WoW: Horde Leveling Guide - Kalimdor - Levels 21-40

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Level 20-25
Location Northern Kalimdor
Instances Blackfathom Deeps
Quest Hubs
1. The Mor'shan Ramparts
2. Splintertree Post
3. Zoram'gar Outpost
4. Hellscream's Watch
5. Silverwind Refuge
Zone Resources
Resource List

Ashenvale is a vast wilderness found north of the Stonetalon Mountains and the Barrens in Kalimdor. Being the ancestral homeland of the Night Elves, these fair folk are rather protective of the zone and up until the recent Cataclysm following Deathwing’s return remained largely in control.

Since the Cataclysm and Garrosh’s takeover and his push for conquest, the Horde has begun a series of attacks on Ashenvale and the various Night Elf encampments in the zone. Many sections of the once beautiful woods have been deforested however, the Night Elves will not go down without a fight. Splintertree Post is under constant siege and half of the Warsong Lumber Camp has been lost. But despite the efforts of the Night Elves, the Horde has continuously managed to expand in Ashenvale and will not be easily removed.

If you have been following along so far, we have completed Azshara in it’s entirety and have successfully reached level 20 (or perhaps higher). The quest “Probing Into Azshara” obtained from Kroum in Valormok will lead you to the Mor’shan Ramparts on the border between the Northern Barrens and Ashenvale. Here you will be investigating a potential assault on the Barrens by the Night Elves. For those who did not complete the quests in Azshara but who are still looking for a breadcrumb quest leading into Ashenvale, don’t fret! Simply visit your local Warchief’s Command Board where the quest “Warcheif’s Command: Ashenvale!” can be picked up.

The Mor’shan Ramparts

  • Location: See Zone Map (1)
  • Total Number of Available Quests: Seven
  • Elite/Group Quests: N/A
  • Tips: If you haven’t already done so, be sure to grab the flight path available at this location.
After taking out some pesky Night Elves and avenging some fallen Orcs it will be time for you to move on. The quest “Got Wood” opens after you have completed the chain of quests starting with “Find Gorat!” and will offer you a free ride on a spunky Kodo named Brutusk who will take you to the next quest hub on your journey; Warsong Labor Camp.

Warsong Labor Camp

  • Location: See Zone Map (1a)
  • Total Number of Available Quests: Three
  • Elite/Group Quests: N/A
  • Tips: Be sure to kill all mobs around the peons chopping wood in the quest “Management Material”. These peons are very squishy and can only take about 2 hits before they die.
After doing your small part at the Warsong Labor Camp you are once again sent on your way as a bit of dire news pours in with the quest “Crisis at Splintertree“. Time to load up your trusty Kodo with Gorka at your side and seek what help you can round up back at the Mor’shan Ramparts.

The Mor’shan Ramparts

  • Tips: N/A
The loss of Gorka is a great one, but you have managed to obtain help for Splintertree, and just in time. It’s finally time to see what this Kodo can really do. Accept the quest “To The Rescue!“ and accompany Kadrak on the back of Brutusk to break the siege on Splintertree Post.

Splintertree Post

  • Location: See Zone Map (2)
  • Available Quests: Seventeen
  • Elite/Group Quests: N/A
  • Tips: The quest Diabolical Plans” comes from a quest item of the same name that drops from the demons found on Felfire Hill.
As you complete quests in Splitertree Post you will gain the quest “Mission Improbable” and “Bad News Bear-er”. “Mission Improbable” will lead you to a mini quest hub located at the Warsong Lumber Camp and should be completed first. At the Lumber Camp you will seek out Krokk and assist him in taking care of the Night Elves who are launching an assault against the Camp and have taken over a good portion of the area.

Warsong Lumber Camp

  • Tips: The Assassin needed for the quest “Security” can be found by simply wandering around the front of the compound. If you end up outside the wooden fencing you have gone too far. 
Quell the efforts of the Night Elves, avenge a fallen diplomat, and finally get the quest “Gurtar’s Request” which will send you back to Splintertree Post in the name of love.
Turn in this quest and you should find that at this point all that remains in your quest log is the quest “Bad News Bear-er”. This is the breadcrumb quest that will lead you onward in the zone to the next quest hub Zoram’gar Outpost along the Zoram Strand. Simply speak to the Wind Rider Master to receive a free flight directly to where you need to be.

Zoram’gar Outpost

  • Location: See Zone Map (3)
  • Available Quests: Ten
  • Elite/Group Quests: Vorsha the Lasher
  • Tips: You will be able to pick up the breadcrumb quest leading to the next quest hub rather early here. It is suggested that you first complete all the quests in the Zoram’gar Outpost before moving on.
After delivering the news of Splintertree’s besiegement and dealing with the pesky Naga problem at the Zoram’gar Outpost it’s time once again to move on with the quest “To Hellscream‘s Watch“. Hellscream’s Watch is one of the most contentious fronts for the Horde in Ashenvale so be prepared to find yourself thrown directly into battle once you arrive. Speak to the Wind Rider Master for a free ride to this location.

Hellscream’s Watch

  • Tips: While completing the quest “Troll Charm” inside Thistlefur Hold be sure to visit the watery back part of the cave where you will find a trapped Druid named Ruul Snowhoof who will offer the quest “Freedom to Ruul” which will allow you to escort him to safety.
As you complete the quests in Hellscream’s Watch and complete your victorious assault on Astranaar, you will find that three quests will be in your log all of them asking you to leave Hellscream‘s Watch. “Condition Critical!” will ask you to visit Raynewood Retreat, while “Thunder Peak” will lead you to Thunder Peak both mini quest hubs in this zone. Complete these before doing “Tweedle’s Tiny Package” which will send you to the next (and final) major quest hub in the zone; Silverwind Refuge.

At Raynewood Retreat you will use your prowess to further the aims of the Horde in Ashenvale by taking out more pesky Night Elves.

Raynewood Retreat

  • Tips: The quest Shadumbra’s Head comes from a quest item of the same name that can be picked up after killing Shadumbra, a panther normally walking around the tree at Raynewood Retreat. This quest turns in at Hellscream’s Watch.
At Thunder Peak players will do the bidding of the friendly Elementals there to put a stop to the antics of Lord Magmathar and his rather obnoxious yelling.

Thunder Peak

  • Tips: N/A
After completing these two mini hubs it’s finally time to move on to Silverwind Refuge in the southern portion of the zone. Here you will assist the Horde one last time in squashing all those who oppose the Horde in Ashenvale.

Silverwind Refuge

  • Tips: The quest “The Befouled Element” comes from a quest item dropped from the Befouled Water Elementals directly behind the post. Once completed, the quest will be turned in at Splintertree Post then you will be asked to take the orb to one Je’neu of the Earthen Ring. Je’neu is supposed to be in the Zoram’gar Outpost but in a recent patch he has since been moved just inside the instance of Blackfathom Deeps
Once you have struck one final blow in Ashenvale in the name of the Horde it’s time to move on. At this point if you have completed all the quests thus far you will have two very clear options. “Well, Come to the Jungle” will lead you across the sea to Stranglethorn Vale, while “We’re Here to Do One Thing, Maybe Two…” on the other hand will take you south into the Stonetalon Mountains.

Since this is a Kalimdor quest guide, we of course will be taking the path into the beautiful, and often dangerous Stonetalon Mountains as a part of Hellscream’s great army.

Zone Resources

Stranglekelp Copper Light Leather Linen
Kingsblood Tin Light Hide Wool
Liferoot Silver Medium Leather Silk
Mageroyal Iron
Medium Hide

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