WoW: Horde Leveling Guide - Eastern Kingdoms 10-20

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Level 10-20
Location Southern Quel'Thalas
Instances Zul'Aman
Quest Hubs
1. Tranquillien
2. Farstrider Enclave
3. Sanctum of the Sun
Zone Resources
Resource List

A shadowy and mysterious region Ghostlands is a level 10-20 zone bordering Eversong Woods. Vengeful phantoms and other undead plague this zone and  as such a big part of your questing experience will be addressing this problem. The forest troll 10 player instance of Zul’Aman (70+) can also be found in this zone.  Ghostlands is the only one of the various Horde starting zones that saw no changes in Cataclysm, so leveling here could prove to be a tedious experience especially for those who have completed the quests here more than once.

Unlike other zones Ghostlands is  unique in the aspect, that while there are several quest hubs available, you'll want to  be sure you complete the quests before they become to low level to provide any real use. Much like the spokes on a wheel the quests hubs radiate out from a central quest hub (Tranquillien) and can and should be completed simultaneously.

Tranquillien is the first quest hub you will encounter on your journey in to Ghostlands with the quest “Delivery to Tranquillien” which should have been obtained in Eversong Woods. Upon arriving you will likely notice that very few quests are available, however this will change drastically once your reputation with Tranquillien has reached Friendly which usually occurs after completing one or two quests in the zone.

When a Friendly reputation is reached the first of the breadcrumb quests “Help Ranger Valanna” unlocks leading players on a quest chain that will eventually bring them to the Farstrider Enclave. Be sure to pick up and complete the quests here and the ones from Tranquillien based on level appropriateness. The information related to these two quest hubs can be found below:


  • Location: See Zone Map (1)
  • Total Number of Available Quests: Thirty-Two
  • Elite/Group Quests: Wanted: Knucklerot and Luzran/Anok’suten
  • Tip: This quest hub contains the only flight path in the zone, be sure to grab it or you will find yourself regretting it later!

Farstrider Enclave

  • Location: See Zone Map (2)
  • Total Number of Available Quests: Eleven
  • Elite/Group Quests: None
After completing the quest line related to the Underlight Mine, players will be presented with the breadcrumb quest “Underlight Ore Samples” which needs to be turned in at the final quest hub in the zone, the Sanctum of the Sun. Once again pick up all available quests and complete them along side the other quests remaining from Tranquillien and Farstrider Enclave preferably doing the easiest (lower level) quests first.

The Sanctum of the Sun

  • Location: See Zone Map (3)
  • Available Quests: Eleven
  • Elite/Group Quests: The Traitor’s Destruction
  • Tip: Along the road from Tranquillien to the Sanctum of the Sun lies the Andilien Estate, here is a single quest giver known as Apprentice Vor’el who gives the quest “Clearing the Way’. While this quest spawns no additional quests or gives any special rewards the quest is easy and any extra experience should be welcome. For this reason players should be sure to stop and pick it up

Other Ghostlands Quests

Some quests found in the zone are just a little of the beaten path. Even though you will most likely stumble across them while you quest throughout the zone these quests have been listed below as well as added to the zone map (displayed as an exclamation point) above for your convenience.

  • “Escape From the Catacombs” - Escort Quest found in the Amani Catacombs.
  • "Forgotten Rituals" and "Vanquishing Aquantion"  - Found on the small island in the water between Dawnstar Spire and Suncrown Village.
  • "Underlight Ore Samples" - Quest Giver is found on the cliffs surrounding the Underlight Mine.
Of course nothing can be easy in the Ghostlands and fitting that theme is the apparent lack of a breadcrumb quest found in the zone to take players onward. All hope is not lost though, as the quest chain beginning with the quest “The Traitor’s Destruction” found in the Sanctum of the Sun, will eventually lead players to the Undercity where they will be able to pick up the quest “Warchief’s Command: Hillsbrad Foothills” from the announcement board. Now all that’s left is to make the long journey to reach this destination and continue your questing adventure.

Zone Resources

Peacebloom Copper Ruined Leather Scraps Linen
Silverleaf Tin Light Leather Wool
Earthroot Silver Medium Leather

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