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Goblins are the newest Horde race introduced in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm with the Worgen being their Alliance counterparts. Until now Goblins have always been neutral players in the world at large, but due to a set of unforeseeable events (that players will get to experience personally while adventuring in the Goblin starting zone) one group of Goblins, will be forced to pledge their allegiance to the Horde. Being a notoriously money hungry and destructive race Goblins are an interesting addition to the Horde indeed. Find out more about the Goblin race below:

Goblin History

Native to the island of Kezan the Goblins were once the woebegone and rather stupid slaves of the jungle Trolls on the Isle of Kezan. Forced to mine the subterranean tunnels found all over the island the Goblins eventually stumbled on the mysterious and very valuable Kaja’mite. Unbeknownst to Troll or Goblin the mineral they had discovered had magical properties that caused some very unexpected side effects, causing the Goblins to increase their intelligence by leaps and bounds.

With this new found intelligence the Goblins eventually overthrew their Troll masters. After taking over Kezan for their own and turning their once prison into the booming Goblin city of Undermine, the Goblins began to establish themselves as master technicians, selling their goods across Azeroth. Trade Princes, usually the cleverest and most cunning Goblins, arose after the First War as rulers of the Goblin world. The Goblins were able to amass a great fortune and Kezan quickly became one of the greatest trading hubs the world has ever seen.

During the Second War one of the Trade Prines agreeded to an alliance with the Horde. After the Horde's devastating defeat the Goblins realized that they would be able to make far more profit if  they pledged their loyalty to no one. Thus by the end of the Third War Goblins were trading with both Horde and Alliance, but not for long...

Recently after the rise of Deathwing and a series of rather unfortunate events the Goblins have found an enemy in the Alliance and have reforged their relations with their ally of old, the Horde.

Starting Zone

Fresh Goblin players begin their journey on the Isle of Kezan, the tropical homeland of the Goblin race. Filled with palm trees, luscious fruits and beautiful flowers, Kezan is the largest and southernmost island of the South Sea Islands and at one time was filled with trade ports and cities small and large. However, new Goblins will only get to experience a tiny portion of the Isle, spending most of their time in the grungy city of Kezan which also houses the infamous Bligewater Port.

Map of Kezan.

Being a phased zone, new Goblin players cannot leave Kezan without completing the quest line here, nor can they go back once they have left the island. While doing quests here players will meet Trade Prince Gallywix, who is the current (and very corrupt) leader of the cartel. The main quest giver here is Sassy Hardwrench, your personal assistant and friend. Goblin players will have use of a Hot Rod for the extent of their stay on the Isle.

Once the quests on here have been completed Goblin players will be forced (thanks to the appearance of Deathwing) to move onwards and will eventually find themselves shipwrecked on the Lost Isles, a chain of islands located south of Azshara and north of Durotar. Here the Goblins will realize a new enemy in the Alliance and forge a bond with the Horde. Want to know all the details on how the Goblins ended up here and how the story ends? Create a new Goblin character and find out!

Racial Abilities

Goblins, like all other races, have several distinct racial abilities that reflect the overall personality of their race. Because of this Goblin racial abilities are a superb mix of fun and utility. These abilities are:

Ability Name Description
Best Deals Anywhere
Passive Ability. Always receive the best discount regardless of faction standing.
Better Living Through Chemistry 
Passive Ability. Alchemy skill increased by 15.
Pack Hobgoblin
Calls in your personal servent, allowing you access to the bank for 1 minute. This ability has a 30 minute cooldown.
Rocket Barrage
Launches your belt rockets at an ememy dealing fire damage. This ability has a 2 minute cooldown shared with Rocket Jump.
Rocket Jump
Activates your rocket belt to jump forward. This ability has a 2 minute cooldown shared with Rocket Barrage.
Time is Money
Passive Abilitiy. Cash in on a 1% increase to attack and casting speed.


Goblins players will be able to choose from the following classes:

Racial Mount

The Goblin racial mount is a three-wheeled mechanical vehicle known as the Trike. Although Similar to the Mekgineer's Chopper and Mecanohog, Trikes do not permit more than one passenger to ride at a time. Trikes can be purchased in the Goblin Slums in Orgrimmar.


An example of a Goblin Trike.

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