WoW 4.2 - Thrall Quest Chain Walkthrough

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The official trailer for Patch 4.2, Rage of the Firelands, was recently unleashed onto the world and as usual Blizzard did not disappoint with their video making magic. Seriously people, if you haven't had a chance to view it yet, do it now, you won’t regret it! The video pulls into the Maelstrom where we find Thrall still desperately seeking an answer from the enraged elements. However, this time Thrall gets an answer and from a surprising source.

Ragnaros, master of all fire elementals, answers Thrall's summons and gives him a glimpse of the destruction that he and his minions plan to bring to the world. Thrall is deeply disturbed by this vision, and gives the impression of hopelessness until he is seemingly bolstered by Aggra (his mate). The video ends shortly after, but as it was probably intended to do, leaves us wondering where Thrall’s story will go from here.

For those of you too impatient to wait for patch 4.2 to hit live servers, and without enough free time or energy to actually play on the PTR, this article will provide the answer to that question complete with a basic walkthrough so you can be well prepared when 4.2 goes live. So, if you haven’t figured it out by now, be warned: there will be spoilers beyond this point!

Read onward for a complete walkthrough of the quests in this series, or skip to the overview to find out what happens and how we felt about the quest line.

To start the Thrall quest chain, level 85 players (sorry lowbies!) first venture to the Earth Shrine either in Orgrimmar or Stormwind depending on your faction (it is not advised to try to seek out the Earth Shrine of the opposing faction).

The first quest in this chain “The Call of the World-Shaman” sends us on our way to Nordrassil in Mount Hyjal where we will meet with Thrall himself and accompany him in a ritual of healing. Talk about getting right down to business!

The Call of the World Shaman

To complete this quest simply take the portal to Hyjal or if you have yet to open the portal you will have to do things the hard way and either take a flight path or jump on your flying mount and fly there yourself.

Once you have reached Nordrassil, Thrall can be found south of the tree, across the shimmering purple-pink lake. Speak to Thrall to turn in the quest an pick up the next.

The Nordrassil Summit

Apparently the Earthen Ring has been talking up your many feats which explains how you managed to find yourself once again helping to save the world. Regardless, now that you are here you may as well see it through, so indicate to Thrall when you are ready and be transported into an epic cut scene.

Here the Cenarion Circle and the Earthen Ring have joined forces, with Thrall at the helm, to perform a powerful ritual that has the potential to heal the world. But of course, nothing is as easy as it seems, and things go very, very wrong...

At the end of the cut scene Thrall is gone, his spirit scattered across the elemental planes, and with the loss of the Earthen Ring’s most powerful shaman, it truly seems as if all hope is lost. DUN DUN DUNNNNNN!

This was a fun quest chain, but felt a little like a Valentine's Day event.

Oh, my new nickname for Thrall is "Loretta". Bonus points to anybody that can figure out why.

Because he's just a Go'el Miner's Daughter?

I started this quest chain and got to the tower and died several times so i hearthed back and stopped for the evening. Upon trying to pick up where i left off i could not find the tower again or a way to get there so abandoned the quest so i could retake it. There is no start for me at the Earth Shrine and when i ported to Hyjal i found the area but no quest. I am lost and do not remember how to get this quest back.

I have the same problem and I have no idea how to get it back

Bluff of the South Wind is a subzone of Uldum south of Neferset City is were you go to pick up quest

Very helpful thank you

i did what you said and even went back to the place but there not there if Agrra isn't what should i do should i go back to thrall? I f you could help me it would be really great

you have to re pick up the quest from cyclonas whis is on the beach further south in uldum

so what next afrter this quest it just ends where do you go to continue the story

You have to wait through the conversation between Thrall and Agrra. When they're done, she lights up again and takes you to the next quest point.

I picked it up again, the Doubt piece, at the South Wind point below Neferset.

i took the port from org to where thrall stands and didnt grab quest instead jumped on bird which flew me threw the hole then wound up in deepholm> i need to get first quest from thrall but cant get to him again, how do i do this?

I was at the 4th segment of the thrall v/s the elements questline..the one in firelands and had to abandon the quest because I had to repair and left the quest area . I could never relocate the quest giver in deepholm (Aggra) and am uncertain about what to do next. or how to retrieve the questline so as to resume the firelands segment in the questline. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

i had to do the same thing but i went to Uldum to the bluff of the south wind where the wind elemental was said to be and nether him nor Aggra are there : ( any new ideas

i had to do the same thing but i went to Uldum to the bluff of the south wind where the wind elemental was said to be and nether him nor Aggra are there : ( any new ideas

i finished the quest if u quit the ques u can pick it back up in uldum where the wind element is

on the sand bank

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