Wrath of the Lich King Reputation Guide for Rogues

Gearing up at level 80 in World of Warcraft can be done in many different ways, but one of the most productive ways you can go about it is by earning reputation. The advantages to reputation items is that they can be earned completely solo if need be (though it's much faster by grouping). Join Jeff Francis as he takes a look at Roguish reputation rewards.

As you claw and fight your way across Northrend, you will soon realize that you’ll need better gear if you want to hit all the cool instances and survive. What’s a good way to do that, you ask? Well, sit down and prepare yourself, fellow rogue, you’ll have to do something totally alien to our nature…….you’ll have to earn it. Hey, hey! Put that blade back in its sheath. There’s no need to resort to violence. I’m here to help. What I have to say is sad, but you’ll have to…..shudder….work hard to get some nice gear. How so? Well, my friend, the answer is factions.

In Northrend, there are 10 factions that you can gain reputation with and, through that reputation, purchase some nifty equipment. We’ll examine each faction, show what useful (to rogues) items they provide, how to gain reputation with the factions, and roughly how long it’ll take to achieve higher levels of reputation.

To begin with, each faction provides items based upon your reputation with that specific faction. The higher your rep, the better the items are. Below is a handy-dandy (look at my fancy wizard talk!) chart showing the levels of reputation.

Reputation Level Reputation Points needed for next level
Neutral 3000
Friendly 6000
Honored 12000
Revered 21000

To gain reputation with each faction, you can do any of the following three things: do normal quests that pertain to that faction as you level, do daily quests for that specific faction, and wear a tabard (if that faction has a tabard available) whilst doing level 80 dungeons. Listed below are the Northrend factions.

Northrend Factions
Faction Name Tabard Notes
Alliance Vanguard Alliance Only
Horde Expedition Horde Only
Argent Crusade Yes
Frenzyheart Tribe Sholozar Basin
Kirn Tor Yes
Knights of the Ebon Blade Yes
Oracles Sholozar Basin
Sons of Hodir
Wyrmrest Accord Yes

How long does it take to raise your reputation, you ask? Basically, daily quests can give you from 750 to 1500 reputation per day. For some factions, such as the Sons of Hodir, you can gain access to a few more daily quests when your reputation hits a certain level with them (normally Honored). A heroic instance normally averages out to about 2000 reputation total, given to whatever faction tabard you’re wearing at the time. If you’re not wearing a tabard, then your reputation will go to either Alliance Vanguard or Horde Expedition, based upon whichever side you’re on.

Therefore, on the average, you’re looking at about 4 days from Neutral to Friendly (even though you should start out with a Friendly rep just by having completed the quests needed to get to level 80), another 4-7 days to get from Friendly to Honored, 8 days to get from Honored to Revered, and then 13+ days to go from Revered to Exalted. Naturally, doing level 80 dungeons whilst wearing a tabard can speed the process along.

So which faction gives you awesome goodies and which ones give you crap? Let’s take a quick look at what’s available for rogues. By the time you hit 80, you should be right at Revered status for either Alliance Vanguard or Horde Expedition and Honored with one or two of the other factions just by the questing to level 80.

Alliance Vanguard
Reward Type Faction Needed
Vanguard Soldier’s Dagger Dagger Revered
Sawed-Off Hand Cannon Ranged Revered
Arcanum of the Savage Gladiator Enchantment Exalted

Horde Expedition
Reward Type Faction Needed
Warsong Shanker Dagger Revered
Sin'dorei Recurve Bow Ranged Revered
Arcanum of the Savage Gladiator Enchantment Exalted

Argent Crusade
Reward Type Faction Needed
Arcanum of the Fleeting Shadow Enchantment Honored
Cloak of the Holy Extermination Back Honored
Zombie Sweeper Shotgun Ranged Revered
Arcanum of the Stalwart Protector Enchantment Revered
Boots of the Neverending Path Feet Exalted

Frenzyheart Tribe
Reward Type Faction Needed
Azure Strappy Pants Legs Revered
Stolen Vrykul Harpoon Ranged Revered
Frenzyheart Insignia of Fury Trinket Exalted

Reward Type Faction Needed
Pattern: Dragonscale Ammo Pouch Leatherworking Honored
Whale-Skin Breastplate Chest Honored
Pattern: Trapper's Taveling Pack Leatherworking Revered
Traditional Flensing Knife Dagger Revered

Kirin Tor
Reward Type Faction Needed
Arcanum of the Flame's Soul Enchantment Honored
Lightblade Rivener Dagger Honored
Mind-Expanding Leggings Legs Revered

Knights of the Ebon Blade
Reward Type Faction Needed
Arcanum of Toxic Warding Enchantment Honored
Pattern: Nerubian Reinforced Quiver Leatherworking Honored
Unholy Persuader Fist Weapon Honored
Arcanum of Torment Enchantment Revered
Reaper of Dark Souls Sword Revered
Darkheart Chestguard Chest Exalted

Reward Type Faction Needed
Glitterscale Wrap Waist Revered
Oracle Talisman of Ablution Trinket Exalted

Sons of Hodir
Reward Type Faction Needed
Lesser Inscription of the Pinnacle Enchantment Honored
Arcanum of the Frosty Soul Enchantment Honored
Lesser Inscription of the Axe Enchantment Honored
Pattern: Mammoth Mining Bag Leatherworking Honored
Spaulders of Frozen Knives Shoulders Honored
Greater Inscription of the Axe Enchantement Exalted

Wyrmrest Accord
Reward Type Faction Needed
Arcanum of the Eclipsed Moon Enchantment Honored
Fang of Truth Sword Honored
Cloak of Peaceful Resolution Back Honored
Dragonfiend Bracers Wrist Exalted

If you’re using daggers, then definitely pick up the daggers from either Alliance Vanguard or Horde Expedition. If you’re using a sword build, then grab the Fang of Truth from the Wyrmrest Accord. Ignore the Oracles faction totally. The trinket is only useful for PvP, whilst the waist item is comparable to the one dropped in Utgarde Keep. Grab whichever Arcanum most thrills you or pick up the Arcanum of Triumph in Wintergrasp. While the faction Arcanums add Stamina, the Triumph one adds attack power, which rogues always need. After you grab the basic rewards available, I would suggest going for the Whale-Skin Breastplate from the Kalu’ak, followed by the Spaulders of the Frozen Knives from the Sons of Hodir or the Cloak of the Holy Extermination from the Argent Crusade. After that, it totally depends upon which epic item you want the most. If you’re doing a sword build, then grind out the Knights of the Ebon Blade. You’ll get a nice sword at Revered, and an awesome epic chest piece at Exalted. Don’t be afraid to switch gears if you get a great drop in a dungeon. If you’re grinding towards some boots and a sweet pair of them drop for you, but they’re not quite as good as the epic you’re going for, then switch to a different faction to grind. You can always come back later to go for the epic, and you’ll get a bigger return on your time investment by upgrading a different piece of gear that needs it more. As much as I hate to say it, get to work!

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