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Warlock Leveling Overview

Let’s face it…leveling has become a bit of a joke. Basically no matter what spec you pick, or what spells you choose to throw at the mobs, enemies will inevitably fall in piles before your feet. You could almost get to level 85 by simply rolling your face on the keyboard. Of course there will be slip ups and a few deaths along the way, but overall leveling is a simple (if not tedious) process.

As tempting as it might be I must urge you NOT to sleep through the leveling process. I know it’s monotonous and at times it may feel like your eyes may bleed, but let me assure you, leveling can serve a higher purpose!

With the right attitude you can make leveling a positive experience for both you and your future group members. Instead of tuning out, tune in and take this time to learn the basics of how to play your class. Try out different spells, learn your limitations, and if you feel up to it; take part in PvP and instances to help hone your playing skills.

Warlock Leveling Tips & Tricks

  • Always end your adventures by logging off in an inn or a major city. Rested experience is good mmkay.
  • Search the Auction House or get a good friend to donate some larger bags for you to equip. 6 slot bags fill up faster than you think possible.
  •  Buying gear from the Auction House can be tempting, but save your money. The gear you can obtain from quests, instances or PvP will be more than enough to get you to level 85.
  • First Aid should be trained no matter what class you are currently playing.
  • Be sure to head back to town at level 20 to get your first mount, a 60% increase in speed makes traveling a little less tedious.
  • Often times some quests can be completed alongside other quests. Choose a quest then check your map to see if nay other quests can be completed nearby. Complete this clump of quests before heading back to town to turn them in.
  • If you need to use a slower casting spell, use it to pull the mob, instead of trying to cast it while it is already attacking. Make use of your pets, they are valuable assets while leveling and beyond.
  • Remember, Warlocks can restore their own mana at the cost of health with Life Tap.
  • Always keep a Healthstone handy, you never know when you may need it.

Warlock Leveling Locations

One of the main questions players tend to have is what zone should I level in? Thankfully Blizzard has made this question a little easier to answer, with breadcrumb quests leading players onward to the next zone in line. However, these quests can be missed, or may not be available. So if you find yourself questioning where you need to be check out our guide on Where to Adventure.

Warlock Leveling Milestones

  • Level 1 - Summon Imp
  • Level 5 - Choose Professions, Life Tap Available
  • Level 8 - Summon Voidwalker
  • Level 9 - Create Healthstone
  • Level 10 - Select Talent Tree, PvP Battlegrounds Open
  • Level 15 - Dungeon Finder Available
  • Level 18 - Create Soulstone
  • Level 20 - Train and Obtain First Mount, Summon Succubus
  • Level 30 - Summon Felhunter
  • Level 40 - Train Journeyman Riding
  • Level 50 - Summon Infernal
  • Level 58 - Able to Enter Outlands, Summon Doomguard
  • Level 60 - Train Expert Riding, Purchase First Flying Mount
  • Level 68 - Train Cold Weather Flying
  • Level 70 - Train Artisan Riding
  • Level 78 - Able to Summon and Teleport
  • Level 80 - Train Master Riding, Journey to Vash’ir or Mount Hyjal, Benefit from Mastery
  • Level 85 - Max Level! Congratulations!

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