Soloing the Warrior 41-60

Hitting the start of this level range is a glorious, glorious time for us.  We get access to one of the our best hate generators in Shield Slam, and every talent school has a major...

Hitting the start of this level range is a glorious, glorious time for us.  We get access to one of the our best hate generators in Shield Slam, and every talent school has a major defining talent.  Plate mail is now available and makes us impenetrable walls of steel.  Gear numbers are finally scaling to the point of us having significant amounts of health and attack power compared to other classes, or well, they should be.  If you have spirit or intelligence on gear at this point, you've wasted enough time.  You see, the Paladin button was to the left of the Warrior button...
Alas, I digress.  You know the basics by this point.  Let us get into what each tree is good for in this level range.

Which school is right for me?
Arms Fury Protection
Strengths Very strong instants, bleed damage piles up quickly.  Fantastic burst and finishing potential.  Good sustained damage and rage generation.  Decent endurance with Bloodthirst. Has no trouble with elites or groups of enemies.  Fantastic stunning ability.  Damage is actually good!
Weaknesses   Almost always rage starved.  Many abilities depend on critical strikes, and your gear can't really play to that strength until Outlands-level gear. Miss, miss, miss.  Accuracy is lacking and unlucky streaks can slow you down greatly.  Overall damage really isn't good until Titan's Grip at 60. Needs to be getting hit a lot to go all out.  Almost worthless if instancing with another tank.

Many people will tell you that for this level range Fury is the way to go, but any school is viable.  Any instances you get into, you will likely be expected to tank. With Shield Slam now being universal to all Warriors, you can do as you please so long as you don't get caught with your pants down and without a shield.  Protection is probably the safest, and you actually put out good damage with Revenge and Shield Slam in this level range.  You'll likely follow the exact same route you did for the last 30 levels, so stick with what you know and have honed to a science.

How your new skills impact your offensive rotation
Arms Fury Protection
Mortal Strike should be used whenever Overpower and Execute aren't ready from your Taste for Blood and Sudden Death procs.  You should consider an Execute glyph when you get Sudden Death.  Stick with Bloodthirst as your primary strike against single targets since you're still using one handed weapons.  Both the Glyph of Whirlwind and Bloodthirst are worth your time, and will go a long way towards making 41-60 painless. Devastate isn't that strong, so do not rely on it.  Always look for Revenge and Shield Slam.  If both are down, you should then Devastate.
Typical flow of battle in single combat
Opening Mid-Fight Finishing
Arms Charge, Rend Overpower, Execute, Mortal Strike Hamstring/Execute
Fury  Charge, Demoralize/Battle Shout, Berserker Stance Bloodthirst, Whirlwind  Hamstring/Execute
Protection Charge, Thunderclap, Defensive Stance Shield Block, Revenge, Shield Slam, Devastate Concussive Blow or Shield Bash

41-60 Talent Highlights

Arms - Sudden Death is a great increase in your output, and Endless Rage will finally give you some huge, rage filling critical hits to fuel those Mortal Strikes and Executes.  Finally you'll be more than just an Overpower machine.

Fury - Rampage will pretty much ensure Flurry is always up.   It's pretty subtle for a 41 point talent, but the effect is incredible.  Improved Whirlwind is probably the best two points you'll ever spend in the tree, you'll thank me later.

Protection  -   Focused Rage is amazing.  2 rage for Revenge, 7 for the majority of our offensive abilities, even Demoralizing Shout, and it stacks with Improved Thunder Clap.  If you aren't planning on instancing for your solo career, make sure you skip Vigilance.

Where should I crack skulls?

40-45  -   Finish Stranglethorn Vale's Pirate/Naga/Troll quests.  Do Eastern parts of Tanaris and the Pirate quests.  We love fighting humanoids.  They can almost all be disarmed, give us cloth for bandages to keep us in the field, and are susceptible to all of our skills.   If you are looking to instance, Uldaman is your best bet.
46-50  -   Clean up Feralas and Hinterlands.  Get a couple runs of Zul'Farrak in, it's good practice on multiple opponent boss encounters.  Save finishing up Tanaris's western and southern quests so when you finish them you can hop straight over to...
51-55  -  Lovely Un'goro Crater.  Mind the Devilsaurs, though you might actually be able to take them as Protection.  Mix in Searing Gorge and Felwood.   There is a lot of travel time between these three obviously, so clean them out one at a time.  Don't forget about your class quest, and make a trip to Sunken Temple to wrap that up.  If you are a Horde Miner, do the Garrison Armory near the entrance to the Blasted Lands.  Weak humans, tons of mining untouched by anyone!  If you don't mind the grind, you can really load up here on cloth and ore.
56-60  -  Wreck the Plaguelands!  Nothing can stop us at this point, with our talents really starting to pick up.  You can sneak in some Silithus and Winterspring if crowding is an issue, or you prefer an area with mining that is a little more dense.

Class Quests

Sorry, no Drunken Fist Stance.
A pretty simple quest chain, obtained at 50.  You'll be sent to the Fallen Hero of the Horde on the border of Swamp of Sorrows and the Blasted Lands.  After hearing him out, you'll head south and trash 7 standard Helboars.  They're nothing special.  Return to him and the next step involves clearing out the eastern part of the Blasted Lands of Shadowsworn.  It'll take some time, but again, they're only level 51-53 and non-elite.  Bringing them down gives you the final step to go into the Sunken Temple and defeat the 6 prophets on the top floor.  You'll be doing this anyway in any given run of the instance, so do your best to have the quest ready before you come here initially.  Make sure to loot each kill, and upon return you'll be given the choice of a good helm and shoulders, and a trinket.  The helm and shoulders will be replaced fairly quickly, but that trinket will last you through Outland.  I highly recommend you take the trinket, especially if you are Protection.  Unlike most trinkets that simply increase your attack power, this increases your raw strength and will enhance your block value, which adds into Shield Slam, Damage Shield, Shield Block, etc.  It's a fantastic trinket especially for the one minute duration, which will give you the power and time needed to bring down elites and bosses in instances.

After doing all this, you'll be traveling through the Dark Portal and venturing into Outland.  You'll be finalizing your build for your primary school, and getting a whole new set of gear that blows your current setup out of the water.  Best of all, you'll get your 51 point talents that completely define you as a Warrior of that type.  We'll get into that with our next article on the 61-80 range.  So keep your weapons sharpened, your trade skills up to date, and look forward to it!

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