Crypt of Forgotten Kings Scenario Guide

Can you find the source of corruption in an ancient Mogu crypt and stop it? Find out how in this guide to the Crypt of Forgotten Kings.

Crypt of Forgotten Kings Scenario

This scenario is one the original scenarios that entered the game when Mists of Pandaria launched. In this scenario you will explore one of the long lost crypts below Pandaria, what will you find in it?

This scenario has no very little lead-up to it and is really a complete stand alone scenario. The little story line it does have, explain it as follows. Shado-Pan scouts have found a sha corruption emanating from an ancient Mogu crypt in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. A party was sent in to investigate, but never returned. You are being sent in to overcome any Mogu defenses and find out what happened to the Shado-Pan party that entered the crypt earlier.

The scenario is made up of four stages that all take in the crypt shown in the map below.

Crypt of Forgotten Kings Scenario Map

Stage 1: End the Terror

In this first stage you need to fight your way into the crypt and make your way to the corrupted Shado-Pan leader.

Once you reach Jin Ironfist, you need to defeat him to complete this stage. While Jin can be tanked by a group member he has an ability called Relentless that fixates him on a random group member for 10 seconds at a time, and therefore can not be tanked for all of the fight. When he fixates on you, if you are not a class that can take the hits, simply kite him around the room until the fixate ends. He has several other abilities, but none of them should cause any difficulty.

Crypt of Forgotten Kings Scenario Stage 1

Stage 2: The Pool of Life

The second stage of the scenario is very simple. All you need to do is cleanse the Pool of Life of the corruption from the Sha infesting it. To do this you need to kill the Sha that spawn in the pool until you have killed enough to fill the cleansing meter that will show on the bottom of your screen.

Crypt of Forgotten Kings Scenarioo Stage 2
This shows the pool you need to cleanse that ends stage 2 and starts stage 3.

Stage 3: Search the Crypts

In the third stage you need to explore deeper into the crypts to try and locate the true source of the corruption at work here. Make your way to that back of the crypt and down the stairs to the lower level of the crypt. Once you make your way to the end of the crypt you will complete this stage and move onto the fourth and final stage.

Final Stage: Destroy the Sha

The fourth and final stage is all about defeating the Abomination of Anger, which is the Sha manifestation corrupting the crypt.

For a scenario ending boss the Abomination of Anger is fairly simple to defeat. He has three main attacks which are the Breath of Hate, Cloud of Anger, and Deathforce.

Breath of Hate is a frontal cone attack that deals heavy damage but is easy to avoid. Cloud of Anger is an AOE that remains in play for a short time and is again simple to avoid. Lastly, Deathforce takes 5 seconds to cast and is not interruptible, but marks the ground where it will be cast and is therefore easy to avoid. Don't try to take it, it can deal 50+ million damage and one shot anyone. Just step out of the AOE effect and live.

Crypt of Forgotten Kings Scenario Stage 4

Crypt of Forgotten Kings – Scenario Achievements

There are 3 different achievements that can be earned in this scenario.

Crypt of the Forgotten Kings – Complete the Crypt of the Forgotten Kings scenario.

This achievement is earned by simply finishing the scenario.

Fancy Footwork – Defeat the Abomination of Anger without anyone taking damage from the clouds of anger.

This is a difficult achievement since it requires everyone in the group to not fail at avoiding AOE. If you are in a pre-made group, that's probably pretty simple, however in a random scenario group it will likely take several attempts as inevitably there is someone that doesn't know AOE is bad in WoW.

It's a Trap – Step on a trap in the scenario.

Exactly the opposite of what you should do for the previous achievement, for this one you need to step in the danger zone. Simply step on any of the traps on the way down to the Abomination of Anger and you will earn this achievement.

Comments and other ways to earn the achievements

Listed above are our tips on earning the achievements in this scenario, there are many other ways to do them as well. Why don't you share your methods in our comment section below.

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