WoW Cataclysm: Wildhammer/Dragonmaw Reputations Guide

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Wildhammer History

The Wildhammer Dwarf Clan made it’s first appearance in game in the vast wilderness of the Hinterlands. The Wildhammer dwarves are fierce warriors and often tend to be distrustful and removed from those of other races, especially Goblins. Like all other Dwarves found in the world the Wildhammer are direct descendants of the Earthen.

Wildhammer Dwarves have various clans each ruled by a Thane, the strongest Thane rules supreme at Aerie Peak in the Hinterlands. These Dwarves are most famous for their unique relationship with Gryphons, treating them like equals instead of pets or mounts.  It is because of this relationship with the Wildhammer Dwarves that the Alliance has been able to use the proud creatures as their primary mode of transportation throughout the world.

While the Wildhammer Clan has been around for awhile, the faction was actually removed from the game in Patch 2.0.1. However, with the release of Cataclysm the faction has been given a fresh new lease on life and has been reintroduced as a prominent faction in the Twilight Highlands.

Unlocking the Wildhammer

To unlock the Wildhammer faction players will first need to gain access to the Twilight Highlands. When players reach level 84 a quest entitled “Hero’s Call: Twilight Highlands!” will become available at the Hero’s Call Board that can be found in Stormwind City, Ironforge, Darnassus, or Exodar. Once this quest is obtained players will need to follow a rather lengthy quest line that will eventually lead them to the Twilight Highlands.

A list of the quests needed to be complete to fully access the zone is below:

  • Heros Call: Twilight Highlands!
  • My Son, the Prince
  • Twilight Investigation
  • The Usual Suspects
  • Peasant Problems
  • Unholy Cow
  • He’s Hold Out on Us
  • Expert Opinion
  • The Old Barracks
  • Cataclysm in the Catacombs
  • A Villian Unmasked
  • Twilight Shores
  • Twilight Shores
  • Welcome to Highbank!

Once this quest line is complete a variety of other quests will open. From this point on almost every quest completed in the Twilight Highlands will earn reputation towards the Wildhammer Clan faction.

Earning Wildhammer Reputation

Upon entering the Twilight Highlands players will start out Neutral with the Wildhammer faction. Players who complete all the available quests in the zone will easily find themselves Honored with this faction. To gain further reputation with the faction players will need to use one of the two methods detailed below:

Daily Quests

Several Daily Quests become available to players once a large portion of the zone’s quest line is completed. All Wildhammer daily quests can be found inside Thundermarr and allow players the chance to gain extra reputation relatively easily:

[84] Keeping the Dragonmaw at Bay

Kill Dragonmaw Marauders and collect 8 Dragonmaw Insignias.
  • Questgiver: Colin Thundermar
  • Reputation Gained: 250
Tips: This quest takes place inside the Thundermar Ruins found south, east, and southwest of Thundermar itself. Here players will need to seek out Dragonmaw Marauders. Kill these until you have gained 8 Dragonmaw Insignias and the quest will be complete. It should also be noted that named mobs within the Ruins also have the potential to drop the needed insignias for this quest.

[84] Fight Like a Wildhammer

Collect 10 Kegs of Thundermar Ale from the Thundermar Ruins.

  • Questgiver: Low Shaman Blundy
  • Reputation Gained: 250
Tips: To complete this quest players will need to head to the Thundermar Ruins, found south east, and southwest of Thundermar. Here players will be looking for kegs that resemble wooden barrels. Kegs can be found directly outside and inside buildings, including the basements. Looting this ale will eventually produce the smashed effect and will provide the player with the Frothing Rage buff which increases the players damage output by 5% while they are in the Twilight Highlands.

[84] Never Leave a Dinner Behind

Collect 10 Wildhammer Food Stores.

  • Questgiver: Low Shaman Blundy
  • Reputation Gained: 250
Tips: For this quest players will be heading into the Thundermar Ruins, found south, east, and southwest of Thundermar to get some grub. The food needed can be found inside and outside the buildings and comes in a variety of forms, including haunches of meat, hanging fish, and loaves of bread.  The needed Food Stores will also sparkle like any other quest item.

[84] Warlord Halthar is Back

Slay Warlord Halthar.

  • Questgiver: Craw MacGraw
  • Reputation Gained: 350
Tips: This quest is considered a 2 player group quest, however, most players will find it easily soloable. Players will need to seek out Warlord Hathar who spawns in the south western most part of the Ruins near the well. Once engaged the nearby Dwarf NPCs will assist you in killing Hathar making the fight significantly easier, but players should still steer clear of his devastating whirlwind attack. The spawn time for Hathar is rather long, so even though this can be soloed it is a good idea to invite any other nearby players waiting for the spawn to your group.

[84] Beer Run

Speak with Hammelhand on the road southeast of Thunderstrike Mountain and escort a supply caravan to Kirthhaven.

  • Questgiver: Colin Thundermar
  • Reputation Gained: 250
Tips: To begin this escort quest players must seek out Hammelhand who can be found on the southeast side of Thunderstrike Mountain (see map to the side for exact location). Once players have spoken with Hammelhand they will be charged with escorting several barrel pushing NPCs. These NPCs will follow the road directly to Kirthhaven, however like most escort quests the way will not be easy. From time to time mobs will spawn and attack the NPCs your job is to take these mobs out before they kill the NPCs you are escorting.

This quest can become difficult especially when more than one person is attempting to complete it at one time. It’s easy to get multiple people and their escort NPCs stacked on top of each other making it nearly impossible to tell which NPCs are yours. If this is the case your best bet is to simply wipe out any and all aggressive mobs that appear. NPC health will reset once the mobs are defeated. If you hear a boom, that means one of the barrel pushing NPCs has died, lose both of your NPCs and you will fail the quest and need to begin again.


To gain further reputation with this faction players also have the option of purchasing the [Tabard of the Wildhammer Clan] from the faction’s Quartermaster once they have reached Friendly reputation. Completing instances with this Tabard equipped will gain the player reputation with this faction from all bosses and mobs killed inside said instance.

Each completed heroic instance has the potential to yield around 3000 reputation, with normal mode instances earning significantly less. Reputation gains inside each instance depends greatly on the number of bosses and mobs present in each. The more bosses and mobs an instance holds, the larger the amount of potential reputation to be gained.

Players interested in serious reputation gains and who are part of an active guild should keep in mind that if your guild reaches level 4 the Mr. Popularity perk will be unlock. This perk increases the reputation gained from killing monsters and completing quests by 5%.

Wildhammer Reputation Rewards

Item Name Type/Slot Spec
Tabard/Tabard Any

Item Name Type/Slot Spec
Cloth/Hands Spell DPS
Leather/Legs Physical DPS
Leather/Shoulder Healing
Mail/Head Spell DPS/Healing

Item Name Type/Slot Spec
Finger/Finger Spell DPS
Mail/Head Physical DPS
Plate/Head Tanking
Plate/Hands Melee DPS
Enchant/Head Melee DPS

Item Name Type/Slot Spec
Neck/Neck Spell DPS
Leather/Hands Physical DPS
Leather/Waist Healing
Plate/Feet Tanking

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