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XT-002 Deconstructor is one of three bosses you can choose to engage after defeating Flame Leviathan.  Deconstructor has 5 different achievements, 10 total including heroic difficulty.

Must Deconstruct Faster

Defeat XT-002 Deconstructor in 205 seconds on Normal/Heroic Difficulty.

The key to Must Deconstruct Faster is to apply as much damage to the heart at 75, 50, and 25% as possible without killing them.  This way when the heart goes back into Deconstructor he should be ready to drop his heart again.  The reason this speeds up the fight so much is due to the fact that there will be little to no tantrums and very few adds which allows all your DPS to simply Deconstruct the Deconstructor.  Since the strategy for this achievement is basically what you should be doing just to kill him, this achievement should come on its own.

Nerf Engineering

Defeat XT-002 Deconstructor without him recovering any health from XS-013 Scrapbots on Normal/Heroic Difficulty.

If your raid tanks him between the scrap piles to the east or west, this achievement becomes extremely simple.  When you tank him between the scrap piles on the sides of the room it forces all the Scrap Bots and Bomb Bots to spawn from the 2 piles on the far side of the room making it very easy to kill the adds before the reach Deconstructor.

Nerf Gravity Bombs

Defeat XT-002 Deconstructor without any raid member dying from a Gravity Bomb on Normal/Heroic Difficulty.

If there had to be an explanation for this in one sentence it would be “Don’t be an idiot!”  Simply run away from the group when you receive the purple glow from the Gravity Bomb.  This has nothing to do with healing if your players can react quick enough, though, if everyone is topped off you cannot be killed in one shot from the Gravity Bomb.

Nerf Scrapbots

Defeat 20 XS-013 Scrapbots within 12 seconds using XE-321 Boombots on Normal/Heroic Difficulty.

This achievement takes a bit of luck.  Since the bots run directly to Deconstructor and become consumed, you would either have to play around with kiting or get lucky with the number of Scrapbots you get to spawn.  Try using AoE slowing effects to group them up as much as possible, then kill the Boombot and watch the die.


Defeat XT-002 Deconstructor after destroying his heart on Normal/Heroic Difficulty.

This achievement requires some top end single target DPS.  When the first heart drops at 75% your raid must blow every cooldown possible and kill the heart before it goes back in.  Once that is done, Deconstructors health will go back to full.  From here, the fight is completely different.-When the Gravity Bomb wears off it will also leave a void zone on the ground.
  • When the Light Bomb wears off, it will spawn a spark that must be tanked and killed as fast as possible.
  • There will be no additional adds.
  • The heart will no longer fall out at 75, 50, and 25%.
  • The hard part is organization of the Light/Gravity Bombs and beating the enrage timer.

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