Gotta Catch Them All: TCG and The Blizzard Pet Store

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Over the past few weeks, we’ve covered how you can get loads World of Warcraft pets. Today we’re going to look at how you get some of the easiest and hardest; those from the Pet Store and the Trading Card Game.


Landro can help with all your TCG needs.

Trading Card Game Pets

Launched by Blizzard and Upper Deck Entertainment in 2006 and now run by Cryptozoic Entertainment, the Trading Card Game offered players a chance to get super-rare loot cards that offered unique items like consumables, mounts and, of course, loads of pets.

Each set traditionally has three loot cards and you basically have two options to get them and neither is cheap. The first is to avidly collect the cards, either because you’re a player or just have a thing for rare items, and be lucky. The second is even more expensive: buy them online from specialist sites or the slightly riskier eBay.

Getting the pets is simple. You scratch off the foil, redeem the code on the official site, choose which character and realm you want to redeem the code on and get a new code in return. You then have to toddle down to Booty Bay and give the code to Landro Longshot who will give you the loot.

The Hippogryph Hatchling

This adorable little hippogryph was released with the first Trading Card set, Heroes of Azeroth. But, if you can’t get one, don’t worry as his skin was reused on the Cenarion Hatchling which can be purchased on the Blizzard Pet Store for just $10.


Released with Through the Dark Portal, Bananas is an adorably little gorilla summoned by a charmed banana.

The Dragon Kite

March of the Legion, the fourth expansion for the TCG offered up a rather unique pet, a pet which isn’t actually a pet. When summoned. the Dragon Kite appeared in the form of a blue, black, green or red paper dragon, similar to those created in China. The Kite has an added effect of attracting lightening which will travel down the Kite’s string and zap the player periodically, making their screen shake.

Rocket Chicken

The same expansion also featured the truly epic - if not in color - Robot Chicken. This mechanical fowl comes with a pair of rockets stapped to its wings. Every so often, it will launch into the air and explode in a flurry of metal feathers or else return to your side.


A certain lich will send this to his fans.

The Ethereal-Soul Trader

In keeping with the theme of TBC and Outland’s unique creatures, Hunt for Illidan offered up an interesting little companion. This pet, when summoned, appeared as an Ethereal Trader and acts as more than just a mere companion.

Every mob you kill with this pet at your side will see the Trader take a portion of its essence which is turned into currency that will allow you to transmog a non combat pet as well as purchase bindings you can wear that will make you look like an Ethereal.

Spectral Kitten

Of all the mounts released as part of the TCG, the most sought after is, of course, the Spectral Tiger. Even now it still retails for over $500 on eBay and remains a firm fan favourite so what better a way to recognise than with a spectral kitten? Awww.

Tuskarr Kite

The Tuskarr Kite is a player version of one of the many kites seen drifting on the wind in Northrend. It’s also a gorgeous piece of purple loot, even if it’s a simple reskin of the Dragon Kite, right down to the lightening attraction animation. Still, it’s a lovely little companion even if it’s not strictly a pet in the traditional sense.

Landro’s Lil’ XT

Ah Goblins, they’ve got something of a reputation for … shall we say … making cheap replicas of branded goods. In Worldbreaker, Landro unveiled his very own XT pet, based on the ‘official’ Wonderworks version found in the Blizzard Store.

Spectral Kitten

This is what the baby version of a certain epic mount looks like.

Landro’s Lichling

In War of the Elements, Landro expanded his range to include Landro’s Lichling, his unbranded version of the Lil’ KT pet found in the Blizzard store. As with the XT, it’s identical to it’s official counterpart.

Nightsaber Cub

Yep, time for another cat. This cub was the common loot card released as part of the Twilight of the Dragon’s expansion. It’s mini pet version of all those poor level one nightsabers Night Elf newbies have to kill in their starter zone.

