Gotta Catch Them All: Cataclysm Pets

Updated Wed, Jan 04, 2012 by Saia

Collecting pets is an obsession for some in World of Warcraft and rightfully so. The cute critters that follow you around as you explore all of Azeroth and beyond provide a nifty way to customize your character and provide a great side attraction.

We’ve been uncovering the different ways to find the various pets, from the recent daily quest hub of the Molten Front, to the deep dark dungeons littering the landscape, and all the way to the recently released Darkmoon Faire. Now it’s time to look at the ones you can find in Cataclysm.

Yes, we might also be done with the expansion, but that just means there isn’t much to do and with the upcoming pet battle system we might as well collect ‘em all. The Cataclysm sundered Azeroth, but it didn’t sunder the ability for random critters to follow us. So let’s get started catching ‘em all.

Baradin Fox

Foxes are cool and they seem to roam all over the PvP hub that is Baradin Hold. This good thing as there’s a small chance that a Fox Kit will drop from one of these innocent, wandering predators. The Fox Kit will then teach you how to summon a red, somewhat fierce-looking Baradin Fox.

Faction balloon

The faction balloon is one of the easiest pets to get.

The Alliance/Horde Balloons

If you’re Horde or Alliance this is probably one of the first pets you’re going to get from the new levelling experience. It’s a simple floating balloon emblazoned with the faction logos and both are quest rewards from the level 20 quest Blown Away.

The quest is given by Jaga in Orgrimmar and Vin in Stormwind and sees you running around the cities retrieving Windswept Balloons. After you’ve collected five, you’ll get the balloon as a reward, alongside some cash and XP.

Crimson Lasher

This little fire-breathing plant was introduced with 4.2 and is obtainable from the Molten Front quest hub. You do have to complete quite a lot of dailies to obtain it though as it’s only purchasable (for 1500g) from Ayla Shadowstorm once you’ve created a Moonwell in phase four. However you can also gain a temporary Crimson Lasher during the daily quests where it has it’s own little questline and acts as a combat companion.

See our Molten Front Pet Guide for more details.

Elementium Geode

Yes, it’s a mining pet! Getting the Geode is relatively simple: just mine Elementium Ore from the various nodes in the Cataclysm zones in Azeroth. The Geode itself is a large rotating collection of floating crystals which actually looks pretty awesome, even if it doesn’t do much.

If you’re not a miner, don’t despair as these turn up on the Auction House quite regularly and usually retail for a couple of hundred gold.

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