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There are about as many addons for World of Warcraft as there are applications for the IPhone at this point.  A lot of them are worthless, and take up valuable memory that could have...

There are about as many addons for World of Warcraft as there are applications for the IPhone at this point.  A lot of them are worthless, and take up valuable memory that could have been used to show more violent blood splatters.  However, some are near essential and will make you a better warrior once you get accustomed to them.  We'll take a look at some of the more useful and popular mods out there and break down what they can do for your game. 
Recount is an in-depth analysis tool for damage and threat.  If you are looking to see if a talent point is worth it or not, a five minute test with a training dummy with it and without it will give you your answer with this tool.  Average memory use is about 3-5 MB, and it can store data for the complete raid on any encounter and save or export it for further analysis.  Data can be reported real time in a line graph format to show your output spikes and give you an idea of what you or the raid is putting out in terms of damage per second, or even threat per second of the tank.  At any given time you can output key stats, or not so key stats.  Well, outputting dispels might be key to us if our raid is wiping due to a lack of dispelling... but I digress. 

A breakdown of one of my Sartharion 10 man encounters.

The primary reason to use Recount is the Details screen of an encounter.  This screen will give you a breakdown of what damage you're dealing with each skill, and give you ideas as to how your abilities contribute to the overall picture.  Obviously increasing your critical rate will give you a boost to all damage, but you won't see the resulting bonus to Deep Wounds unless you take a look at data such as this right here.  One more critical in a clutch spot will keep that deep wounds stack going, and could end up giving you tens of thousands more damage over the course of a fight.  You can also use this to analyze your allies that fight alongside you, and see just what they contributed to the fight.  It can be useful when comparing arms vs. fury, different gear setups, and different party make ups to optimize your raid's total output. 
To be honest, I couldn't live without it at this point.  No other mod has come close to the graphical functionality and power of Recount in my opinion, and you get instant results and analysis of all aspects of your combat.  Even if it includes the stuff you don't want to see, like the occasional dodge or glancing blow, that too is data we need to take into consideration and note.  As such, I have to give recount a 10/10
Omen is a threat managing system.  It maintains a fairly small window and pretty much displays everything you ever need to know about threat.  You can set it up so that it displays the tank's current threat vs. your threat, or whoever is right below the tank so you can tell them to slow down (or you step it up!).  It uses a steady 2-3 MB memory footprint in all situations.  If you are on DPS, it can sound warnings when you are nearing the point of stealing the enemy's attention, alerting you to stop pushing buttons and take a drink.  Very useful for that alone!

I would love to endorse this, but only a few fights or players will ever pose a threat to your threat.  Until you or your guild mates start pulling 6000 or more damage per second, as long as you're doing your part in heroic strikes and shield slams, threat really isn't that difficult to manage in most fights.  One of the primary fights to use it on, Kel'Thuzad, no longer has the clean slate on hate for his mind control skill, where sometimes people had to be careful as the tank picked him back up and established a comfortable threat lead once more.  Don't hate the mod, hate the game, I suppose.  Omen does a great job of real time threat in a tiny package, and for that I give it a 9/10
Outfitter is, well, a program to change your outfit.  It sounds simple, but it's a huge time saver and can save any number of configurations.  With the press of a button, you can swap any number of gear slots around.  So two button presses, and you will fully switch from tanking, to DPS.  Or with one button press mid combat, switch to a sword and shield instead of your two hander for spell reflection to make that Shaman eat his lava burst.

Good to go in one click here, and one click in your dual talent specialization window.

It's a little unwieldy at first, and you'll need to do a lot of checking to make sure the right gear is assigned to the right slot, but it'll save you from having to pop open a bag and right click 20 times to change gear.  It can also open up more slots on your bars so you don't have to have the shield ready there in PVP.  However, with the new dual spec being near fully functional, but Blizzard's gear manager still having the bugs worked out of it, Outfitter is here to stay.  It's nearly essential to stay sane when you can fill two roles and have two sets of gear on you, and it gives you that added PVP reaction time.  As one of the last essential mods for the WoW Warrior, I give it 8/10.

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