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Malygos is the leader of the Blue Dragon Flight and the keeper of magic. He is one of few creatures that have been on Azeroth since the departure of the Titans. Malygos is a 3 phase fight consisting of a semi-normal tank and spank dragon style, an add phase, and a mounted phase.Malygos is the leader of the Blue Dragon Flight and the keeper of magic.  He is one of few creatures that have been on Azeroth since the departure of the Titans.  You can find him in The Eye of Eternity, which is the upper most instance in The Nexus located in Coldarra.  

The Eye of Eternity is an Onyxia type raid dungeon.  There is no key required to enter the dungeon, but you must have the Key to the Focusing Iris to engage the fight.  The key is a quest reward that originates from an item that drops off Sapphiron in normal and heroic Naxxramas.  The key received from normal Naxxramas can summon Malygos on only normal.  The key from heroic Naxxramas can summon Malygos on both normal and heroic.

Malygos is a 3 phase fight consisting of a semi-normal tank and spank dragon style, an add phase, and a mounted phase.  The fight is exactly the same on both normal and heroic other than the hit points and damage done by the boss and adds.  Malygos has just shy of 7,000,000 HP on normal and 20,000,000 on heroic.

Phase 1-    100% - 50% health                                                                 

There are 4 abilities the raid needs to worry about in this phase.  First is something called a Power Spark.  The Power Sparks will spawn periodically during the fight just off the platform and will slowly move toward Malygos.  The Sparks spawn northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest of the platform.  This fight almost requires a Death Knight.  The DK should be standing in the middle of the platform and using his/her Death Grip on the sparks then quickly killing them in place.  Death Knights are encouraged to make a macro along the lines of, “/target Power Spark (and on separate line) /cast Death Grip”.   The reason this is done is because once a spark is destroyed it creates an AoE affect on the ground that increases damage done by anyone standing in it by 50% (this can and should be stacked).  The sparks can also be stunned, incapacitated, rooted, and snared.  Malygos should be rotated around the platform so the melee can stand in the sparks and still hit Malygos.  If the sparks reach Malygos he will consume it and be
granted a 50% damage increase.
Malygos Phase 1 Map
The second ability is called Vortex.  During this ability Malygos will fly up into the air in the center of the platform and create a gigantic vortex that will lift everyone up and begin spinning you around (on your screen you wont see yourself spinning because most people would lag out and crash).  While in the vortex everyone in the raid will take 2,000 damage every second for 10 seconds.  During this only instant cast abilities may be used.  I recommend using healthstones and potions during the vortex.  If Paladins use Concentration Aura and Aura Mastery together that will allow party members of the Paladin to cast spells for 10 seconds.  Mages can use Ice Block to get out of the vortex and Rogues can Shadowstep out.

The third is called Arcane Storm.  Malygos will periodically cast an arcane volley at the raid hitting a random number of people for 10,000 damage.  He will target one of the people he casts this ability on, so don’t panic thinking you have pulled aggro.

Lastly is an ability called Arcane Breath.  Like all dragons Malygos has a frontal cone breath.  The ability does 20,000 damage on normal and 30,000 damage on heroic to anyone within the 40 yard frontal cone.  It also places a DoT on anyone hit which turns you into a bomb where after 5 seconds you blow up causing 10,000 damage on normal and 20,000 damage on heroic to all friendly targets within 10 yards.

In addition to those 4 abilities Malygos has a normal physical attack and a frontal cleave.  Malygos does NOT have a tail swipe though.

Phase 2-

Once Malygos reaches 50% he will ascend into the air out of reach of any spells or abilities.  Malygos will continue his Arcane Storm ability as well as a deep breath that does 25,000 damage over 5 seconds.  

During this phase there will be big pink bubbles that spawn on the ground.  These are called Anti-magic bubbles.  All magical damage taken while inside the bubbles is reduced by 50%.  The whole raid must be in these bubbles the entire second phase.  As a bubble absorbs the magic damage it shrinks.  When this happens the raid must immediately move to the next bubble.


There are 2 types of adds that spawn during the second phase.  They’re called Scions of Eternity and Nexus Lords.  Both types of adds will spawn on flying discs floating above the platform.  

The Scions of Eternity have an Arcane Barrage ability that does 15,000 damage on normal and 18,000 damage on heroic to a random target.  These will stay floating up in the air until they are killed.   When they are killed the discs they were floating on will fall to the ground allowing the melee to hop on them and kill the Scions they couldn’t reach from the ground.  The Scions have no aggro table.

