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Check out the brand new mounts coming soon in Patch 5.2.


Patch 5.2 is coming and bringing with it a plethora of new and updated content designed specifically to make just about every World of Warcraft player squeal with delight. From brand spanking new raids to PvP changes, this patch really has a little of everything. One of the overlooked, but still delightful new items players will find in Patch 5.2 is a host of new mounts available to make their very own. Wondering what these new mounts might look like and where to get them? Check out some of the awesome mounts contained in the newest World of Warcraft patch and where to get them below!

Primal Direhorns

Two new factions are available in World of Warcraft Patch 5.2; the Kirin-Tor Offensive for the Alliance and the Sunreaver Onslaught for the Horde. Along with these two new factions comes the expected reputation grind, but with a light at the end of the tunnel. Reaching exalted with either of these factions will earn you the right to purchase one of the awesome dino mounts (Golden Primal Direhorn for Alliance, Crimson Primal Direhorn for Horde) shown in the picture below. These guys are rough and tough and a much needed break from the more standard raptor.


Primordial Direhorns

Don't want to do a reputation grind to get yourself a direhorn of your very own? Four other colors (Amber, Jade, Cobalt, and Slate) are all available if you take on a grind of another kind. Primordial Direhorns drop, at what appears to be a very low rate, from Zandalari Warbringers. These mobs are found dotted around Pandaria as of Patch 5.2 and are easy to spot since they are riding direhrons of their very own.


Raptors are back in a big way in Patch 5.2 and it is no surprise since the Zandalari play a major role in it. The raptor is so big in this patch that a whole island has been dedicated to them. It is on this island that players will be able to find the Black Primal Raptor that drops from Primal Eggs by chance. No reputation is required to collect these eggs, they simply drop from various mobs you kill on the isle.

Another new raptor mount found in Patch 5.2 is the Bone-White Primal Raptor. This raptor comes from a quest of epic proportions. Duly named A Mountain of Dinosaur Bones, this quest comes from Ku-ma the Bone Collector on the Isle of Giants and requires you to collect 9999 Giant Dinosaur Bones. Collecting this mount could take quite a long time.

Green and Red Primal Raptors have also been reported, but as now no one seems to know where to collect them.

Ghastly Charger

The Ghastly Charger was datamined a while back and it has come to light that this scary cool spectral mount is not something you can actually find in game. Instead players wishing to grab this mount as their very own will find it in the latest World of Warcraft Trading Card Game set, Betrayal of the Guardian.

Ghastly Charger

Sky Claw

Finally a perk for the often trod upon Engineers. The Sky Claw is crafted solely by this profession and is reported to require 30 Stabilized Lightning Source and 30 Living Steel. The best part? Apparently this mount can be sold and may potentially net some serious cash for those who have taken up this profession.

Clutch of Ji-Kun and Spawn of Horridon

Currently it seems that no one is really sure where these two mounts will drop, only that in Patch 5.2 they will. Using our super deductive reasoning skills it seems likely that these mounts may come from the raid bosses bearing their names; Ji-Kun and Horridon. Of course no one has had the pleasure of defeating these bosses yet, so this cannot be confirmed until the patch goes live and one of these beauties actually drops.

Cloud Serpent

If you are like me, you are probably already excited to take down the brand new world boss Nalak who is found on the Isle of Thunder. Even more incentive to kill this boss is the potential for the Thundering Cobalt Cloud Serpent to drop. This brand new mount most likely looks like the cloud serpents already in game but with a cool new color. The drop rate is apparently very low and it also requires Exalted reputation with the August Celestials to use.

Cloud Serpent

Armored Skyscreamer

Following the dinosaur theme we have already seen with mounts in Patch 5.2, the Armored Skyscreamer is at long last the Pterodactyl mount many of us have been waiting for. This mount can be obtained once the player completes the Glory of the Thundering Raider. This requires the player to complete more than a few Throne of Thunder raid achievements similar to other “Glory of” achievements before it.

Which of the new mounts introduced in Patch 5.2 are you dying to get? What mounts would you like to see implemented in future World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria patches? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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