WoW Patch 5.3 - Blood in the Snow Scenario Guide

A guide to the World of Warcraft scenario: Blood in the Snow Patch 5.3.
Blood in the Snow Scenario

This scenario is one of the ones added to the game in Patch 5.3. Blood in the Snow is presented from an Alliance point of view and takes place just outside of Iron Forge in Dun Morogh. It focuses on stopping a Zandalar plot to align with the Frostmane trolls in the area.

The scenario shows how the three Dwarf factions have a deep mistrust of each other and as a result only Moira Bronzebeard of the Dark Iron clan is willing to risk helping the leader of the Alliance, Varian, and leave her place at Iron Forge unprotected while away. Help the Dwarves and Humans stop the troll advance and save Iron Forge, and prove the loyalty of the Dark Iron clan.

To start this scenario for the first time you need to visit Lorewalker Cho in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. There he will give you an introduction to the backstory and then you can queue for the scenario.

The scenario is made up of six separate stages that happen at the locations as shown on the map below.

Blood in the Snow Scenario Map

Stage 1: The Mountaineers

In this first stage all you really need to do is listen to the story line unfold. Varian and Moria talk for a little while discussing the unnatural snow storm ahead and how it has to be a trap. It is decided that you are to be sent ahead as the Alliance Champions to clear the path and given a new ability. That ability is to mark a target for the Dark Iron snipers to attack. Once the conversation ends, so does this stage of the scenario.

Blood in the Snow Scenario Stage 1

Stage 2: Save Scout Stonebeard

Blood in the Snow ability
The scenario grants all players this ability while in it.

The second stage of the scenario is where the scenario really starts. You are sent up the mountain on your first task, to rescue one of the dwarf scouts.

The first scout is just up the hill surrounded by a group of regular trolls and an elite. In addition there are several patrols that march around the entire scenario map, you may or may not need to clear them all, depending how careful your team is.

Stage 3: Save Scout Boldbrew

The third stage is much the same as stage two where you need to rescue another scout just a short distance away.

Again the scout is surrounded by several trolls and there are patrols throughout the area.

Stage 4: Save Scout Forgefellow

The fourth stage is again to rescue a captured scout, but this time there is a nasty named troll there called Bonechiller Barafu. This is in addition to the normal group of trolls that you found with the previous scouts. Your main issue will be with Bonechiller Barafu however. This is due to her ability to cast ice zones that will snare you in position for 15 seconds unless you avoid them.

If you are able to move around fast enough to get away from the snares, your should not have any issues.

Blood in the Snow Scenario Stage 4

Stage 5: The Cold Cave

The fifth stage can be found at the top of the mountain past several groups of trolls. In a cave there you will find the ice elemental Farastu. You need to defeat him to stop the storm so that the Dark Iron dwarves can engage the other trolls.

Farastu has only a few abilities to watch for. They are an ice spike that will spawn under players doing damage to you if you do not move away before it erupts, and a freeze that can encase players in ice. The ice spike is simple to avoid as a warning rune will spawn under you about 3 seconds before it erupts which should be more than enough time for all but the slowest players. The freeze is also simple to deal with, as it only requires the other players to switch targets to the encased player for a few seconds to DPS through the ice to free them.

Once Farastu is defeated you hear the charge of the Dark Iron dwarves against the troll leader and are sent to the fray to help.

Blood in the Snow Scenario Stage 5

Final Stage: Victory or Death

This final stage is set at the heart of the troll village and has you help Moria and her troops against the mighty troll leader, Hekima.

There are two things to worry about in the Hekima fight, AOE damage and healing. Throughout the fight Hekima will place void zones around the battle field that deal damage if you stand in them, so make sure you move away.

The main difficulty however, are the heals that he can put out to help himself and the other trolls in the area. Make sure you burn through the other trolls quickly, while keeping Hekima interrupted as much as possible. The key spell to watch for is Hekima's Wisdom. Besides having to interrupt it to earn an achievement, it is a complete heal to Hekima and the trolls around him, so make sure you interrupt it every time or the fight will take a while.

Once defeated King Varian will appear and congratulate Moria and her champions to complete the scenario.

Blood in the Snow Scenario Stage 6

Blood in the Snow – Scenario Achievements

There are 4 different achievements that can be earned in this scenario.

Blood in the Snow – Complete the Blood in the Snow scenario.

This achievement is earned by simply finishing the scenario.

Heed the Weed – Use every basket of Shimmerweed in a single Blood in the Snow Scenario run.

This is fairly simple to achieve, just make sure you use every basket in the scenario. You can see them easily as they have a pillar of light around them once you are near.

Hekima's Heal-Halter – Don't Let Hekima cast Hekima's Wisdom in the Blood in the Snow Scenario.

To earn this achievement your group needs to stop Hekima (the final boss in the scenario) from completing the casting of Hekima's Wisdom even a single time. Luckily, the cast time is 4 seconds and the scenario announces when it is being cast, so it should be simple for a group to keep track of it and make sure it stays interrupted in a rotation.

Heroic: Blood in the Snow – Complete the Blood in the Snow scenario on Heroic Difficulty.

While the scenario is very easy to compete on normal mode, it is pretty challenging on heroic unless you are fully raid geared (LFR gear is fine). Also since you need to be in a pre-made group to queue for a heroic scenario it may be hard for some casual players to complete this one.

Comments and other ways to earn the achievements

Listed above are our tips on earning the achievements in this scenario, there are many other ways to do them as well. Why don't you share your methods in our comment section below.

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