Top Ways To Make Gold in Cataclysm

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All of us want to get rich, whether it be in real life, or in game. Thankfully, getting rich in Azeroth is achieved far more easily than it is in real life. Not to mention you can do it all from the comfort and safely of your own personal computer chair and skip all the nasty sweaty physical labor most people have to do in the real world just to earn a buck. All you need in the virtual world is the know how and a little time and you can easily become the next Bill Gates of WoW.

The gold making game has not changed much since World of Warcraft’s release back in November of 2004 but many of the profit making methods in game are still the same as they were back then. In fact you may already be engaging in a profit making method and not even realize it! Below you can find some of the more popular (and effective) methods of making gold as well as a brief explanation on how you can get in on the cash flow.

Daily Quests are often considered to be boring and repetitive and while that may be true, they are an excellent source of reliable income, even if they won’t get you rich quick. Daily Quests (as you might know) are repeatable quests that can be completed once a day by a player. Players are currently limited to 25 daily quests a day and thanks to the large amount of dailies introduced in Cataclysm, players should have no trouble filling their daily quota. To make Daily Quests worthwhile though, players need to try to fufil their 25 quest quota every single day.

For more information on daily quests including locations and walkthroughs please see our Guide to Cataclysm Daily Quests.

Working the Auction House takes guile, cunning, great knowledge, people skills, and time, lots and lots of time. And while this method of making cash will not require you to leave the comfort of your favorite major city, don’t think that this will be easy. On the contrary this could be one of the toughest methods of earning money and is not for the faint of heart. However, those that choose to play this game and win at it have the potential to make more money than they could have possibly dreamed.

There are two easy to learn methods of working the Auction House:


Buying and Reselling 

One of the most popular methods of working the Auction House is buying and reselling items. This method requires the player to have good knowledge of the typical prices of items listed in the Auction House. If when browsing the Auction House you would happen to notice an item listed for significantly less than the normal price you would buy it and any others of the same price and relist them on the Auction House for the proper price making yourself a clean profit.

Manipulating Prices 

Advanced players can also manipulate prices, but they must first have large amounts of gold on hand to do so. Manipulating prices usually involves a buy it all then sell it all at a much higher price. For example if there are 10 stacks of Mageweave Cloth in the Auction House for 50s a stack, the player would buy all the stacks, and then repost them at a higher price. Be warned this strategy is risky and costly, however, if it works there is huge potential for profit.

Farming and Selling This is the method that most of us will take when using the Auction House. Requiring minimum amounts of money players simply need to head out, farm out or create items that are in demand and then list them on the Auction House for sale. Take note of which days the items you plan to sell tend to sell the best, and be sure to be aware of what a fair price is for the item.

Or if you would like to get in on the Auction House scene, but need a quick tutorial to get you familiar with the interface and the basics of using the Auction House be sure to check out our Guide to the Auction House right here at Ten Ton Hammer!

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