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But I’m On Your Side

Defeat the Assembly of Iron while under the effect of an Iron Boot Flask

An extra easy achievement, simply travel to Storm Peaks and pick up your Iron Boot Flask from Olut Alegut (H) or Rork Sharpchin (A) for 10 Relics of Ulduar. Be sure to carry it to raid with you, perhaps placing it on your action bar for easy access once the fight begins. Once you reach the Assembly of Iron use your guild’s normal strategy to kill them.When the last boss is at about 20% drink your Iron Boot Flask turning yourself into a Dark Iron Dwarf. Finish off the last boss and you will be awarded this achievement.

I Choose You, Stormcaller Brundir

Defeat the Assembly of Iron with Stormcalled Brundir as the last member alive

To gain this achievement, all that is needed is to defeat the Assembly of Iron on their “normal” mode. This strategy is already laid out in the strategy portion of this guide, please refer to it here.

I Choose You, Runemaster Molgeim

Defeat the Assembly of Iron with the Runemaster Molgeim as the last member alive

The Assembly of Iron is already a difficult fight, and taking it one step towards hard mode will make your raid work even harder. Runemaster Molgeim will start out with the Runic Barrier and Rune of Power abilities which should be avoided as normal. Take down Steelbreaker first, pulling him to the front of the room while your OT holds the other bosses at the back of the room. Once he is dead, have your MT run back and pick up Stormcaller Brundir. Runemaster Molgeim will now be able to cast  Rune of Death which is in essence a large green void zone. Burn down Stormcaller Brundir, but be sure to save most cool downs for Molgeim. When Stormcaller Brundir is dead all DPS and tanks should move to  Molgeim. Molgeim will now be able to cast Rune of Summoning which summons Lightning Elementals bent on suicide as they will eventually explode with Lightning Blast an  AoE damage spell. Please note that these elementals will target anything including totems, and pets.

The Rune of Summoning will be randomly cast at a player in the raid next to the spot they are standing in. Immediately have your entire raid move far away from the Rune (and repeat each time a new rune is cast), but still allowing ranged DPS to be in range of the rune. Your ranged DPS will be in charge of AoEing down the adds that pop out of the Rune, any spells that slow should be used here as often as possible. Once the adds are dead, the ranged should move back to Molgeim until another Rune spawns. This will be the time to pop all cool downs available. Killing Molgeim quickly is the key, allowing him to be alive to long will allow for mistakes which will in turn wipe your raid.

I Choose You, Steelbreaker

Defeat the Assembly of Iron  with Steelbreaker as the last member alive

Be afraid, very afraid. This will open up hard mode in the Iron Council encounter.

To start off this fight, the MT should pick up Runemaster Molgeim and Steelbreaker leaving the OT to manage Stormcaller Brundir. The MT will need to maintain agro on both bosses, but the raid should focus damage on Runemaster Molgeim first. While tanking these two, the MT will have to be aware of Fusion Punch which will need dispelled as quickly as possible (a paladin tank who can dispel themselves would be helpful here) and Rune of Power. If Rune of Power is cast under either of the bosses, the MT must move them out of it or risk a wipe.  Once Runemaster Molgrim is dead all DPS should spread out and proceed to kill Stormcaller Brundir. Be sure to run out of Overload, and assign one person to interupt Lightning Whirl and he will die quickly and easily.

Now it will be time to focus on finishing off the fight and killing Steelbreaker. He will now have Fusion Punch, High Voltage, Static Disruption (AoE and nature vulnerability spell), and Overwhelming Power which increases a players damage, but cases a Meltdown after 1 minute (30 seconds in 25 man) killing that player. Meltdown will also do  AoE damage since it can only be cast on the main target of Stormcaller when the tank is ready to explode melee and other tanks should move away.  He also gains a stacking +25% damage buff and heals for 15% of his max HP for each player killed including those who die from Meltdown.

Allow the tank with the poorest gear to tank the boss first, although be sure the tank does not have Static Disruption when picking up the boss. This spell combined with Fusion Punch will one shot any tank. Once the boss is picked up, this fight becomes an all out DPS race.  Use all cool downs including Bloodlust/Heroism and nuke the boss until the current tank dies from Meltdown. All melee should be prepared to make a run for it when the tank is close to exploding. When that tank dies, the boss will gain health and get a damage boost as stated above. Hopefully at this point Steelbreaker will be at roughly 20%-45%, depending on your raids DPS abilites.

The next tank will move in to pick up the boss and DPS should start back up immediately. The second tank (more tanks will be needed for 25 man) will need to use all cool downs available to survive the damage increase now in effect. Continue to DPS the boss and finish him off before the final tank dies from Meltdown and you will have completed Iron Council on hardmode and gotten yourself an achievement and extra loot in the process.

Can’t Do That While Stunned

Defeat the Assembly of Iron without allowing Stormcaller Brundir to damage anyone with Chain Lightning or Lightning Whirl

The easiest way to do this achievement is to kill Stormcaller first, using one of the strategies above so he never gains the Lightning Whirl ability. A prot warrior carefully rotating stuns/interrupts should be able to keep Chain Lightning from being cast, although a DK or Rogue could also be used to be sure that is never gets cast.

Be aware of interrupt cool downs, and if the person(s) assigned to interrupt are on their toes you will have this achievement in the bag.

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