WoW: Mimiron Achievements

By Jason Bechdel -

Set Up Us the Bomb

Defeat Mimiron without anyone in the raid being hit by the following:
- A Proximity Mine
- A Bomb Bot
- A Rocket Strike

An important thing to note before attempting this achievement is that it can be done in increments, so you do not have to avoid all three in one raid. I would suggest doing Bomb Bots by themselves, while the Proximity Mines and Rocket Strikes should be able to be done in one raid, but can be done separately if needed.

Proximity Mines are active in phases 1 and 4 and are fired 10-12 at a time in a circular pattern around Mimiron. To gain the Proximity Mine portion of this achievement, be sure to have your melee and tanks be exceptionally aware of the gaps between the mines. Each new batch of mines fired will have a new pattern and a new set of gaps and these gaps should be used to run out of Mimiron’s AoE attack without activating any of the mines. After the phase ends the mines are still active, have all raid members stay far away from them till they are gone.

Rocket Strikes are active in phases 2 and 4. About every 25 seconds Mimiron will launch a rocket towards a random player. A bright red circle will appear beneath the chosen player. All players in the targeted area should move away from the circle as it will cause extensive damage killing anyone within 3 yards. This will be an especially hard feat for melee as they may find it difficult to see the circle on the ground.

Bomb Bots are active only during phase 3 and will be the most difficult to avoid.  These bombs are summoned every 25-30 seconds then fixate on a specific player. In order to avoid taking damage from these Bomb Bots the bot’s target will need to be called and that player will need to kite the bomb out of the raid for about 15 seconds till it finally explodes.

Stay out of the mines, avoid the red circles, and kite the bombs and you are on the way to destruction of this achievement.

Not So-Friendly Fire

Force Mimiron to kill an Assault Bot with Rocket Strike

In order to complete this achievement you will need to allow one of the Assault Bots from Phase 3 to  remain alive into Phase 4. Have a tank pick up the Assault Bot until Phase 4 starts and Mimiron begins his Rocket Strikes. Once the red circles begin to appear, the tank should move the Assault Bot to a close circle. Once in the circle a member of the raid who can snare or root should stop the target in place while the tank runs out of range. Once the rocket lands, the Assault Bot will be destroyed. There is no need to weaken the Assault Bot as these Rocket Strikes do an unbelievable amount of damage. If the tank is not quick enough, or is to late dragging the bot to the circle he will get hit with the Rocket Strike and will die. Guardian Spirit can prevent death, as well as a Paladin tank’s bubble.


Defeat Mimiron after activating his Self-Destruct mechanism

To start this achievement you will need to push the big red button labeled “DO NOT PUSH.”. This in turn sets into action Mimiron’s hard mode, giving him a 25% health boost and damaging all his robots. In addition this self destruct sequence gives the raid 10 minutes to defeat the boss before the entire room explodes and wipes the raid. To combat these events Mimiron puts on a Firefighter hat and attempts to use various new abilities to try to extinguish the room. To gain this achievment players will need to avoid fire, learn to deal with Mimiron’s new abilities, handle the new damage output, and still do enough damage to beat Mimiron within the time limit.
 Any guild attempting this achievement should have the best gear available. If you are not geared to the max your guild will probably fail at this achievement. The healing demands and tank damage are extreme, to top it off the constant movement that is necessary will probably make this one of the most difficult fights your guild has ever faced.  Holy Priests will shine here with Circle of Heal and Holy Nova, bring as many as you can.

In Phase 1 Mimiron will gain Flame Suppressant as his firefighting ability. Every 60 seconds (timing is not exact) the Leviathan Mk II will shoot out a wave of Flame Suppressant, this will extinguish all fires, but will cut the casting speed of all players by 50% for 8 seconds. This phase will otherwise continue as normal in terms of raid layout.

