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As you’re racing through and preparing for heroics, you already have an idea of what you need for upgrades. What minimum statistics do we even need for raids? It’s actually...

As you’re racing through and preparing for heroics, you already have an idea of what you need for upgrades. What minimum statistics do we even need for raids? It’s actually pretty simple.

DPS Warriors: 8% Hit, 26 Expertise, 30% Crit, able to put out at least 2k DPS on the damage meters.

Prot Warriors: 540 defense, ~25k HP, 55% combined parry, dodge, and block.

From there, you stack your desired stats to increase your performance. All of it depends on your spec and play style for the “Best in Slot” gear, so I won’t be focusing on specific loot here. With all of them, however, it is important to keep your stats balanced.

DPS Warriors:

Fury Warriors

Stat priority: ArP > Strength > Crit

Arms Warriors

Stat priority: ArP > Strength > AP > Crit

Hit and Expertise: The stat priorities above are if you’re already Hit capped for special attacks and Expertise capped for dodge. As you’ve already observed, I’m sure, mobs can and will dodge even if you’re behind them. That’s why Expertise is important for DPS classes, not just tanks.
After the Hit cap for Fury Warriors, it is still a decent stat to gather however it falls greatly on the desired stat tree.
Yes, it is still important for an Arms Warrior to get Expertise capped. There is not as an immediate need as for Fury, but if you can reach it without compromising the other stats, it won’t hurt your DPS.
Both stats are greatly desired for rage generation and DPS in general.

Crit Rating: It is important for a Fury warrior to have Crit in order to have Flurry up as much as possible. 33% is a good number to aim for, but always be aware to balance your other stats.
30% Crit is great for Arms warriors in order to keep Deep Wounds and Blood Frenzy (4% more melee damage).

Armor Penetration: ArP is beyond great for both Fury and Arms warriors. After you get the basics down (outlined at the beginning), the more you have the better it is - until the cap (1232 ArP).
It is generally preferred to get ArP from gear rather than gems. Sunder, Faerie Fire and Expose Armor are not included for the cap.

Prot Warriors:

Stat priority: Stamina > Dodge/Block/Parry > Expertise/Hit
Given you already have 540 defense or a combo of defense with resilience to remain crit immune.

The priorities for a tank are a little iffy. Stamina is always important for a tank in general, as a buffer for the huge hits bosses do nowadays, however it can take a backseat depending on what equipment set you’re working on. Along the same lines, avoidance/mitigation stats can take a backseat to the threat stats (exp/hit). It’s all about what you’re tanking, who you’re tanking with, and which stats would be more advantageous in the fights you’re currently dealing with.

Defense, Dodge, Block, and Parry: Even if you reach 540 for crit immunity, it is still a decent stat to have, though after 540 it gets knocked down the priority list a little.
Dodge, Block and Parry are needed for avoidance and mitigation to help out with survivability against bosses.

Here are the conversions:
49.18 Parry Rating = 1% Avoidance
41.00 Defense Rating = 1% Avoidance + 0.33% Block
39.35 Dodge Rating = 1% Avoidance
16.39 Block Rating = 1% Block
1 Block Value = 1 Damage Blocked (affects Shield Slam and Damage Shield)

Unlike Defense, Parry, and Dodge, Block does not have diminishing returns. It is not avoidance, but it brings about Revenge and reduces some white damage

Expertise and Hit: Expertise is primarily for threat, and it scales better than hit if you’re really aiming for threat. 26 is the primary number for this to get dodges off of the table, though more doesn’t hurt to decrease chances of parry.
Hit is also good for threat, but remember that it affects your special attacks, including Taunt. There’s a glyph to improve it but it’d be easier just to get some hit food or something to get closer to the 8%.

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