Mists of Pandaria: Heroic Scholomance Guide

Get a glimpse at what the notorious Scholomance will hold for level 90 players daring to brave it's brand new Heroic mode.

Scholomance, one of the most beloved dungeons in World of Warcraft, has gotten quite the update in Mists of Pandaria. This update has not only given this old school instance a fresh new look and feel, but has also added a heroic mode. Heroic mode in Scholomance will require players to be level 90 and will dish out appropriately leveled loot to those who successfully defeat the bosses inside. Curious to know what the bosses inside Heroic Scholomance have in store for you? Read onward for our….

Mists of Pandaria Heroic Scholomance Instance Guide

Level 90 players who venture into Scholomance will find a quest giver just inside the instance. However, unlike other quest givers who simply hand out quests and let adventurers go on their merry way, this skull is not content to sit and wait and will instead follow you about the instance urging you in the right direction throughout the instance. Doing these quests is totally worth it as rewards include not only gold but some pretty decent level 440 Mists of Pandaria gear as well.

After defeating two Risen Guards that are guarding the doorway to the first room, known as the Reliquary, you can then enter the room only to find yourself faced with a ton of trash, as well as the first boss; Instructor Chillheart. Carefully pull and defeat the surrounding trash before taking on the Instructor.

Instructor Chillheart

Instructor Chillheart is overall a pretty simple two-phased fight in which payers will race against time to defeat the boss.

Phase 1

As you pull Instructor Chillheart he will show her “chilling” prowess by spawning a giant wall of ice behind him that slowly sweeps across the room. Avoiding this wall of ice is essential as it will instantly wipe out any player who is unlucky enough to touch it. During this phase Instructor Chillheart will also cast Ice Wrath. This ability will force your group to spread out, while still keeping an eye on the ice wall.

Besides Ice Wall and Ice Wrath, Chillheart will also gain the buff Touch of the Grave. When this buff is active on the boss Chillheart will cause extra damage and it is likely that your tank will need to use some cool downs to avoid death. The final ability seen in this phase will be Rigid Grasp. This ability causes small ice circles to form on the ground, players simply need to move away from these circles to avoid them. When you have defeated Instructor Chillheart in this phase, his physical body will die and his soul will retreat back into her phylactery, however, it is only a matter of time before it will escape again.

Phase 2

In Phase 2 players will be in a race against time to defeat the phylactery before Instructor Chillheart can escape from it. Of course the Instructor will do almost anything to prevent this and she will use her foul magic against you. Books will fly from the shelves and attack your group using various elemental spells including fire and ice. However, none fo these abilities really do much damage and as long as you focus DPS on the phylactery you should have no problem easily completing this phase.

After defeating Chillheart you will work your way through a bit more trash until you reach a room filled with nasty zombies. Here you will find the second boss inside Heroic Scholomance; Jandice Barov.

Jandice Barov

The fight against Jandice Barov is pretty simple. Jandice herself has two basic abilities; Wondrous Rapidity and Phantasmal Images. When using Wondrous Rapidity, Jandice will cast and channel a frontal cone of arcane damage. This ability can be used every few seconds and thus players should avoid standing in front of the boss when at all possible. The second ability, Phantasmal Images is a bit more complex. At 66% and 33% Jandice will vanish and create illusions of herself all around the room. Your group must kill them all until the real Jandice Barov is revealed. Avoid standing in front of the boss and take out the illusions quickly and Jandice will fall easily enough.

After Jandice is defeated you will enter a room where you will discover one of my personal all time favorite characters; Lilian Voss. After some dialog and RP event will begin and after clearing the room of trash, the next boss fight will be incoming.


Rattlegore has several abilities that players must watch out for, however, this is another fairly simple boss fight. The first of Rattlegore’s abilities is Rusting. Rusting causes all of Rattlegore’s successful melee attacks to increase his damage by 5%. This is a stacking ability, so defeating Rattlegore before he gains to many stacks is imperative. The second ability Rattlegore will use is Bone Spike. When using this ability Rattlegore will shoot a giant piece of bone at a random player.

