WoW: Horde Leveling Guide - Kalimdor - Levels 21-40

Level 20-25
Location Northern Kalimdor
Instances Blackfathom Deeps
Quest Hubs
1. The Mor'shan Ramparts
2. Splintertree Post
3. Zoram'gar Outpost
4. Hellscream's Watch
5. Silverwind Refuge
Zone Resources
Resource List

Ashenvale is a vast wilderness found north of the Stonetalon Mountains and the Barrens in Kalimdor. Being the ancestral homeland of the Night Elves, these fair folk are rather protective of the zone and up until the recent Cataclysm following Deathwing’s return remained largely in control.

Since the Cataclysm and Garrosh’s takeover and his push for conquest, the Horde has begun a series of attacks on Ashenvale and the various Night Elf encampments in the zone. Many sections of the once beautiful woods have been deforested however, the Night Elves will not go down without a fight. Splintertree Post is under constant siege and half of the Warsong Lumber Camp has been lost. But despite the efforts of the Night Elves, the Horde has continuously managed to expand in Ashenvale and will not be easily removed.

If you have been following along so far, we have completed Azshara in it’s entirety and have successfully reached level 20 (or perhaps higher). The quest “Probing Into Azshara” obtained from Kroum in Valormok will lead you to the Mor’shan Ramparts on the border between the Northern Barrens and Ashenvale. Here you will be investigating a potential assault on the Barrens by the Night Elves. For those who did not complete the quests in Azshara but who are still looking for a breadcrumb quest leading into Ashenvale, don’t fret! Simply visit your local Warchief’s Command Board where the quest “Warcheif’s Command: Ashenvale!” can be picked up.

The Mor’shan Ramparts

  • Location: See Zone Map (1)
  • Total Number of Available Quests: Seven
  • Elite/Group Quests: N/A
  • Tips: If you haven’t already done so, be sure to grab the flight path available at this location.
After taking out some pesky Night Elves and avenging some fallen Orcs it will be time for you to move on. The quest “Got Wood” opens after you have completed the chain of quests starting with “Find Gorat!” and will offer you a free ride on a spunky Kodo named Brutusk who will take you to the next quest hub on your journey; Warsong Labor Camp.

    Warsong Labor Camp

    • Location: See Zone Map (1a)
    • Total Number of Available Quests: Three
    • Elite/Group Quests: N/A
    • Tips: Be sure to kill all mobs around the peons chopping wood in the quest “Management Material”. These peons are very squishy and can only take about 2 hits before they die.
    After doing your small part at the Warsong Labor Camp you are once again sent on your way as a bit of dire news pours in with the quest “Crisis at Splintertree“. Time to load up your trusty Kodo with Gorka at your side and seek what help you can round up back at the Mor’shan Ramparts.

    The Mor’shan Ramparts

    • Tips: N/A
    The loss of Gorka is a great one, but you have managed to obtain help for Splintertree, and just in time. It’s finally time to see what this Kodo can really do. Accept the quest “To The Rescue!“ and accompany Kadrak on the back of Brutusk to break the siege on Splintertree Post.

    Splintertree Post

    • Location: See Zone Map (2)
    • Available Quests: Seventeen
    • Elite/Group Quests: N/A
    • Tips: The quest Diabolical Plans” comes from a quest item of the same name that drops from the demons found on Felfire Hill.
    As you complete quests in Splitertree Post you will gain the quest “Mission Improbable” and “Bad News Bear-er”. “Mission Improbable” will lead you to a mini quest hub located at the Warsong Lumber Camp and should be completed first. At the Lumber Camp you will seek out Krokk and assist him in taking care of the Night Elves who are launching an assault against the Camp and have taken over a good portion of the area.

    Warsong Lumber Camp

    • Tips: The Assassin needed for the quest “Security” can be found by simply wandering around the front of the compound. If you end up outside the wooden fencing you have gone too far. 
    Quell the efforts of the Night Elves, avenge a fallen diplomat, and finally get the quest “Gurtar’s Request” which will send you back to Splintertree Post in the name of love.
    Turn in this quest and you should find that at this point all that remains in your quest log is the quest “Bad News Bear-er”. This is the breadcrumb quest that will lead you onward in the zone to the next quest hub Zoram’gar Outpost along the Zoram Strand. Simply speak to the Wind Rider Master to receive a free flight directly to where you need to be.

