WoW Cataclysm: Ramkahen Reputation Guide

Ramkahen History

The Ramkahen, Ramen Noodle Kahen, Ramka Noodle Ding Dong, or whatever your favorite fun  and creative name alternative for them may be, are a cat-like people found in the newly opened zone of Uldum. The Ramkahen are direct but very distant descendants of  the once mighty Tol‘vir who were created solely for the purpose of safeguarding the mysterious secrets of the Titans, a race of powerful creatures closely akin to Gods.

In order to better protect these valuable secrets the early Ramkahen race were graced with nearly impenetrable stone bodies. However, much like in the Biblical story of Adam and Eve, the Ramkahen succumbed to the Curse of the Flesh and their stone bodies vanished seemingly forever. Today the Ramkahen are still a proud and noble race, and still dedicated to protecting the secrets of old despite the many changes their race has experienced over the centuries.

Unlocking the Ramkahen

While it may be tempting to simply fly into Uldum and begin questing to unlock this faction, it is simply not possible. As one of the most phased zones in Cataclysm it’s not surprising to find that first players must complete a set of opening quests that will not only unlock other quests in the zone, but will eventually lead them directly into Ramkahen, the capital city of the Ramkahen race.

Players will gain access to the quest that will lead them into Uldum around level 83 from either the Hero’s Call Board for Alliance players, or the Warchief’s Command Board for Horde players. A breadcrumb quest line leading to Uldum can also be found in Deepholm opening at level 83 within the player’s respective faction’s room in the Temple of Earth.

Once you have any of above mentioned quests you will find yourself headed for Tanaris where you will meet up with Adarrah and her caravan and pick up the quest “Easy Money” which is the required first quest for unlocking all other quests in the zone. Players will be asked to escort Adarrah’s caravan into Uldum. Of course in WoW nothing ever goes smoothly and you will find yourself and the rest of your caravan overtaken and held captive with Prince Nadun by the nefarious Neferset, constant enemies of the Ramkahen.

In order to escape from the clutches of the Neferset you must complete a series of quests which will unlock the rest of Uldum, and are therefore required for any other questing in the zone. The quests you must complete before moving further into Uldum are as follows:

  • Easy Money
  • Traitors!
  • Smoke in Their Eyes
  • Kavem the Callous
  • Budd’s Plan
  • Escape From the Lost City

Once you have completed the above mentioned quests you will be transported to the city of Ramkahen and other quests in the zone will be yours for the taking.

Earning Ramkahen Reputation

Players will start out Neutral with the Ramkahen faction. Completing the available Uldum quests is enough to effectively attain Honored status. To gain further reputation and eventually reach Exalted will require players to follow one or both of the below methods for earning Ramkahen reputation:

To gain further reputation with the Ramkahen will require players to pick up the [Tabard of Ramkahen] which can be purchased from the Quartermaster once Friendly reputation is reached. Completing instances with this tabard equipped with gain you reputation with the faction from all bosses and mobs killed inside.

Each completed heroic instance has the potential to earn the player around 3000 reputation, with normal mode instances earning significantly less. Reputation gains inside each instance depend greatly on the number of bosses and mobs available for killing. The more bosses and mobs an instance holds, the larger the amount of reputation gained.

The Ramkahen have only two daily quests available to players, making Exalted much harder to gain for this faction compared to many other Cataclysm based factions. However, completing these every day or as often as possible will still make your quest for reputation much faster.

[83] Thieving Little Pluckers

Smash 30 Sand Pygmies with the Tehret Dynasty Mallet.
  • Questgiver: Nomarch Teneth
  • Reputation Gained: 150
Tips: This could be one of the most perfect daily quests in existence. It’s simple, fun, and fast. To obtain this quest seek out Nomarch Teneth, located in the Tahret Grounds. He will explain to you his little Pygmy problem and provide you with the Tahret Dynasty Mallet which will be used for some good old fashioned Pygmy smashing. Now simply seek out the towers of Sand Pygmies found near the trees in the Tahret Grounds and use the provided mallet to teach them a lesson. Please note the Pygmy towers will attack you so use the mallet on them quickly.

[83] Fire From the Sky

Kill 100 Schnottz Troopers while mounted on the Confiscated Artillery.
  • Questgiver: Weathered Nomad
  • Reputation Gained: 250
Tips: To complete this quest simply pick up the quest from the Weathered Nomad,  who can be found a top Pilgrim’s Precipice in northern Uldum. Once the quest is obtained join him inside the Confiscated Artillery where it will be your job to place down targets indicating where the next strike should fall. Once inside the vehicle a typical vehicle bar will appear with only one option; Designate Target. Click this button and you will be granted a green circle, move your mouse and click to place the circle and within a few seconds fiery death will rain upon your enemies. Since this attack takes a few seconds to happen, placing the circle ahead of moving enemies is a good idea.

Reputation Rewards

Item Name Type/Slot Spec
Tabard/Tabard Any

Item Name Type/Slot Spec
Mail/Wrist Physical DPS
Plate/Feet Healing
Cloth/Back Melee DPS
Finger/Finger Healing

Item Name Type/Slot Spec
Enchant/Head Physical DPS
Cloth/Chest Spell DPS
Finger/Finger Melee DPS
Leather/Waist Physical DPS
Mail/Waist Healing

Item Name Type/Slot Spec
Cloth/Feet Spell DPS
Plate/Wrist Tanking
Plate/Waist Healing
Neck/Neck Melee DPS

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