WoW Guide: Malygos Loot Guide

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Now that we’ve gone over the background and the overall fight of Malygos you should be ready to worry about what dropped in that floating treasure.  After you kill Malygos the Alexstraza’s Gift should be floating in the middle of the area while you are still on your drakes from phase 3.  Along with Alexstraza’s gift there will be the Heart of Magic.  The Heart of Magic is an objective of the quest originating from the Key to the Focusing Iris that drops off Sapphiron.  Without further ado, your Malygos gear guide awaits.


Malygos 10 man loot-


Barricade of Eternity- Shield

Classes- Warrior (Prot), Paladin (Prot)

Key Stats- 84 stamina, 41 defense

Uses- Obviously this would only be good for Protection Warriors and Paladins since they’re the only classes that would ever use a shield with defense on it.


Black Ice- Polearm

Classes- Hunter, Druid (Feral)

Key Stats- 108 agility, 72 hit

Uses- This could be used by a Death Knight or Arms Warrior, but it’s not necessarily the best choice because the main stat is agility.


Focusing Energy Epaulets- Shoulders

Classes- Paladin (Holy)

Key Stats- 22 Mp5

Uses- Only class and spec that can use plate gear with spell power and Mp5.


Footsteps of Malygos- Feet

Classes- Druid (Balance, Restoration)

Key Stats- 41 crit, 56 haste

Uses- These have all the base stats that are good for both specs.  They don’t have any spirit which might say these are more for Balance than Resto.


Gown of the Spell-Weaver- Chest

Classes- Mage, Warlock, Priest (Shadow)

Key Stats- 72 hit

Uses- These are top notch robes for all 3 classes.  Good socket/socket bonus and great base stats along with enough hit to cover 20% of your hit in most cases.


Greatstaff of the Nexus- Staff

Classes- Druid (Balance), Mage, Warlock, Priest (Shadow)

Key Stats- 95 hit, 104 haste

Uses- This is a ridiculous amount of hit rating.  In addition you can get the 81 spell power enchant compared to the 63 spell power one-handed enchant.


Hailstorm- One-Handed Sword

Classes- Rogue

Key Stats- 31 agility, 31 hit

Uses- This could also be a decent hunter weapon if you could get your hands on another.


Ice Spire Scepter- Main Hand Mace

Classes- Paladin (Holy), Priest (Healing, Shadow), Shaman (Elemental, Restoration), Druid (Balance, Restoration)

Key Stats- 25 spirit

Uses- I listed this for any caster that can use a mace because it’s such a well rounded weapon.  I do give priority to healers on this one though because of the spirit.


Necklace of the Glittering Chamber- Neck

Classes- Any Caster

Key Stats- 38 spirit

Uses- This is healer priority again…


Surge Needle Ring- Finger

Classes- Hunter, Rogue, Druid (Feral), Shaman (Enhancement)

Key Stats- 41 agility, 32 hit

Uses- When you can get hit on a ring like this is obviously a stellar choice.  This is best for a hunter or rogue, but it’s still a viable option for Shaman and Druids.



Malygos 25 man loot-


Arcanic Tramplers- Feet

Classes- Priest (Healing)

Key Stats- 62 spirit

Uses- Since these don’t have any DPS only stats these are healer priority with all the spirit.


Blanketing Robes of Snow- Chest

Classes- Priest (Healing)

Key Stats- 66 spirit, 13 Mp5

Uses- These are obvious healing robes with the spirit and Mp5.  If you’re a DPS caster and have some crappy blue robes from some 5 man then maybe these are for you.


Blue Aspect Helm- Head

Classes- Hunter, Shaman (Enhancement)

Key Stats- 58 agility, 58 crit, 51 haste

Uses- This helm has every base stat for hunters and enhancement shaman.  One of the best helms out there pre Ulduar.


Boots of Healing Energies- Feet

Classes- Paladin (Holy)

Key Stats- 26 Mp5

Uses- 26 Mp5 is a ton of Mp5.  Go look at other boots you wont find any with this much regeneration.


Boots of the Renewed Flight- Feet

Classes- Hunter, Shaman (Enhancement)

Key Stats- 88 agility

Uses- 88 agility is really all I have to say.   That’s 88 attack power and over 1% crit.


