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By David Piner -

So you are thinking about playing a Warrior? As a warrior you will find yourself right in the middle of the action.  A Warrior’s ability to stand toe to toe with any enemy and take huge amounts of damage is in a class by itself. A Warrior also has the ability stun, disarm and reflect enemy spells. The Warrior's Primary roles are that of a Tank or as a Melee DPS. One of the Warrior's greatest assets is the ability to tank many instances and mobs with specializing as a Protection Warrior. The Warrior class is a very easy class to start and play but can be very difficult to master.

Not all Warriors are tanks but you will need to decide if tanking is something you want to do. Often times you will be asked to tank for a group and that usually means setting targets and the pace of play. Although this does not always mean leading the group there is an added amount of responsibility involved, and not all players are comfortable with that. No other class has a wider choice of armor or weapons. Warriors have the ability to wear just about any armor including plate (at level 40). Warriors also have the ability to equip just about any weapon and have the ability to dual wield weapons (at level 20) As a DPS Warrior there will be times when a Tank might be taking too much damage and be killed. This could be your time to shine, with your ability to quickly equip a shield and switch to defensive stance you could provide the critical seconds that the party needs to down a mob or boss and prevent a wipe.

Warrior Overview

  • Melee class, excels at tanking and doing upfront DPS
  • Great at PvP with healing support, top tier class if mastered in a PvP environment
  • Uses all kinds of weapons
  • Can wear all kinds of armor, up to plate which is the best.
  • Uses "Rage" instead of Mana, Energy or Runic Power. Rage is generated in combat, and goes down as the Warrior does more abilities.

Warrior Strengths

  • Ability to equip all armor and weapons except wands
  • Very high hit points
  • Ability to switch roles in mid combat from DPS to Tanking

Warrior Weaknesses

  • Very gear and spec dependent to do what they want.
  • Limited mobility.
  • Can be complicated to play.

Races: All except Blood Elf
Armor: All
Weapons: All Except Wands

Melee Hybrid DPS/Tank


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