    Zoram’gar Outpost

    • Location: See Zone Map (3)
    • Available Quests: Ten
    • Elite/Group Quests: Vorsha the Lasher
    • Tips: You will be able to pick up the breadcrumb quest leading to the next quest hub rather early here. It is suggested that you first complete all the quests in the Zoram’gar Outpost before moving on.
    After delivering the news of Splintertree’s besiegement and dealing with the pesky Naga problem at the Zoram’gar Outpost it’s time once again to move on with the quest “To Hellscream‘s Watch“. Hellscream’s Watch is one of the most contentious fronts for the Horde in Ashenvale so be prepared to find yourself thrown directly into battle once you arrive. Speak to the Wind Rider Master for a free ride to this location.

    Hellscream’s Watch

    • Tips: While completing the quest “Troll Charm” inside Thistlefur Hold be sure to visit the watery back part of the cave where you will find a trapped Druid named Ruul Snowhoof who will offer the quest “Freedom to Ruul” which will allow you to escort him to safety.
    As you complete the quests in Hellscream’s Watch and complete your victorious assault on Astranaar, you will find that three quests will be in your log all of them asking you to leave Hellscream‘s Watch. “Condition Critical!” will ask you to visit Raynewood Retreat, while “Thunder Peak” will lead you to Thunder Peak both mini quest hubs in this zone. Complete these before doing “Tweedle’s Tiny Package” which will send you to the next (and final) major quest hub in the zone; Silverwind Refuge.

    At Raynewood Retreat you will use your prowess to further the aims of the Horde in Ashenvale by taking out more pesky Night Elves.

    Raynewood Retreat

    • Tips: The quest Shadumbra’s Head comes from a quest item of the same name that can be picked up after killing Shadumbra, a panther normally walking around the tree at Raynewood Retreat. This quest turns in at Hellscream’s Watch.
    At Thunder Peak players will do the bidding of the friendly Elementals there to put a stop to the antics of Lord Magmathar and his rather obnoxious yelling.

    Thunder Peak

    • Tips: N/A
    After completing these two mini hubs it’s finally time to move on to Silverwind Refuge in the southern portion of the zone. Here you will assist the Horde one last time in squashing all those who oppose the Horde in Ashenvale.

    Silverwind Refuge

    • Tips: The quest “The Befouled Element” comes from a quest item dropped from the Befouled Water Elementals directly behind the post. Once completed, the quest will be turned in at Splintertree Post then you will be asked to take the orb to one Je’neu of the Earthen Ring. Je’neu is supposed to be in the Zoram’gar Outpost but in a recent patch he has since been moved just inside the instance of Blackfathom Deeps
    Once you have struck one final blow in Ashenvale in the name of the Horde it’s time to move on. At this point if you have completed all the quests thus far you will have two very clear options. “Well, Come to the Jungle” will lead you across the sea to Stranglethorn Vale, while “We’re Here to Do One Thing, Maybe Two…” on the other hand will take you south into the Stonetalon Mountains.

    Since this is a Kalimdor quest guide, we of course will be taking the path into the beautiful, and often dangerous Stonetalon Mountains as a part of Hellscream’s great army.

    Zone Resources

    Stranglekelp Copper Light Leather Linen
    Kingsblood Tin Light Hide Wool
    Liferoot Silver Medium Leather Silk
    Mageroyal Iron
    Medium Hide

    Stonetalon Mountains
    Level 25-30
    Location Central Kalimdor
    Instances None
    Quest Hubs
    1. The Fold
    2. Krom'gar Fortress
    3. Malaka'jin
    4. Cliffwalker Post
    Zone Resources
    Resource List
    The Stonetalon Mountains are a large range of peaks found west of the Barrens. Once a low set of gentle rolling hills, the Sundering that first tore apart the world drove the peaks high into the air. Traditionally the homeland of the Harpies, their numbers have dwindled in recent years as the race spread further east and south.