Purple Puffer Fish

Released just before Cataclysm, Throne of the Tides offered up a marine inspired pet which was perfect for explorers wandering in Vash’jir. The pet is a tiny puffer fish encapsulated in it’s own bubble of sea water (this model was later reused in Darkmoon Island’s Sea Pony).

Gregarious Grell

Ahh Grells, the Murlocs of the land. They’re annoying little creatures and also a loot pet from the Crown of Heaven expansion.

Sand Scarab

Featured in the Uldum themed expansion set Tomb of the Forgotten is a sweet little pet. Yes, it’s a Sand Scarab of your very own … a tiny, scuttling dung beetle will follow you on your travels. Lovely.

Eye of the Legion

Recently datamined by the usual suspects, the Eye of the Legion has just been confirmed on the new PTR as Timewalkers: War of the Ancients collectable pet, the next expansion set to be released by Cryptozoic. It’s a floating green eye just like those found on the bridge during the Well of Eternity as you head up to fight Azshara’s minions.

Nice article about tall the TCG and pets store pets! Just one correction.

The Purple Puffer fish was not released before Cataclysm. Throne of the Tides came out in October 2011, but the Puffer fish was not redeemable in game until 4.3 as it was not actually in the game files.

Useful articles and information about cars and used cars are hardly found anywhere;

Crown of the Heavens, Tomb of the Forgotton, and War of the Ancients in the TCG are not yet released. A little research goes a long way.

I am kind of concerned about the new Pokemon aspect of WoW. Will each pet have special abilities? Will the ones that are purchased/obtained through outside sources give any kind of advantage? Will my Mini-Tyreal from the 2008 invitational (that you can't get anymore) give me an advantage?

I really hope these hard to get pets do not give an advantage in pet combat. If they do, tt would mean that many players will feel cheated because they can't get some of the pets anymore (like Tyreal) or because it could easily become a pay 2 win aspect of the game (my pet store KT is more powerful than your Leaper Hatchling so I win).

blizz has already addressed this in blue posts. there will be no power advantage for rare pets. all pets will scale the same as they lvl up and as you gain new abilitys for your pets.

They should create a foal version of the celestial steed as a pet (without tack)

Good game there..I love it..

Hi, guys The information is so wonderful, I am interested in it.

Was für Kunsthaar verwendest du denn?
Ich habe selber viele Kunsthaarperücken unterschiedlicher Qualität zu hause und von daher kann ich einiges dazu sagen:
1. Besorge dir am besten einen Perückenkopf + einen Ständer (es muss kein perückenständer sein, man muss den Kopf nur

darauf stecken können). Damit ist das Waschen nämlich leichter. Du kannst das Wasser einfach über den Kopf laufen lassen

und gezielt an manchen Stellen einwirken (Wenn du sie durchs Wasser ziehst dann verknoten sie leichter)
2. Nimm lauwarmes Wasser, auf keinen Fall so heiß wie man z.b. gerne im Winter duscht. Wenn du eine hitzeresistente Faser

hast fällt das weg aber dazu bräuchte ich eben mehr Infos
3.Ich wasche meine Perückenmeistens nach dem Tragen und verwende dazu immer ein

Duschgel. Klappt eigentlich ganz gut aber irgendwann werde ich mal in Perückenshampoos investieren.
4. Kämmen im Nasszustand verboten! Wenn sie ca. halb trocken sind kannst du sie theoretisch ein bisschen verlesen (das

mache ich nur mit besonders verfilzten Exemplaren wo eh schon die Hoffnung fast gestorben ist) und erst wenn sie

durchgetrocknet sind würde ich sie kämmen. Im Idealfall mit einem Kamm der nicht statisch auflädt
Im Allgemeinen empfehle ich Perückenhändler auf Ebay (meistens von China, Qualität ist aber oft sehr gu), dort lässt sich

auch Problemlos Zubehör finden wie z.b.Perücken Haarnetze,

Shampoos etc.

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