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World of Warcraft - Burning Crusade - Wrath of the Lich King - Cataclysm - Mists of Pandaria

This quick reference guide covers the areas (zones) that you can adventure in and at what levels it is viable and rewarding to do so. The level range is a rough guideline as some players or classes are able to handle more difficult fights than others. Feel free to go at your own pace and just use this as a rough idea of where to be.

[protip]Confused about where to go next in your leveling adventures? Remember,
almost every zone now contains a “breadcrumb”
quest. These quests will lead you from your current zone to the next
zone in line. [/protip]

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Level Range Zone Name Continent PvP Status Notes
1-5 Gilneas City Eastern Kingdoms Contested Worgen Starting Zone
1-5 Kezan Kalimdor Horde Goblin Starting Zone
1-10 Azurmyst Isle Kalimdor Alliance Draenei Starting Zone
1-10 Dun Morogh Eastern Kingdoms Alliance Dwarf / Gnome Starting Zone
1-10 Durotar Kalimdor Horde Orc / Troll Starting Zone
1-10 Elwynn Forest Eastern Kingdoms Alliance Human Starting Zone
1-10 Eversong Woods Eastern Kingdoms Horde Blood Elf Starting Zone
1-10 Mulgore Kalimdor Horde Tauren Starting Zone
1-10 Teldrassil Kalimdor Alliance Night Elf Starting Zone
1-10 Tirisfal Glades Eastern Kingdoms Horde Undead Starting Zone
1-12 Gilneas Eastern Kingdoms Contested Worgen Secondary Zone
1-12 Lost Isles, The Kalimdor Horde Goblin Secondary Zone
10-15 Westfall Eastern Kingdoms Alliance  
10-20 Azshara Kalimdor Horde  
10-20 Bloodmyst Isle Kalimdor Alliance  
10-20 Darkshore Kalimdor Alliance  
10-20 Ghostlands Eastern Kingdoms Horde  
10-20 Loch Modan Eastern Kingdoms Alliance  
10-20 Northern Barrens Kalimdor Horde  
10-20 Silverpine Forest Eastern Kingdoms Horde  
15-20 Redridge Mountains Eastern Kingdoms Contested  
18-25 Ashenvale Forest Kalimdor Contested  
18-25 Duskwood Eastern Kingdoms Contested  
18-25 Hillsbrad Foothills Eastern Kingdoms Contested  
24-30 Arathi Highlands Eastern Kingdoms Contested  
24-30 Northern Stranglethorn Eastern Kingdoms Contested  
24-30 Stonetalon Mountains Kalimdor Contested  
24-30 Wetlands Eastern Kingdoms Contested  
30-35 Cape of Stranglethorn, The Eastern Kingdoms Contested  
30-35 Southern Barrens Kalimdor Contested  
30-35 Hinterlands, The Eastern Kingdoms Contested  
30-40 Desolace Kalimdor Contested Horde Favored
35-45 Dustwallow Marsh Kalimdor Contested  
35-40 Feralas Kalimdor Contested  
35-40 Western Plaguelands Eastern Kingdoms Contested  
35-45 Badlands Eastern Kingdoms Contested  
35-50 Swamp of Sorrows Eastern Kingdoms Contested  
40-45 Eastern Plaguelands Eastern Kingdoms Contested  
40-45 Thousand Needles Kalimdor Contested Horde Favored
45-55 Searing Gorge Eastern Kingdoms Contested  
45-50 Felwood Kalimdor Contested  
45-50 Tanaris Kalimdor Contested  
50-55 Un'Goro Crater Kalimdor Contested  
50-55 Winterspring Kalimdor Contested  
50-55 Burning Steppes Eastern Kingdoms Contested  
55-60 Blasted Lands, The Eastern Kingdoms Contested  
55-60 Deadwind Pass Eastern Kingdoms Contested  
55-60 Silithus Kalimdor Contested  

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Level Range Zone Name Continent PvP Status Notes
58-63 Hellfire Peninsula Outlands Contested  
60-64 Zangarmarsh Outlands Contested  
62-65 Terokkar Forest Outlands Contested  
64-67 Nagrand Outlands Contested  
65-68 Blade's Edge Mountains Outlands Contested  
67-70 Shadowmoon Valley Outlands Contested  
67-70 Netherstorm Outlands Contested  

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Level Range Zone Name Continent PvP Status Notes
68-72 Borean Tundra Northrend Contested  
68-72 Howling Fjord Northrend Contested  
71-75 Dragonblight Northrend Contested  
73-75 Grizzly Hills Northrend Contested  
74-77 Zul'Drak Northrend Contested  
76-78 Sholazar Basin Northrend Contested  
77-80 Crystalsong Forest Northrend Contested  
77-80 Storm Peaks Northrend Contested  
77-80 Icecrown Northrend Contested  
77-80 Wintergrasp Northrend Combat Zone PVP

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Level Range Zone Name Continent PvP Status Notes
80-82 Mount Hyjal Kalimdor Contested  
80-82 Vashj'ir Under the ocean Contested  
82-83 Deepholm Through the Maelstrom Contested  
83-84 Uldum Kalimdor Contested  
84-85 Twilight Highlands Eastern Kingdoms Contested  
84-85 Tol Barad Eastern Kingdoms Contested PVP


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Level Range Zone Name Continent PvP Status Notes
85-86 Jade Forest Pandaria Contested Starting Zone
86-88 Valley of the Four Winds Pandaria Contested  
86-88 Krasarang Wilds Pandaria Contested  
87-88 Kun-Lai Summit Pandaria Contested  
88-90 Townlong Steppes Pandaria Contested  
88-90 Dread Wastes Pandaria Contested  
89-90 Vale of Eternal Blossoms Pandaria Contested  

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