    The Stonetalon Mountains is an unusual zone, as both the races of Night Elves and Tauren coexist here as it is a sacred zone for both peoples. It was here, atop Stonetalon Peak, the highest point in Stonetalon Mountains that the Horde and Alliance combined forces to fight the Burning Legion’s advancement.

    Since Garrosh’s takeover after the Cataclysm a push for conquest by the Horde all over Kalimdor has begun. Garrosh’s unknowing appointment of a corrupt General in charge of the Horde’s progress in the zone will rock the very core of this coexistence and perhaps mar the Stonetalon Mountains beyond repair.

    If you have completed the quests in Ashenvale the breadcrumb quest “We’re Here to Do One Thing, Maybe Two….” will take you into the Stonetalon Mountains as a part of Hellscream’s mighty army. Or if you somehow managed to miss this breadcrumb quest simply visit Orgrimmar’s Warchief’s Command Board where the quest “Warcheif’s Command: Stonetalon Mountains!” will be available for pick up. Both of these quests will land players at the first quest hub in the zone; The Fold.

    The Fold

    • Tips: N/A

    Wipe out some pesky Alliance and determine their attack plans and it will be time to cross the Blackwolf River and move on from The Fold with the quest “Krom’gar Fortress” to the next quest hub with the same name.

    Krom’gar Fortress

    • Location: See Zone Map (2)
    • Available Quests: Ten
    • Elite/Group Quests: Beware of Cragjaw! (2)
    • Tips: The group quest “Beware of Cragjaw!” does not come from Krom’gar Fortress. Instead this quest can be picked up from a sign located on the edge of Cragpool Lake. However this quest does turn in at the Fortress once completed.

    From the Krom’gar Fortress you will take a small detour into The Deep Reaches with the quest “Where Are the Parts?”.

    The Deep Reaches

    • Tips: It is very easy to get lost in this cave, and if you get to close to the Alliance section it will turn on your PvP flag. Take careful note of the twists and turns you take so you can easily make your way back out.

    Rescue some peons, take out some nasty earth elementals, and collect the spare parts you were originally sent for and you will be once again sent back to the defense of Krom’gar Fortress.

    Krom’gar Fortress

    • Tips: N/A
    With Krom’far Fortress safe for the time being and two promotions under your belt, it’s time to engage in another battle at Malaka’jin, which if taken, will ensure the loss of half the zone for the Horde. The quest “Eyes and Ears: Malaka’jin” will lead you there, however along the road before you reach Malaka’jin stop at the barracade along Webwinder Path and complete the quest “The Queen and Her Court” from Darn Talongrip.

    Webwinder Path

    • Tips: N/A

    Once you have taken care of the “small” spider problem it is time to complete your journey to Malaka’jin just a short distance down the road.


    • Tips: The breadcrumb quest “Nura Pathfinder”, leading into the Southern Barrens, will be picked up at this quest hub. Hold on to it for later. 

    After securing the position in Malaka’jin the quest “All’s Quiet on the Southern Front” will take you back to Krom’gar Fortress where you will be receiving yet another promotion in Hellscream’s Army and hopefully bring further glory to the Horde in Stonetalon.

    Krom’gar Fortress

    • Tips: N/A

    You won’t be staying in familiar territory for long. After you gain your promotion to Champion you will be given the important task of escorting a hot air balloon containing a highly explosive bomb to the Sludgeworks meant to wipe out a weapon of mass destruction held by the Alliance for refueling with the quest “Beginning of the End”.

    The Sludgeworks

    • Tips: Despite it’s promising title “The Turd Problem” has nothing to do with you cleaning up actual turds.

    With the hot air balloon refueled and some of the smaller problems at the Sludgeworks taken care of, it’s time to move on to Cliffwalker Post with the quest “Final Delivery”. Here you will finally get the chance to unleash the full fury of the Horde.

