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NOTE: This guide is based on the Halls of Origination instance as seen in the Cataclysm Beta the last week of October 2010.  As such is may change significantly before release in both layout and content.  However, in all likelihood the version released at Cataclysm’s launch will remain highly similar.  This guide will be updated shortly after Cataclysm’s release to reflect the final version of the instance.

Halls of Origination Load Screen

The Halls of Origination are one of the level 85 endgame five player instances in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. This instance, while not large in size, is huge in scope for a five player instance.  It is located in a pyramid in the eastern edge of Uldum and contains a total of seven different bosses.  Only the oldest instances that were shipped with vanilla WoW contained more bosses than this one does.

While the instance contains many bosses, they are very well spread out in the instance and are arranged in a very non-linear manner.  In fact you don’t even really need to fight them all if you don’t want to, you can pick and chose many of them.  This is due to the way the instance is arranged. The instance is divided between a lower level that has both indoor and outdoor elements and an upper level that is all inside.

Halls of Origination Load Screen

Lower Levels of the Halls of Origination

Once you enter you need to defeat a guardian type boss that blocks the main entrance to the Halls, but once past him you can chose from several bosses on the main level or head up to the upper halls to fight a different set of bosses.  Of course you can choose to fight all seven if you so choose, and in almost any order you choose.

Temple Guard Anhuur

The first boss in the Halls of Origination is the Temple Guard Anhuur who is a large Tol’vir. Anhuur is a gateway type boss to the rest of this instance in that he must be defeated before you can continue further.  However, once past him you can fight the remaining bosses in any order you choose.

Temple Guard Anhuur

Divine Reckoning – This is an AOE blast ability that is cast on a single player and then affects anyone near them when if goes off 8 seconds later.  The target and anyone within 15 yards will transfer 15,000 health to Anhuur.
Searing Light – This attack is a beam of light that hits everyone in its path for a large amount of damage every second that they remain in the beam.
Shield of Light – Once cast, Anhuur becomes immune until the two switches in the viper pit have been activated.
Reverberating Hymn – Anhuur starts channelling this spell as soon as he casts shield of light.  It is interruptible, but only once the shield of light has been removed.  The Hymn places a stacking debuff on all players every 4 seconds that does 400 damage per tick (which is also every 4 seconds)

This is a very fun fight that involves some movement and planning by players and serves as a good player / gear check to weed out those that are not ready for endgame content yet (despite being level 85). The fight is essentially two phases.  In the first phase Anhuur can be tanked and held in the center of the platform while the healer and DPS spread out around the platform and ramp.  Work on doing damage while ensuring that players avoid standing in the beam of light that causes damage and stay away from whichever player has divine reckoning cast on them.

Roughly a minute into the fight the second phase will start.  Anhuur switches from casting divine reckoning and searing light to instead casting his shield of light and reverberating hymn.  While affected by his shield of light he is impossible to hurt.  To bring the shield down, two players must jump off the platform into the snake pit below and activate both switches found there.  They can then make their way back up the ramps to the group above kiting the snakes that will follow them.  The whole group can then AOE down the vipers quickly.  Also, as soon as the shield is deactivated, someone in the group that can interrupt should stop Anhuur’s channel of the reverberating hymn ability. 

Once this has been stopped Anhuur reverts back to phase one for another minute.  The two phases switch back and forth until you have defeated Anhuur.     

There are two things that mess up many groups in this fight.  The first is forgetting to interrupt the reverberating hymn ability once his shield is down.  The stacking debuff can cause serious damage if it is allowed to get too high, and I have seen groups completely forget about it and everyone in the group taking 4000+ damage per tick and still letting it stack higher. The second is to not help clear the vipers that follow DPS up the ramps.  They will very quickly aggro the healer once at the top and prevent all heals from being cast.  Take a few seconds and clear them before DPS switches back to the boss.



This is the second boss that is normally fought in the Halls of Origination is found through a gauntlet of Troggs and Elemental mini-bosses.  To get Anraphet to appear you need to fight your way through the gauntlet of insanely fast spawning Troggs to each elemental mini-boss, and defeat them.  Once all four are dead then Anraphet appears at the far end of the chamber.  While each mini-boss has some abilities, defeating them is very simple as long as you keep the following in mind: Water (break the bubbles), Fire (spread out when it novas), Air (avoid the whirlwinds), Earth (spread out to avoid collectively being thrown back).  All can easily be done through tank and spank methods with any real amount of DPS and simply ignoring the abilities entirely.

Now onto the fight with Anraphet who has the following abilities:

Alpha Beam – This is an energy beam that Anraphet channels at a target for 3 seconds.  It does damage to the target and anything within 6 yards of it every half second.
Crumbling Ruin – This ability is a debuff applied by Anraphet that lowers your current health by 8%.  It also stacks.
Nemesis Strike – This is a melee attack that hits for physical damage and then places a DOT on the target that deals shadow damage over the next 6 seconds.
Omega Stance – This is a channelled ability that hits everyone in the part for damage over an eight second timeframe.  During that time you are also dazed and then slowed.

This fight is mainly about the healer and DPS.  The tank simply needs to hold Anraphet in place and move to avoid any Alpha Beams thrown his way.  The DPS need to avoid as much AOE damage as possible while inflicting enough damage to burn Anraphet down before Crumbling Ruin creates issues for the tank’s health.

During Omega Stance and any time alpha beam catches multiple targets the healer will be busy keeping everyone alive as AOE splash damage is quite high in this fight.  Also the tank can take big spike damage depending on the timing and placement of abilities. Be prepared to be under a heavy load as a healer the first time you are here.

Earthrager Ptah

Map of outer area of the Halls of Origination

This is generally the third fight in the instance and reuses the amazing bone wraith model from Lord Marrowgar in ICC.  Plus, on the way to him you get a chance to ride a camel, what more could you want from a boss fight?

Earth Spike – This is a rock spike that erupts from the ground inflicting damage to anyone above it and knocking them back.  The area of effect is fairly small though so staying a few steps apart is enough to avoid multiple people being hit.
Flame Bolt – A fire bolt that hits for roughly 10,000 fire damage.
Raging Smash – This attack hits the main target and up to two additional targets within melee range in the front arc for 150% of normal damage.

Map of outer area of the Halls of Origination

This fight is a two phase fight where you have to fight Earthrager Ptah, then adds, then finish off Ptah.  Neither phase is that difficult, in fact the first phase is rather simple as the tank just needs to hold agro, while DPS spreads out and stays away from his front arc.

Once you have dropped Ptah to 50% health he will fall into his component bones and a group of adds will swarm in.  The adds are made up of scarabs and skeletons.  The skeletons are called Dustbone Horrors and can hit quite hard, so the tank needs to ensure he picks them up.  The scarabs can cause significant damage as well but can be AOE’ed down quickly.  This phase of the fight involves everyone grouping up so the scarabs can be killed and then spreading out and finishing off the Horrors.  In addition during this phase pools of quicksand move around the room.  The quicksand causes significant damage to anyone caught in it and inflicts a debuff that slows their movement speed, so watch out for it.

Once the Horrors have both been killed, Earthrager Ptah reforms and the fight continues as it did in phase one until he has been dispatched.

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