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Basic guide to the Engineering profession in World of Warcraft.

Engineering is one of the many choices players have when it comes to primary professions in World of Warcraft. A crafting type of profession, Engineering allows the player to take various materials, some of which are collected by gathering professions, and turn them into a diverse variety of items. While Engineering can be considered useful for some most take up this profession solely for the fun aspect of it’s creations.

Training Engineering

Before you can start down the road of Engineering you first need to train it as one of your two primary professions. Doing this is simple, just seek out the nearest Engineering Trainer. Engineering Trainers can be found in all capital cities for both factions and can also sometimes be found in other more remote locations. If you find that you are having difficulty locating a trainer, speak with the nearest city guard who will point you in the right direction.

Once you have located a trainer you will be able to learn Apprentice Engineering for a small fee. This first level of Engineering will give you a potential skill level of 75 and also supply you with some basic schematics. As you skill up you will be able to return to the trainer to increase your rank in the profession. Check out the handy chart below for more information on Engineering skill levels:

Rank Skill Levels
Apprentice 1-75
Journeyman 50-150
Expert 125-225
Artisan 200-300
Master (The Burning Crusade) 300-375
Grand Master (WotLK) 375-450
Illustrious (Cataclysm) 425-525
Zen Master (MoP) 525-600


Schematics are plans learned by Engineers to enable them to create the various items available to them in game. Many schematics will be learned directly from your Engineering Trainer, while others will need to be purchased by special vendors or be found as world drops.

Using Engineering

Now that you have trained Engineering and have learned a few basic schematics from your trainer, you probably are probably ready to create something with your newly learned profession. Creating something with Engineering requires three basic steps:

  • Choose a schematic you’d like to use.
  • Obtain materials for this schematic.
  • Choose Engineering from the professions menu, choose the correct schematic, and click “Create”.

After a few seconds your shiny new item will be created. Unlike some professions, this process can be completed any time and in nearly any location throughout the world.

Skilling Up Engineering

As a production profession Engineering requires that you earn skill levels by crafting the various schematics in your arsenal. You can find the schematics currently available to you by opening up the professions menu and selecting Engineering. You will notice at this time that each pattern is color coated with one of five color shades. These colors are vitally important to skilling up. Each color indicates what chance you have of earning a skill point when you create that particular item. Check out the chart below to see the skill up chance associated with each of the colors:

Color Skill-Up Chance
Red Unable to craft at this time.
Orange A skill point will always be gained.
Yellow A skill point will most likely be gained.
Green A skill point will likely not be gained.
Gray A skill point will never be gained.

Engineering Specialization

Engineering is one of the few professions left in World of Warcraft that still offers players the option to choose a specialization. Engineers may choose either Goblin or Gnomish schools of this profession after completing a unique quest. Each school will allow the player to craft unique items, some of which will not be available to the opposing school. Don’t fret about the choice overly much, both schools are full of interesting and fun things. If you truly feel you have made a mistake, you can change your school for a small fee by visiting Narain Soothfancy in the north-east corner of Tanaris.

Engineering Profession Perk

You have probably noticed by now that when hovering over the Engineering icon in your professions tab that the Perk section of the information is strangely missing. While it is true that the Engineer can expect no conventional perks like Gem Perfection offered to Jewelcrafters or Toughness offered to Miners, this profession is far from without any perks.

Special trinkets, fun items, epic goggles, and glove, belt, and cape enchants are all things that players have to look forward to by choosing this profession. In fact many Engineers will tell you that every item they make using this profession is all the perk they need.

Complimentary Professions

While it can be argued that any profession can compliment Engineering there is one that stands out above the rest; Mining. Engineers can use most of the materials gathering from Mining to create their various schematics. This will not only save the Engineer time, but also valuable cash. If you choose not to take up Mining as your secondary profession it is suggested that you consider doing so on an alternate character.

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