    Cliffwalker Post

    • Tips: N/A

    A terrible turn of events reveals corruption in the Horde and all seems lost until the Warchief himself makes a surprise appearance and he and an old Tauren show us once again what it truly means to be part of the Horde. With faith renewed in the new Warchief and the future of the Horde, two paths lie before you leading out of Stonetalon. The quest “Nura Pathfinder”, picked up earlier at Malaka’jin will take you to the aid of the Tauren defending the Southern Barrens at the High Road, while “Nothing Left for You Here” will lead you into Desolace. Your course is yours to choose but for this guide we will be setting our path into the war torn Southern Barrens.

    Zone Resources

    Mageroyal Tin Light Leather Linen
    Kingsblood Silver Light Hide Wool
    Swiftthistle Iron Medium Leather Silk
    Wild Steelbloom Truesilver Medium Hide

    Heavy Leather

    Heavy Hide

    Southern Barrens
    Level 30-35
    Location Central Kalimdor
    Instances Razorfen Kraul
    Quest Hubs
    1. The High Road
    2. Hunter's Hill
    3. Camp Una'fe
    4. Overgrown Camp
    5. Vendetta Point
    6. Desolation Hold
    7. Firestone Point
    8. Spearhead
    Zone Resources
    Resource List

    The Southern Barrens was once part of the larger zone previously known as just the Barrens. Once a peaceful, savannah like zone the Barrens was one of the zones most heavily effected by the Cataclysm and has since been divided into two sub zones; the Northern and Southern Barrens.

    The Southern Barrens is a rather generic term for all the lands that now fall on the southern portion of the Great Divide (a huge lava-filled chasm). The Southern Barrens have seen many other major changes since the Cataclysm including the introduction of the region called the Overgrowth where the efforts of the Druids who have for so long been trying to restimulate life in the Barrens can be seen first hand.

    Despite the promise of new life (regardless of how out of control it may currently be) the Southern Barrens is also home to one of the greatest war zones in the ongoing conflict between the Horde and Alliance. Marring the center of the land lies the Battlescar, a natural bottleneck and one of the most important positions for either side.

    Players who managed to complete the quests in the Stonetalon Mountains will be lead here by the quest “Nura Pathfinder”. Those who do not have this breadcrumb quest for whatever reason can pick up another breadcrumb from the Warchief’s Command Board in Orgrimmar where the quest “Warchief’s Command: Southern Barrens!” will be available. Both quests will lead you to Nura Pathfinder, who can be found along the High Road.

    The High Road

    • Tips: The quest “Eye for an Eye” is picked up and completed inside the tower at Honor’s Stand.

    Honor’s Stand may be lost, but its spirit was not crushed. Several survivors are still holding out at Hunter’s Hill. Follow the quest “Holdout at Hunter’s Hill” to seek these survivors out and offer what help you can.

    Hunter’s Hill

    • Tips: The quest “The Low Road” comes from a Roadway Plans, a quest item dropped from an Honor’s Stand Officer.
    After doing your part to ensure that Honor’s Stand remains isolated, hopefully upping the chances for the Horde to push back the Alliance here once again you will receive the quest “Signals in the Sky”. This quest will have you travel to Camp Una’fe located in the Overgrowth to investigate a distress signal.

    Camp Una’fe

    • Tips: When fighting the notorious Quilboar Sabersnout in the quest “Speaking Their Language” be aware that around halfway through the fight he will call a large number of boars to his aid. These boars have low health and can easily be defeated with AoE spells.

    The Quilboar are subdued, at least for now, and many survivors have been rescued and it’s now time to travel further into the Overgrowth to offer your services elsewhere. At this point you should have two quests leading you onward “A Family Divided” and “A Curious Bloom”. Follow the quest “A Curious Bloom” first and seek out Naralex at the Overgrown Camp.

    Overgrown Camp

    • Tips: N/A
    Much has been learned about the curious creatures now inhabiting the Overgrowth and now it’s time to share the information with others who will know what to do with it. The quest “Winnoa Pineforest” and the quest “A Family Divided” previously picked up from Camp Una’fe will lead you to the next quest hub in the zone; Vendetta Point.

