WoW: Horde Leveling Guide - Levels 1-5

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Unlike at higher levels where you may have many options as to what zone to level in, at the very  early levels of your WoW career you will basically be confined to one specific zone that is determined based on which Horde race you have chosen to play. Leveling through these zones will be relatively quick and pain free as they tend to be danger free compared to other zones in Azeroth.

If you have already decided that you wish to max out the reputation of another city, now is the best time to start. While it will be fraught with peril, moving to a new starting zone is not impossible, especially if you have some good (preferably higher level ) friends to escort you along the way. However, keep in mind that with the new overhauls to the game, all starting zones have been filled with fresh content giving players a chance to experience new visuals, quests and lore, making completing your race’s starting zone something you don’t want to miss.


Camp Narache, Mulgore

Located  in southern Mulgore, Camp Narache,  is where all new members of the Tauren race (except for Death Knights) begin their quests. Found on the Red Cloud Mesa this area is relatively cut off from the rest of the zone and presents little real danger to new players making  here leveling easy. Class Trainers for every available Tauren class can be found gathered in a circle near the center of the Camp proper. No profession trainers can be found in Camp Narache, however,  for those that wish to start leveling their professions early, trainers can be found by traveling north through Mulgore to the large Tauren city of Thunder Bluff.

Class Trainers: Warrior, Paladin, Hunter, Priest, Shaman, Druid
Profession Trainers: No
Profession Nodes: No
Inn: No
Flightmaster: No

  • Rite of Strength
  • Our Tribe, Imprisoned
  • Go to Adana
  • Rite of Courage
  • Stop the Thorncallers
  • The Battleboars
  • Feed of Evil
  • Rite of Honor
  • Last Rites, First Rites
  • Rites of the Earthmother
  • Rite of Winds

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