The biggest change will be that every time the tank needs to drag the Levithan out of mines, he should drag him to a new section of the room entirely, rotating through the floor slices, as the tank moves the entire raid should follow as a group, moving to a floor space with no fire. When the raid finally reaches the point on the floor they started in Mimiron should cast Flame Suppressant and clear the room of fire. The Leviathan should die before the second Flame Suppressant is cast leaving the room pretty full of fire.
Flames in Phase 1 will spawn every 20 seconds or so, the room will shake and 3 new patches of fire will appear, each within 10 yards of a random player in the raid. If a section of room has no players in it, no flames will spawn there.  Every 4 seconds new Flames will appear from the previous patch. This new patch will appear in the direction of the closest player. This is the reason the entire raid rotates every time Mines are spawned, allowing the raid to move far away from the new Flame patches.

In Phase 2 Mimiron will gain Frost Bomb on top of Flame Suppressant. Frost Bomb is a giant frost missle that will be cast every 30-35 seconds. It will land on a randomly selected patch of flames and creates a large globe of water. The bomb will explode after 10 seconds doing significant damage to anyone within 30 yards. The bomb will extinguish all fire in the area and knock any players in the blast back 30-40 yards.

All ranged players should be divided into groups and each group should stand in it’s own floor section. These groups should move together at all times.  The key to making it through this phase is having the raid being aware and moving when needed to avoid Flames while the healers keeping up with the Heat Wave damage and evading the Laser Barrage, Frost Bomb, and Rocket Strikes. Bloodlust/Heroism should be used during Phase 2, the faster you can get out of this phase the better.

When Phase 2 ends everyone should group up near the largest portion of fire in the room. Slowly kiting the Flames until Phase 3 is ready to begin, once Phase 3 begins the raid should move to the open spot in the room. In Phase 3 Mimiron will no longer do Frost Bomb or Flame Surpressant, meaning if you kited the flames as stated about the Flames should have reached their cap and will no longer be able to spawn new Flames.  Mimiron will however spawn Emergency Fire Bots. These bots spawn three at a time every 30 seconds from blue beams on the bot spawning tiles. They will run around and extinguish fire one patch at a time but will not attack players. They can however damage players if a player happens to be standing in their water jet as they extinguish the Flames. These bots also have a 10 yard AoE silence aura that follows them whenever they go.

Two main changes will be made from the normal strat in Phase 3:

1. Assault Bots should be tanked by the Junk Bot tank, not kited.

2. Emergency Fire Bots should become the DPS top priority. Range DPS should focus on any Fire Bots that spawn away from the range while the melee should finish any off that get close enough.

The fight will otherwise proceed normally. If the Fire Bots are not killed the Flames will begin to spawn again and the raid will have to constantly move to avoid the new Flames which will make Phase 3 take overly long, which will result in the raid running into the  self-destruct timer sometime in Phase 4.

When you reach Phase 4 the fight will almost be over, but your raid will still have much to deal with. Mimiron now gains all his normal abilities plus he will also use Frost Bomb. To beat Phase 4 your raid will need to avoid Frost Bombs, Rocket Strikes, Proximity Mines, Laser Barrage, Shock Blast, and Flames. The raid will also have to have killed Mimiron in a timely fashion so there is enough time left on the self-destruct timer to defeat him. There is also a change in positioning. During Phase 4 the room will be full of fire, if you killed Emergency Bots in a timely fashion then the room will still be at the Flame cap. Flames will need to be avoided and each time Mimiron uses Frost Bomb the tank will need to take the opportunity to move with the rest of the raid (usually during Barrage or Shock Blast) to this newly clear space giving the raid a chance to do some DPS before they have to start moving from Flames again. There is lots of moving and avoiding Flames in this Phase but if your raid can stay alive you will have it in the bag.

This achievement is hard to obtain and possibly even harder to repeat, do not get discouraged as long as your raid is coordinated, well geared, and willing to wipe many times this boss’s hard mode will fall before your might.

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