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Ok boys and girls, this is what all your work has lead up to. All the days of game play, the dramatic dip in most social lives, and the potential WoW Widows and Widowers. Raiding,...

Ok boys and girls, this is what all your work has lead up to. All the days of game play, the dramatic dip in most social lives, and the potential WoW Widows and Widowers. Raiding, the ten and twenty-five man encounters that will begin to occupy most of your end-game time.

Before we get into some of the finer points or in my case broad sweeping details of how to set you Shaman for raiding, there are a few general points of raiding I think all players should be made aware. The proper raiding mindset can go a long way.

1. The Raid is not about you, it's about the entire Raid, sure you're there in an attempt to get loot, but if the Raid fails, YOU FAIL.

2. Your gear isn't going to be great to start. Don’t worry about it, that's why you are raiding.

3. Consider re-speccing if need be. It may mean chance to raid or not, consider building an off set of gear.

4. Even if you have great gear, you're character won't play itself

5. Be prepared, bring consumables.

6. Stats are important, but for the most part are dictated by gear. Don’t fret too much over them to begin. As the gear improves, so shall your stats. Just keep an eye out for the correct gear. I’m not a mathematician so keep an eye on the Ten Ton Hammer Forums for the latest numbers. The players at Elitist Jerks have some great number crunchers too; I think Stephen Hawking and Carl Sagan write for them.

With that being written, you may ask yourself. "Why am I even reading this?” Well with a little luck I hope to get your Shamans better prepared for raiding.

I am going to focus on the elements within the players’ control to better their raid readiness.


No matter how great of a player you are, without the proper gear you will not excel at raiding. Most likely you won’t even survive; it will just end in completely frustration, with you wondering why you are even playing this game. Oh wait, that’s just me. Fear not, there is plenty of lower end content that will get you ready to survive your upcoming trials and tribulations.

Reputation Gear: Hopefully everybody read the previous Northrend Reputation gear guide and took immediate advantage of The Kalu’ak rewards. You should be sporting your nice new blue chest and weapon(s). If you have time, keep working towards the better rep rewards with other factions as well.

Questing Gear: Prior to heading to glory and lootz in ten and twenty five man dungeons. Get your feet wet with the build you’ll be using, and get some gear while you’re at it. Make sure you swing by Kilix the Unraveler in Dragonblight, pick up the following quests, “Death to the Traitor King” and “Don’t Forget the Eggs” both can be completed by heading to Azjol-Nerub. Located right next to Kilix for your questing convenience. While you’re there, grab “The Faceless Ones.” Hopefully you can convince your group to jump in Ahn’kahet. These quests are a nice way to grab a quick three blue mail items.
Of course there are many other instance quest rewards to benefit from so get out there and explore. I won’t burden you with listing them all here. Don’t forget to wear your faction tabard while completing these quests. You may as well keep grinding that faction.

Auction House: Never overlook one of the easiest places to find some gear. The gold in Wrath of the Lich King comes pretty easy, so don’t be afraid to spend a little of it. We all want that Traveling Mammoth, but it may just need to wait a bit.

There is gear o plenty out there; just be sure you are getting the right gear for your build. The two most common builds for raiding are currently Restoration and Enhancement. Sorry for the lack of Elemental love, but it just doesn’t seem to be a popular choice for many raids. Don’t let me stop you from experimenting, and if you find a great Elemental raiding system, please share with the forums.

Keep the following statistics in mind when selecting your raiding gear. These are a general guideline to get you moving in the right direction.

Restoration Enhancement
Mana Hit
Hit Crit
Crit Attack Power
Spellpower Expertise
Haste Agility

Gear Enhancement
Once geared to the best of your current capacity, there are still a few things you can do to improve yourself for raiding. Enchants and other Enhancement are all very reasonable additions to your arsenal. With luck the cost to you will be minimal. The following chart does not take into account the additional bonuses that players can achieve through crafting for themselves. For example the bonuses that a Jewel Crafter can do for a ring, some of the bonuses may be worth it, I don’t know if they are worth the time and effort to achieve, so we’ll leave them out for now.

Item Restoration Build Enhancement Build
Enchant-Gloves Exceptional Spellpower Expertise
Enchant-Weapon Mighty Spellpower Bezerking
Enchant-Boots Greater Vitality Superior Agility
Enchant-Bracers Superior Spellpower Expertise
Enchant-Cloak Greater Speed Major Agility or Greater Speed
Enchant-Shield Greater Intellect Not Applicable
Leg Enhancement Sapphire Spellthread Icescale Leg Armor
Shoulder Enhancement Great Inscription of the Crag Greater Incription of the Axe
Helm Enhancement Arcanum of Blissful Mending Arcanum of Torment
Enchant Chest Greater Mana Restoration Powerful Stats
Use an Eternal Belt Buckle to gain an additional slot for some Stat shortcomings

A recent addition with the release of WotLK, for veteran players it’s an often overlooked element. The bonuses that come along with the Glyphs can give you that little extra edge over a less prepared player.
**Note** when changing specs, remember to change your Glyphs. I’ve made this mistake more than once. While not fatal, it sure doesn’t advance your game play.

Glyph Restoration Enhancement
Glyph(Major) Chain Heal Stormstrike
Glyph(Major) Water Mastery Flametongue Weapon
Glyph(Major) Earthliving Weapon Lava Lash
Glyph(Minor) Water Shield Player's Choice
Glyph(Minor) Player's Choice Player's Choice
Glyph(Minor) Player's Choice Player's Choice

Consumables are another great weapon in the players’ arsenal. The bonuses that come along with them are completely within your control. Well not completely, depending on your profession, but they are hardly rare. Make sure to have and use these items while raiding. At the very least you will be appear to be a very dedicated and competent raider.

Type Restoration Enhancement
Flask Frost Wyrm
Pure Mojo
Endless Rage
Battle Elixir Spellpower Expertise      
Guardian Elixir Mighty Mageblood Mighty Thoughts
Food Firecracker Salmon or
Rhinolicious Wyrmsteak or
Fish Feast is perhaps the ideal raiding food, but it does involve a lot of cooking time.

Through your own raiding experiences you will find some other items or ideas to enhance your raiding abilities. Following these guidelines will at least get you moving in the right direction. Share your thoughts and tips with your Shaman brethren in the Ten Ton Hammer Forums.

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