Utgarde Keep/Utgarde Pinnacle Guide

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Utgarde Keep

Utgarde Keep is located on the shore of Lake Cauldros in Howling Fjord. Utgarde Keep is currently inhabited by a Viking-like race called vrykul lead by the imposing King Ymiron. Utgarde is the vrykul’s main base of operations for waging war on the Horde and Alliance in the area. Inside the Keep the vrykul build engines of war and train their proto-drake mounts. Rumored to serve the Lich King, the reason for the reappearance of this once thought extinct race is unknown.

To learn more about what lays in waiting inside the Keep, including bosses and achievements, visit our Ultimate Guide.

Utgarde Pinnacle

Utgarde Pinnacle is the second of two 5-man dungeons located within Utgarde Keep. This instance is intended for level 80s and you must be at least level 75 to enter the normal version. While this instance is located within Utgarde Keep it has it’s own meeting stone located on the top level.

Svala Sorrowgrave

Upon entering Sorrowgrave’s room the Lich King will appear and transform Sorrowgrave from a vrykul into a val’kyr. After this the Lich King will vanish and Sorrowgrave can be engaged.  

Sorrowgrave has three main abilities. Sinister Strike which will only be used on your tank, Call Flames which releases a Flame Bolt volley, and Ritual of the Sword which is by far the most dangerous ability. Ritual of the Sword will teleport a random party member to the alter, and three adds will be summoned which channel spells to hold the party member in place. A sword will appear that slowly descends towards the player, if the adds are not disposed of before the sword reaches the alter it will hit the sacrifice target for 100% of their health.

To hardest part of defeating this boss will be killing off the adds in a timely manner. Do this and she will fall before your might. Keep in mind that in heroic mode these adds have quite a bit more health and pose an even greater danger as any direct damage done to them will place a DoT on the attacking player. It is helpful to have classes that can do AOE damage during this fight.

Svala Sorrowgrave related Achievements:

The Incredible Hulk

This achievement requires you to force Svala to kill a Scourge Hulk before defeating her. There is a Scourge Hulk located in the back of Svala’s room that should be pulled before the boss is engaged. Damage down the Hulk to around 5% if possible then engage the boss. She will soon after cast Ritual of Swords;, quickly free your sacrificed party member then maneuver the Hulk under the sword before it completely descends. When the sword finally makes it way to the alter it should kill off the Hulk and you can continue the boss fight as normal. Once Svala dies you will gain the achievement.

Skadi the Ruthless

Once you make your way up the hallway to this boss he will fly into the air on his mount and start a gauntlet-like event. Waves of mobs will fill the path and more will appear periodically. As this happens Skadi’s mount will from time to time spray half of the hallway with frost which will do damage every second to anyone who is caught in it. It is usually easy to tell which side of the hallway will be sprayed, moving to the other side before the frost hits will prevent any damage.

As of patch 3.3.2 Skadi will only require THREE total spears to take him down.

Among the mobs that will be spawning will be Ymirjar Harpooners, these mobs will drop harpoons that should be picked up by one of your party members. When it is announce that Skadi is within range of the harpoons the player who picked up the harpoon should run to the harpoon guns located at the very end of the hallway and fire at Skadi. This will need to be repeated until the dragon reaches 0 HP. Skadi will then dismount and return to the hallway to fight.

Once on the ground Skadi will use Crush on the tank, and also use Poisoned Spear which will leave a nasty poison DOT on the target. The most dangerous ability however is his Whirlwind. All ranged DPS should be at max range, while melee should stand at the very edge of Skadi’s hit box. Once he begins to whirlwind the entire party should turn tail and run back down the hallway until Whirlwind is over. Getting caught in Skadi’s Whirlwind can easily kill you.

Skadi the Ruthless Related Achievements:

Lodi Dodi We Loves the Skadi

This achievement requires you to defeat Skadi within 3 minutes of starting the gauntlet event. Start the event as normal, and have your DPS pick up 6 harpoons between them. Once you have the harpoons have your party run back into the last boss’s room. Once the event is reset run back up the hallway having your tank pick up all adds that spawn. DPS should quickly burn down all the mobs, hopefully having them all dead before the warning comes that Skadi is within harpoon range. Once this message pops on the screen have your DPS fire all their harpoons. Skadi should then land and should be killed as normal. As long as you manage to kill him within 3 minutes (which should be no problem) you will gain this achievement.

My Girl Loves to Skadi All the Time

This achievement requires you to defeat Skadi after having killed Grauf (his mount) from 100% to dead in a single pass. This achievement is easily done with the above achievement, Lodi Dodi We Loves the Skadi. Simply follow the strategy above and you will gain both achievements easily in one attempt.

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