The Nexus Lords have an Arcane Blast ability that does 10,000 damage on normal and 15,000 damage on heroic.  In addition they have a haste buff that can be dispelled.  These adds will descend to the group at which point they must be tanked.  Once again, when they’re killed they will drop their flying discs allowing the melee to use them.  There's an achievement to get a killing blow while riding on a flying disc.

Phase 3-

Once all the Scions of Eternity and Nexus Lords are dead Malygos will freak out and destroy the platform.  This is probably the most important moment of the entire fight.  Your entire raid should run to a specific edge of the platform the second to last add dies.  This way when he destroys the platform and everyone falls onto their drakes everyone is already grouped up.  Once everyone lands on their drakes everyone should fly directly up so they are equal to Malygos (be careful here, it is really easy to screw up your positioning).  Malygos has 3 abilities in phase 3.

Static Field- Creates a sphere of arcane power that slowly makes its way to its target doing 10,000 damage per second to all enemies within 40 yards.  Keep calm here, everyone in your raid should just fly to the right about 60 yards using your strafe key.  Once the sphere reaches its target it stops moving, therefore when you strafe to the right out of range the sphere won’t chase you.  Someone reliable in your raid should have an icon on their head so everyone can just follow them.  

Surge of Power- Malygos will target a random member of your raid and start casting a beam of arcane energy. It does 12,000 damage every half a second for 3 seconds as well as dealing 5,000 damage every second to raid members within 20 yards.  When you get this cast on you, you must use your shield immediately.  You should get a raid warning saying when you get this cast on you.

Arcane Pulse- This is a pulsating AoE that deals 30,000 damage to anyone within 30 yards of Malygos.  Plain and simple here, don’t get too close to Malygos.  If your raid properly got to the edge of the platform at the end of phase 2 you shouldn’t have to worry about getting too close.

Drake riding-
Before the encounter begins your raid should specify who’s healing and who DPSing.  In 10 man you need 3 healers and in 25 you should be good with 6.  The drakes have the same abilities as the drakes you ride during the daily quest called “Aces High” which you can find in Coldarra.  The drakes have 100 energy and regenerate 10 energy per second.  The key to phase 3 is positioning and energy management.  Do the quest before you enter Eye of Eternity; it will help you more than you can imagine.  The drakes have 6 different abilities, 2 for DPS, 2 for healing, 1 for survivability, and one that’s completely useless in the drake strategy I am giving you. They are in the same order as they will be on your main ability bar.

1. Flame SpikeFlame Spike (costs 10 energy and awards 1 combo point):  This is your DPS combo builder.  It doesn’t do a high amount of damage but it’s the only way to build combo points on Malygos.  
2. Engulf in FlamesEngulf in Flames (costs 50 energy and combo points):  This is the main source of damage during phase 3.  It is the DPS drakes finishing move.  The raid members that are DPSing for phase 3 should either be using a 1, 2, 1, 2… or a 1, 1, 2, 1, 1, 2… rotation.  By using the latter it will allow you to save some energy in case you get Surge of Power cast upon you.  In which case you will have a decent amount of energy to be able to shield yourself.  By using the first it allows you to apply way more DoTs increasing your damage by a significant amount but decreasing your survivability.
3. RevivifyRevivify (costs 10 energy and awards 1 combo point):  This is your HOT spell.  It heals the target for 500 health per second for 10 seconds and can stack up to 5 times.  It also stacks separately for each person (example: 2 people cast Revivify on one target, that target will get both and they would generate separate stacks).  This is also how you build your combo points for your AoE heal.
4. Life BurstLife Burst (costs 50 energy and combo points):   This is an AoE HOT.  Since everyone is grouped up this should hit everyone in the raid.  It heals for 15,000 health over 25 seconds.  It also gives you a buff increasing all your healing effects by 50%.  The raid members who are healing should be using this as often as they can as well as applying Revivify on any target that needs some heals.
5. Flame ShieldFlame Shield (costs 25 energy and combo points):  This is the ability you use when Malygos casts Surge of Power on you.  You must use this as fast as possible.  If you make sure you always have enough energy to quickly apply a combo point and cast Flame Shield you should survive the Surge of Power.
6. Blazing SpeedBlazing Speed (costs 0 energy):  Nobody should be using the speed boost during this strategy.  Since the goal is to keep everyone grouped up it’s pretty pointless to pop your speed boost and go flying off somewhere you won’t receive and heals.

If you happen to die during phase 3, don’t release.  Wait for the loot box to spawn or else you won’t be able to loot.  Don't forget to grab the heart if you have the Key to the Focusing Iris quest.

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