Chestguard of the Recluse- Chest

Classes- Rogue, Druid (Feral)

Key Stats- 83 expertise, 63 armor penetration

Uses- The key stats on these are both on the rarer side.  So getting this much of each on one item is a steal.


Elevated Lair Pauldrons- Shoulder

Classes- Paladin (Holy)

Key Stats- 20 Mp5

Uses- It must be nice to be a holy paladin, where any time a piece of plate caster gear drops you know it’s for you.  If you don’t need your set bonus from your tier set, these are an awesome option.


Frosted Adroit Handguards- Hands

Classes- Rogue, Druid (Feral)

Key Stats- 58 hit

Uses- If you need the hit, pick these up.  If not you could find a pair of boots with different stats and a socket to really get some DPS increasing stats.


Hood of Rationality- Head

Classes- Priest (Healing)

Key Stats- 81 spirit, 2 Mp5 socket bonus, and a blue socket

Uses- Everything about these screams, healer!  Blue sockets are built for a healer and the socket bonus guarantees it.


Leash of Heedless Magic- Waist

Classes- Priest (Healing)

Key Stats- 48 spirit, 62 haste

Uses- This is the best in slot healing belt pre Ulduar for priests.


Leggings of the Wanton Spellcaster- Legs

Classes- Mage, Warlock, Priest (Shadow)

Key Stats- 82 hit, 132 spell power

Uses- These are unbelievable.  132 spell power is enough too make most casters drool, but tack on 82 hit and most might wet their pants.


Legplates of Sovereignty- Legs

Classes- Warrior (Prot), Paladin (Prot), Death Knight (Tank)

Key Stats- 171 stamina, 86 defense

Uses- The key here is they don’t have any block which also makes them great Death Knight tanking legs.


Living Ice Crystals- Trinket

Classes- Paladin (Holy), Druid (Resto), Shaman (Resto), Priest (Healing)

Key Stats- 43 Mp5

Uses- This could also be used by any other class in PvP.  You would never expect a Warlock to have a health stone and a healing trinket.


Mantle of Dissemination- Shoulder

Classes- Mage, Warlock, Priest (Shadow, Healing)

Key Stats- 52 spirit

Uses- I keep using spirit as a key stat because it’s a great way to determine DPS gear from healing gear.  I give priority to healing priests, but it’s still a good option as the other 3 classes still benefit from spirit in their own way.


Mark of Norgannon- Trinket

Classes- Warrior (DPS), Paladin (Ret), Rogue, Druid (Feral), Shaman (enhancement), Death Knight (DPS)

Key Stats- 69 expertise

Uses- This could be compared to Dying Curse from Naxxramas. The only difference is that the Mark of Norgannon is for melee and not casters.  It’s always great to get expertise from a trinket because it comes in bulk.


Melancholy Sabatons- Feet

Classes- Warrior (DPS), Paladin (Ret), Death Knight (DPS)

Key Stats- 84 armor penetration

Uses- Other than armor penetration these aren’t too great of DPS boots.  So, if you are a tank and don’t have better, maybe give these a shot.


Spaulders of Catatonia- Shoulder

Classes- Druid (Balance, Resto)

Key Stats- I wouldn’t consider any of these stats key.

Uses- These shoulders are the definition of consistency.  They have large amounts of all the base stats for a caster druid.


Tunic of the Artifact Guardian- Chest

Classes- Shaman (Resto)

Key Stats- 23 Mp5, 70 crit, 123 spell power

Uses- Well, mail caster gear with Mp5 ensures us healing gear for the Shaman.  This chest piece has an abundant amount of Mp5, crit, and spell power which are all great healing stats.


Unravelling Strands of Sanity- Waist

Classes- Druid (Resto)

Key Stats- 62 spirit, 19 Mp5

Uses- Can you say regen? This is best in slot for restoration Druids pre Ulduar.


Winter Spectacle Gloves- Hands

Classes- Shaman (Restoration)

Key Stats- 25 Mp5

Uses- Since these have Mp5 on them it narrows it down to a healing item.  They could still be used for Elemental but not recommended.

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