Brewmoon Festival Scenario Guide

Can you protect the Brewmoon Festival? Find out how in this scenario guide.
brewmoon festival Scenario

This scenario is one the original scenarios added to the game when Mists of Pandaria launched. You have been invited to attend the wonderful Brewmoon Festival, a nice relaxing night with lots of brew to drink, what could go wrong.

Unfortunately the festival is attacked and you have to help defend it. You need to first help gather the ingredients to that the brewmaster in Binan Village can create his special brew and then fend of the various attacking enemies that are obviously trying to get the brew for themselves.

The scenario is made up of four stages that all take place in the Binan village shown below. The objective locations for the first stage are marked out on the map to help you out.

brewmoon festival Scenario Map

Stage 1: The Brewmoon Festival

In this first stage you need to help gather various ingredients so the Brewmaster Boof can create the Kun-Lai Kicker.

There are three different items you will need to gather, unfortunately there is a mini-boss guarding each of them.

The first is a Virmen boss that has a whirlwind and the ability to summon adds. Simply avoid or interrupt the whirlwind and kill the adds when they spawn.

The second is a water sprite boss that can hit you with water bolts, summon water geysers, and put up a water shield. The water shield can be broken by pulling him over one of his own water geysers.

The third boss agros the player with the most health and applies a bleed that stacks.

brewmoon festival Scenario Stage 1

Stage 2: The Scout's Report

The second stage of the scenario requires you defend the village from various attackers as you set up defences around the village.

The most important part of this stage is the placement of the defences. Make sure you watch for where the adds spawn and place the defences near those spawning points so that you can use them to the most effect later. There will be two different kinds of defences that you can place one that heals you while in it's AOE and one that you can use to cause AOE damage.

Battle on the High Seas Scenario Stage 2
This is one of the defenses, it will heal you for as long as you stand in it.

Stage 3: The Yaungol Attack!

In the third stage you need to defend the village from three waves of attackers.

This is a fairly long stage and attackers will spawn from the north gateway, the bridge, the dock, and the southern cave. Make sure you use the defences that you placed in the last stage and keep your health up to live through the attackers. The last wave is especially long with many enemies so be cautious.

Final Stage: Warbringer Qobi

The fourth and final stage requires you to defeat the enemy leader. The fight is fairly straight forward with only a few mechanics to remember. He can slow players with tar on the ground and has a flame attack that deals damage to its target and leaves a line of fire that causes damage to anyone that walks through it.

He will also drop his axe on the ground throughout the fight. You can pick it up and throw it at him to cause significant damage.

rewmoon Festival Scenario Stage 4

Brewmoon Festival – Scenario Achievements

There are 3 different achievements that can be earned in this scenario.

Brewmoon Festival – Complete the Brewmoon Festival scenario.

This achievement is earned by simply finishing the scenario.

Binan Village All-Star – Use all of the Brewmoon Festival defenses.

This is an easy achievement to complete. Simply use all the defenses during the course of the battle.

Yaungolian Barbecue – Complete the scenario without any of the village being set on fire.

Make sure you agro the attacking Bataari as quickly as possible and keep them away from the village. If any of the adds make it into the village and do not have agro on a player they will start burning the city with torches. Also the final boss must be picked up outside the village and faced away when he casts his line of fire attack as that flame will set the village on fire as well.

Comments and other ways to earn the achievements

Listed above are our tips on earning the achievements in this scenario, there are many other ways to do them as well. Why don't you share your methods in our comment section below.

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