Patch 5.2 Companion Pets

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Love Pet Battles in World of Warcraft? Then Patch 5.2 should have you more than a little excited. In this newest content patch players will find at least 23 brand spanking new pets to collect. Deadly and cute, these pets are sure to be must have to any avid collector. Want to know more about the new pets introduced in Patch 5.2? Read onward to find a listing of all the pets added in this patch as well as a general idea of where to find them. Enjoy!

Quest Reward

Patch 5.2 has introduced two new pets available as quest rewards:

Red Panda

This cute little panda companion is a reward from the quest “Beasts of Fable. The Red Panda can be used as a Battle Pet and is obtainable by both Horde and Alliance players. After this quest is completed a daily quest will be unlocked that players can complete to earn Fabled Pandaren Pet Supplies. These supplies have the chance to drop three additional panda companions.

Red Panda

Snowy Panda

The Snowy Panda is one of the additional colors of pandas that can be obtained from completing the daily quest unlocked after finishing the quest “Beats of Fable”. This pet has the chance to come out of the Fabled Pandaren Pet Supplies that is received as a reward for this daily. The Snowy Panda can be used as a Battle Pet, is able to be traded, and is available to both Horde and Alliance. Also available from this bag are the Sunfur Panda and the Mountain Panda which are the same model just in different colors.

Snowy Panda

Spectral Porcupette

Who doesn't love an (un)dead porcupine? I know I do! This ghostly gob of cute is a reward from the quest “A Large Pile of Dinosaur Bones” found in the Isle of Giants. This pet is able to be used as a Battle Pet, is available to both Horde and Alliance players and it appears that it can be traded at this time.

Spectral Porcupette


Remember those cute little croc pets you could fish up? In Patch 5.2 a new pet; the carp, has been introduced as a potential catch for the fishermen among us. Sure carp don't sound cute, but once you lay your eyes on these tiny beauties you will almost certainly want them for your very own.

Tiny Blue Carp

The Tiny Blue Carp can be fished up using the Fishing profession in any waters found in the Townlong Steppes or the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. The carp can be used as a Battle Pet and is able to be obtained by both Horde and Alliance players.

Blue Carp

Tiny Green Carp

Those seeking the Tiny Green Carp will need to fish the waters of Krasarang Wilds, The Jade Forest, or the Valley of the Four Winds. Fishing is required to catch this pet. The Tiny Green Carp can be used as a Battle Pet and is available for both Horde and Alliance players.

Green Carp

Tiny Red Carp

Like its colored brethren, the Tiny Red Carp requires players to have learned the Fishing skill. After the skill is learned this little beauty can be fished up in the waters of the Dread Wastes, Kun-Lai Summit, or Townlong Steppes. This pet can be used as a Battle Pet and is available to both Horde and Alliance players.

Red Carp

Tiny White Carp

The Tiny White Carp is the last of this fishy quartet and like all the others requires the player to have the Fishing skill before it can be caught. Once Fishing has been learned, players can catch this pet in the waters of the Kun-Lai Summit. This pet can be used as a Battle Pet and is available to both Horde and Alliance players.

White Carp

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The custom grimoire is supposed to be a "dog" as in it runs around on its book corners like they are feet... or at least thats what it seems like to me. *shrug*

Also, is it me, or has the quality of the graphics gone down a little recently? All of these pets look really terrible except for the carp which are actually really cute.

Living Sandling drops off Council of Elders in ToT and resembles the adds that the sand troll spawns during the fight. I received one last night after downing the boss for the first time in LFR.

I pretty much like the Snowy Panda ( I don't think there is such a thing, though), because it looks like my dog and everything that resembles to my pet is OK. Sure, I'd have to make a reservation for mine at a K9 bootcamp at, so it would turn out as fearsome as this little pet.

Sure, buy this kind of pets and before you know it, you are asked to join the social network for pets at No, really, these are nice, but it's way cooler to fight alone, at least for as long as you can. I know it's not for long, but the XP is won faster.

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