To avoid being wtfpwned by this ability, players will need to use the bone piles on the floor which will grant the player a temporary “bone shield”. This shield needs to be reapplied by clicking on another bone pile. Be aware of where the bone piles are in the room at all times so they can be reapplied as quickly as possible. The final ability players will need to watch out for here is Soul Flames. These bluish flames will appear on the ground randomly and will do damage to any player standing in them. Simply move out of these flames when they appear. DPS Rattlegore while avoiding his damaging abilities and he should fall rather quickly.

After Rattlegore has been defeated you will venture through another room filled with trash until your group will finally catch up with Lillian Voss and Darkmaster Gandling once again. Unfortunately, the Darkmaster has taken control of Lilian’s mind and she has become the fourth boss you will face off against in Heroic Scholomance.

Lilian Voss

The fight against Lilian comes in three distinct phases:

Phase 1

In Phase 1 your group will take on Lilian’s physical form. In this phase Lilian has two main abilities that you must watch out for; Shadowshift and Death’s Grasp. Shadowshift is a targeted damage ability that must be healed through. When using Death’s Grasp on the other hand, Lilian will draw all players to her current location. All players will then have a debuff placed on them that will leave a trail of dark fire behind them for a few seconds. Simply DPS Lilian, heal the damage, and avoid the Dark Fire put down by other players until Lilian reached about 50%. At this point Phase 2 will begin.

Phase 2

In Phase 2 players will face off against Lilian Voss’s soul. Lilian’s Soul does AoE fire damage and will also fixate on a random player. This player will be forced to kite Lilian around the room until she chooses another player to turn her attention on. After your group has defeated Lilian’s Soul her body is released and Phase 3 of the fight will begin.

Phase 3

In Phase 3 your group will find themselves pitted against both Lilian’s body and soul. Damage will be focused on Lilian’s body, while her now un-targetable soul wanders about causing havoc. Both body and soul will use all the abilities mentioned above and things will become a little crazy. Focus DPS and try your best to avoid dieing to any of the many attacks being thrown at you until Lilian’s body is defeated and the spell being cast on her by Darkmaster Gandling will be broken.

Darkmaster Gandling will then run off leading your group into a room full of a lot of bored students as well as a rather interesting mini-boss. Be very careful pulling the groups of students as pulling more than one pack at a time can result in a wipe. After defeating the mini-boss (who is quite the push-over) you can move onto the next room which contains the final boss fight we have all been waiting for; Darkmaster Gandling.

Darkmaster Gandling

Being the last fight in the Scholomance instance it is no surprise that Darkmaster Gandling has a ton of complex abilities to throw at your group. Darkmaster Gandling can cast both Immolate and Incinerate, both of which deal targeted fire damage and leave a DoT tick behind. These two abilities will be thrown at random members of your party from time to time and must be healed through. Darkmaster Gandling will also cast Rise, which will summon an army of students to assist him. On top of having the students to deal with, Darkmaster Gandling will also be taking 50% less damage. AoE works best for the students and they should go down fairly easily. Once they are dead DPS should return to Darkmaster Gandling until he once again casts Rise.

Finally Darkmaster Gandling will cast an ability called Harsh Lesson. A random player will be selected and teleported into one of his adjourning study rooms. Here you will find adds that will need to be defeated. DPS players should have no problem here, however, tanks and healers may need some extra help. This help can be found from several of the mobs in the room who simply need to be dispelled before they come to your aid. After the adds are killed the player may rejoin their party in the main room. Continue DPS and rinse and repeat with the boss’s abilities and you should find yourself with a dead Darkmaster Gandling and lots of loot to go around.

Congratulations! You have defeated Heroic Scholomance in Mists of Pandaria!

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