    Vendetta Point

    • Tips: In the quest “Honoring the Dead”, which takes place in Camp Taurajo, two of the Tauren you will need to honor are lying on the ground outside, while the other two can be found inside two separate buildings.
    Vengeance for the destruction and murder at Camp Taurajo has finally begun being served despite the mishaps of the last general in charge in this zone. A full reckoning for this incompetent general is at hand and you will be delivering the news of his fate first hand with the quest “Desolation Hold Inspection” which will send you far to the south to the newly formed outpost Desolation Hold.

    Desolation Hold

    • Tips: N/A
    An unworthy General has been removed from command and great strides have been made at reclaiming the Battlescar in the name of the Horde all with your help, but now it is time to move on from Desolation Hold to the next step in your journey through the Southern Barrens. You should have two quests that will lead you onward; “Firestone Point” and “Tauren Vengeance”. Which quest you choose to follow is up to you, but for the sake of this guide we will be going to Firestone Point first where you may be surprised to find a very familiar face.

    Firestone Point

    • Tips: The quest “Blood of the Barrens” can be obtained from the Carved Boar Idol, a quest item that drops from the Quilboar in the area around Firestone Point. 
    While Mankrik’s heart is still heavy with the death of his wife, the death of many of the Quilboar, including their leader, at your hands as well as a possible new romance is salve for his wounds. Nothing more can be done here and it is time to follow the quest “Tauren Vengeance” to Spearhead where you will be able to make a final blow against the murders of Camp Taurajo.


    • Tips: Apparently placing a hunk of cheese on your head is enough to confuse most Dwarves you are actually a piece of cheese.
    The Dwarven hold at Bael Modan has been eradicated and the spirits of the dead at Camp Taurajo, including Gann, can finally be at peace. Only one quest remains to you, “Next of Kin” will take you into dangerous Dustwallow Marsh where you can alert Gann’s next of kin of his fate. Congratulations on successfully completing the Southern Barrens!

    Zone Resources

    Kingsblood Tin Medium Leather Wool
    Khadgar's Whisker Silver Medium Hide Silk
    Bruiseweed Iron Heavy Leather Mageweave
    Gold Heavy Hide
    Blindweed Small Thorium Vein
    Wild Steelbloom

    Dustwallow Marsh
    Level 35-40
    Location Central Kalimdor
    Instances Onyxia's Lair
    Quest Hubs
    1. Brackenwall Village
    2. Tabetha's Farm
    3. Mudsprocket
    Zone Resources
    Resource List

    Dustwallow Marsh was once a high plain, until the Sundering. The plain was smashed and a valley was created allowing for the water table to bleed to the surface, giving us the Marsh we know today. Navigation through the Marsh can be extremely difficult and those adventuring here should be prepared to constantly adjusting their camera angles thanks to the dense growth found here.

    Fed by underground springs, the Marsh is always wet and muddy and is a favorite spot for crocolisks. Black Dragons have also made the southern portion of the marsh their home and is appropriately named Wyrmbog. Here in the Wyrmbog, Onyxia, the current brood mother of the black dragon flight, can be found deep within her instance lair.

    For those that have completed the quests in the Southern Barrens the quest “Next of Kin” will lead ask you to report to Brackenwall Village where you can report the fate of Gann to his family. If you didn’t complete the quests needed to obtain “Next of Kin” or you simply choose another leveling path, visit the Warchief’s Command Board in Orgrimmar where the quest “Warchief’s Command: Dustwallow Marsh!” will be available which will also take you to Brackenwall Village.

    Upon arrival to Brackenwall you will notice that there will be a ton of quests available for pick up. Brackenwall is the largest quest hub in the zone and will be the central hub from which all the spokes leading about the rest of the Marsh will originate.

