon is to order it to stay then run away.

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