    Brackenwall Village

    • Location: See Zone Map (1)
    • Available Quests: Twenty-Eight
    • Elite/Group Quests: Challenge Overlord Mok’Morokk (2)
    • Tips: The eggs needed for “The Brood of Onyxia” can be found inside low lying stumps directly outside Onyxia’s Lair.
    While completing the quests from Brackenwall Village players will find themselves quickly involved in a mystery of sorts with the quest “Shady Rest Inn”. The Inn has apparently been burned to the ground and you are charged with investigating for any clues that may have been left behind. Due to the sheer number of quests from Brackenwall Village, it is suggested that you visit this mini-quest hub whist completing other quests from the Village.

    Shady Rest Inn

    • Tips: There are three quests to pick up here from various items laying about the inn. Be sure to collect them all!
    After you have collected the three clues from the Shady Rest Inn you will head back to Brackenwall where you will further investigate the mystery and continue completing any other quests you have not yet completed.

    Another mini-quest hub branching from Brackenwall Village will open with the quest  “The Hermit of Witch Hill”. This quest will lead you to Swamplight Manor in the northern region of the swamp where you will be investigating some strange happenings that may or may not directly relate to the Manor itself.

    Swamplight Manor

    • Tips: For Hunters or other players with pets, when completing the quest “Marsh Frog Legs” be sure to put your pet on passive, or attack and kill the frogs from range otherwise your pet will kill them and make the frogs unlootable.
    After collecting an unthinkable amount of food to sate Jarl’s appetite and cleansing Swamplight Manor and Witch Hill of its demon problem, one again you will be heading back to Brackenwall Village with the quest “The Lost Report” which can be picked up next to Swamplight Manor in some loose dirt.

    By now you have probably completed most if not all the quests available to you in Brackenwall Village. If this is the case you will probably have the quest “Help Mudsprocket” in your quest log as well as two other quests “Check Up on Tabetha” and “Seek Out Tabetha”. Put Mudsprocket on hold for awhile and prepare to visit the infamous Tabetha instead at her farm in the Quagmire.

    Tabetha’s Farm

    • Tips: The quest “The Grimtotem Weapon” will ask players to kill mobs while using a totem. You MUST get the killing blow on these mobs while under the effects of the totem. The buff is 10 seconds long and refreshes almost instantly after expiring. The easiest way to do this is to turn all pets on passive, and to only kill one mob at a time to prevent the debuff from jumping from mob to mob.
    Head back to Brackenwall Village where you will turn in one final quest “Justice Dispensed” and then it’s time to make one more stop before heading to the Goblin town of Mudsprocket. While questing for Tabetha you should have received the quest “The Zeppelin Crash” where you will be asked to check out a crashed Goblin Zeppelin to the east of Tabetha’s home. Head here next to help out where you can.

    Beezil’s Wreck

    • Tips: Zapping Oozes for the quest “Corrosion Prevention” can be a lot of fun, but don’t forget that you must have the Energized! Buff from the Zeppelin’s energy core otherwise your Ooze Buster simply will not function leaving you at the mercy of the Oozes.
    Collect some cargo, zap some oozes and finally all quests in your log (“Feeling Throny”, “Enemies Abroad”, and “Help Mudsprocket”) including the one you will have just obtained from Beezil’s Wreck (“Delivery for Drazzit”) will point you in one direction; to Mudsprocket!


    • Tips: The feathers for the quest “Bloodfen Feathers” have a horrible drop rate, be prepared to kill A LOT of Raptors for 5 measly feathers wondering all the while why these Raptors are carrying around feathers in the first place.
    Almost as soon as you arrive in Mudsprocket you will obtain the quest “To The Summit” which is the breadcrumb quest leading to you to the next zone in line; Thousand Needles. But before you move on be sure to complete the quests in Mudsprocket by challenging the might of the Black Dragonflight and avenge the Ogres of Stonemaul Hold. Once completed speak with the nearby Wind Rider Master for a free flight to the next zone. Congratulations on successfully completing another zone and reaching level 40!

    Zone Resources

    Fadeleaf Iron Medium Leather Wool
    Kingsblood Silver Medium Hide Silk
    Liferoot Gold Heavy Leather Mageweave
    Goldthorn Mithril Heavy Hide
    Blindweed Truesilver
    Fadeleaf Small Thorium Vein
    Khadgar's Whisker

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